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Hi, my name is wpriller AKA (Bird), I am new to style forum and would like to say hello to everyone. I would probably be consider old school because I am retired and will be 65 my next birthday. I've always had a interest in fashion and a serious shoe fetish. I have a closet full of clothes and a closet full of shoes that I have no place to wear since I am retired.

I find myself buying more golf apparel than anything else but fashion,and really shoes are still an interest. I presently live in the Atlanta area, but I have lived on both coasts of the country, from the Northeast to the Bay Area, and have travel in Europe and South American. Being a baby boomer I've seen fashion change over the years, and I am still a traditionalist when it comes to fashion, and can never get enough of reading Alan Flusser (Clothes And The Man) & (Dressing The Man) as a reference to style.

I am glad I came across styleforum.net and look forward to being a member and a active participant in some of the forums.smile.gif
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Hello my name is Aamir Yusuf of Michael Hopkins, and I am new to this forum. I am 36 years old and I am a Bespoke tailor catering to fine gentlemen, professionals and executives all over the United States. I just recently have taken over the family business of making custom suits. I reside in orange county, California. Prior to taking over (Michael Hopkins est.1984), I worked in corporate America for 12 years working in the banking industry. As a way to unwind and de-stress, I work on music.
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Hey all, I am a 24 year old in Nyc. At the point where I am getting down the fashion basics, and trying to find the best place for each piece of clothing (Suit Supply, Sam Hober, CEGO, etc..)

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Greetings and Salutations, 



I'm Michael, and for the past few years have been looking far too much like I raided the closet of the crocodile hunter.

I started reading SF back in 2012, hoping to slowly fix my wardrobe. 


I'm currently in Seattle, and can usually be found with my vizsla, Tanner, at my side.

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Good morning gents,


I have the pleasure to announce that we have opened the G&G official thread in the Classic Menswear section. 




You ark of course welcome to comment, ask questions and enjoy what is to come.


Warm Regards in the mean time,


Tony, Dean and the Gaziano&Girling team.

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I'm Alex


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Greetings- My Records Are Old is not my name. I have been into men's fashion seriously since 1990. I began with professional attire (was an elementary principal) with the Tommy dress line then moved to Ralph Lauren. My casual became Polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  For 2 decades my shirts were all garnishing a Pony. I wore various jeans with Levi no longer in the mix. My ties were 75% Jerry Garcia , 25% Polo. Button down cotton dress shirts only unless with a suit. I have 100+ ties I will never wear again


2012  I lost 100+ pounds after a heart attack . I am selling all my clothes  that are too large on eBay. I went vintage only wear Levi LVC /selvage jeans. No other brand. Vintage Chinos. Shoes are 60's lace workbooks and Ugg Leighton boots. I wear lots of colored Polo Veto sneakers. I do not wear clothes with label on the chest or pants except red or orange tags on Levi's and Polo on my Veto's. I no longer wear a belt unless wear dress slacks.


2013 I cut my shoulder length hair (often in a pony tail @ work) on my birthday. I had had long hair since 1996. I now have a 30's Gent style and a matching beard. I am selling all of my brand name clothing with logos regardless of size. (I went from 38-40 W to 33-34 XXL- L/M) I am buying shirts from vintage and thrift stores as well as eBay. The years range from 1940-1960.  I have had tattoos on my shoulders for 18 years in a way the would be covered by a elbow length shirt, although I never wore short sleeved dress shirts.Now I have one sleeve that stops at the wrist and will begin the other this year.(black and grey, no color).


Glad to be here-My Records Are Old 

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Hi, from Sydney, Australia. Been finding the information here very useful. 



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I'm a long time lurker. I lost a ton of weight over the past year, suddenly decided to care about what I wear and how I dress. There's lots of great info here, with a great community. I decided I should start contributing some here. 



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Hi guys,


I'm Kylerton. I am one of the co-founders of Kipper Clothiers -- we make custom suits and shirts in San Francisco. 


I joined Style Forum because I've been meaning to for awhile now and I would love to join the meetups when they happen. Before starting my own custom clothier, I was a stylist for J.Crew and a production merchandiser for Everlane. I can answer most questions when it comes to style/fashion and would love to help if anyone has any questions (or wants a custom suit or shirt!). 

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Name is Lee. Won't post often but I am glad styleforum is around as I do appreciate men's fashion. Cheers everyone.

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Howdy - New to the forum, look like a cool place to find some cool stuff.  


Raw Denim and Red Wings - Let's Go!

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Hello, I am Frank 32 from Florence. quite a nice forum here.

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Hey guys, we're happy to be a part of the community.


Here's our latest lookbook video, to get a better understanding of us.



Much more at www.brilyent.com


Feedback is always welcome!

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Hi there, i'm elliot, 26, just joined you guys and am really glad to be here. have been searching for a place like this for a long time and am looking forward to new input!


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