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Hi All-


Although I live on a Ranch, I dress in suits for work.  I have learned a lot here and look forward to learning even more.

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Hello. Been a viewer of the forum for some time. Wanted to join to post some buys and also share advice.

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Hi, been browsing for a few weeks, but need some advice so time to join.

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Hey all.

I'm Othari.

Been lurking for a while now.

I'm also on the sufu forums.

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Sup all. I like boots and watches. Don't have much say in wardrobe selection though as I have a pretty strict dress code at work. 

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Hey. Albert here, 28 MNL. Team leader at a health insurance company in the States. Just trying to help my dad out maintain our small tailoring business so i posted a bit of an ad at Manila Tailor section. Just joined to maybe getting new buddies and probably potential business partners for my dad. Hobbies- catching up on U.S. tv shows (HIMYM,TBBT,TVD,TWD,GoT,TwoBrokeGirls,Suits,and many more). See you around! smile.gif

May this year be the prosperous yet to all of us!
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Hello, I'm TJ. I work in the insurance industry. I became interested in men's style and clothing a couple of years ago and I'm looking forward to dicussing it with all of you. I've been a regular reader and occasional poster over at Dappered for a while and just though I should join up here too.

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I just joined here after lurking a few week. I find that after 38 years in an industry that defines a three piece suit as blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a polo shirt, the last 10 in a third world country that shall remain nameless, that I know less about dressing like an adult than most new college grads.


I’m looking at taking early retirement and returning to the land of my birth in less than a year.


So expect dumb questions.


Also, the last decade here has not been kind to my waistline, so I’ll be looking for ways to camouflage that while I work to change it.


I recently had a local tailor (native of yet another third world country) make a couple of sport coats for me. He did OK following the pictures I got off the web. I ordered some nice suspenders (in third world countries “Shop and Ship” is your friend). I’m gathering pictures of dress trousers off the net and plan to give the tailor a try at making a pair. That way I will have something to wear with the coats besides 501’s and cargo pants.


I’ve never had dressier shoes than Rockports. But they are so comfortable I will have a hard time getting myself to wear something from Allen Edmonds. But when I finally get stateside, I’ll find some to try on and see how it works out.


Thank you all in advance for any wisdom I glean from the forum.



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Hi all, I'm a professor in the Philadelphia region and I'm interested in upgrading my wardrobe. Haven't bought suits in quite a while, and never have gotten suits or jackets tailored properly. I'm not into the really conservative business look nor the super-young, super-tapered, "style forward" kind of thing. Just some classic looks that will still be a bit youthful and fun.  I've enjoyed reading the forum so far and look forward to more of it.

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My name is Jack and I am from Boston, MA. I enjoy style and talking with people about new stuff. I hope to learn a lot here as well as offer up my modest two cents.


I enjoy casual chic style and am always looking for new things to wear with jeans. I enjoy shoes... perhaps more than my girlfriend.


I work in marketing for a startup footwear company. Chat with you on the boards...

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I've been taking Continuing Education sewing and tailoring classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Although a woman, I find Menswear very satisfying to study and hope to apply what I've learned to the clothes I make for myself. This forum seems likes a good place to learn more about the history, vocabulary, and standards of Menswear. 

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hey, waldo1982 here, have been a member of a different clothing forum for a number of years but want to move away from those brands and style


have recently fallen in love with the workwear style and the mountaineering/outdoor rugged style so really looking forward to discovering the likes of post o'alls, EG, battenwear, filson, 8.15 etc etc


looking forward to getting into the spirit of things around here



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Hi everyone! I'm ajninomi, MFA led me here

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Hey all, I am greatful to be part of a group of classy men. :) It's always my goal to impress the ladies at the office and details are key :)

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Hi I'm doncastro from Ireland. I am a new student of what's fashionable and luckily for me I came across this forum before pulling the trigger on looking back what would have been some horrendous purchases. Instead, I have just bought my first suit from suitsupply, and look forward to soaking in more nuggets of fashion information and hopefully one day supplying some of my own!

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