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Hi All

I'm Nathi I love clothes and a loyal brand supporter too.I'm not much of a fashion junky but have a good taste in all aspects of life. I think limitlessly
I have learned my life lesson
Now I move with aggression, use my mind as a weapon
Cause chances are never given they taken like interceptions. Yet still I have a humble soul and have a brave approach with the aid of the Diesel motto "Only the brave "My wadrobe consists of these Clothing Brands,55Dsl ,Zara ,Diesel , Gstar ,Burberry , Replay ,Timberland ,Polo ,Gant and Nike sports gear. Grew up in the Towship called Dieploof in Soweto and was was introduced to a multiratial culture in 1993 and can relate to people from different walks of life and acknowledge and respect all the diverse cultures that are in existance . I'm hoping to learn and from the forum and graduate in terms knowlge acquired for application as time progresses
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How's it going everyone, names John.


I'm a 20 year old student (so not at all loaded with $) in Canada. I usually purchase clothes online, but might occasionally go to store for things I can find online and etc. I used to go on ebay a lot but not too sure anymore, especially on authenticity (so far only had 1 problem though). Anyway, if anyone could give me some tip/advice on where (which site or seller on ebay and etc) it would be very much appreciated! My favorite brands are armani collezioni, dolce & gabbana, burberry, saint laurent, and E. zegna. Hope i can learn a great deal from you guys.



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Hi all,


This is Joecy from Reno.I am here to share some thoughts with you guys!

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Hi there!

After a long time reading you guys looking for information and advice about clothes, and specially about shoes, i would like to introduce myself to Styleforum. I'm very pleased of joining this forum and hope to be helpful and learn a lot.

By the way, as you may have already noticed from my low level of english i am spanish (from Seville, more precisely).

Best regards
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Hello everyone,


My name's Shun and I'm based in London, and naturally I'm drawn to all the tailoring and classic things that this place offers!

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I am a student and an active member of the Military. I live and work near New York City. I have much to learn from you all, so please take good care of me! I hope to contribute positively to the community as I learn and grow. Cheers all!


Best Regards,


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Hello everyone,


My name is Phil. I'm based in the NYC area.


I am an avid collector/supporter of Crockett & Jones footwear. I currently have 14 pairs, with #15 an MTO being made right now for delivery in March.


I also have quite the collection of Gucci shoes, like 20+ pairs.


I  have large collections of off-the-rack and bespoke clothing from brands such as Turnbull & Asser, Ralph Lauren (Blue, Black, & Purple Labels), Tom Ford, and Etro.


I love funky socks. My favorite brand in past years has been Cording's colorful striped socks, but I am definitely looking to expand this collection a lot.


I also like unique accessories such as umbrellas and am considering even getting into bespoke umbrellas. My favorite piece right now is a maroon burberry umbrella i picked up with an 18K gold plated fox head on the handle.


I joined this forum primarily to learn more about footwear and to expand my footwear horizons.


I am interested in exploring other makers (RTW, MTO, & Bespoke) such as Gaziano & Girling, Edward Green, Alfred Sargent, John Lobb, and pretty much anyone else that makes finely crafted high quality shoes and/or shoes that are unique and interesting. 




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Long time follower, just now joining.  I am an old sneaker head, denim addict and homebrewer.



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 Im ruderr. I check out this site a lot to get answers to fashion questions. Most are already answered for me. I am in my early 30's and just started to wear suits for work. I mostly am trying to buy nice suits on ebay for cheap. Any leads or suggestions are most welcome. That's it.

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Been lurking way too long.

it's time.

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Hi, I'm Massi, I live in Paris. I joined the forum so I can get some advice on sizing raw denim, suits etc! :)

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Originally Posted by jamespen32 View Post

Here you go pal. Just shout loud here and you will get whatever you want.


Haha, thanks!

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Hello, we are a recently launched London based brand called SARTOR RESARTUS, designing fine menswear attire for aesthetic expeditions. We've been longtime admirers of the incredible fountain of knowledge that is the Styleforum, and now want to become active members and contributors. We are not here to do uncalled for promotion, but simply to exchange ideas on style, quality and construction in menswear attire. 

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Hi all,


I'm new here but I've been buying and selling on Ebay as boshfashion for a while. Almost all of my wardrobe was purchased on ebay! I have a really wide range of tastes and sometimes have trouble putting it all together, but here's some of my favorite brands that I wear:




Final Home

Full Circle


Shipley & Halmos

Scotch & Soda

Nice Collective


Nicholas K

Etienne Ozeki

Daniele Fiesoli




Libertine Libertine

Tim Hamilton

Joe Casely-Hayford

Bolongaro Trevor

Junya Watanabe






Jimmy Taverniti





Swear London


Cole Haan

Band of Outsiders x Sperry

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I'm Matt.  I'm a 26-year old attorney and bass guitarist.  My dad gave me a few of his suits a couple of years ago (he was a buyer for Bloomingdale's back in the day), and now that I've been wearing them regularly, I've become a little bit obsessed with menswear.  While I still don't have the cash to do everything I want to do (who does?), I've been upgrading my clothing and accessories a lot lately.  And that has brought me to the forum quite a bit as I get the answers to the questions I have.


Looking forward to finding out about new brands and refining my style.  Cheers!

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