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Raw denim & a good pair of boots. Enough said.
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25 years old, in law school so I'm about ready to turn up my suit game. I've always wore proper fitting dress attire, but I'm at the point where I need to find a consistent formula for looking professional and the best.

In the spring/summer I wear mostly loafers and drivers...although I need to find a new pair of drivers to move forward with (Ive had like 5 pairs of rockport driving mocs in light brown)

my favorite loafers right now are my Gucci legend loafers in dark brown size 8.5 D. Gucci run small idk why.

my favorite oxfords are my AE strand calf, most complimented shoe I've owned but not my personal favorite.

I want to solidify my every day attire and revamp my shoe collection. I have about 20 pairs of shoes including 3-4 pairs of Nike's (pippen basketball shoe, new running shoes etc)

yea.. looking forward to the insight here !
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Heya, I'm Manu. 23 years old (turned 23 only few days ago!), graduated Economics master's degree in 2012 and now working as financial auditor, on the road to becoming a CPA. Oh, and I'm from Belgium.


Main interests: finance (mainly value investing, private equity and some casual day trading), watches and menswear.


Discovered Styleforum yesterday and I was instantly intrigued, so I decided to sign up. I hope to learn some new things and share ideas.


Happy holidays!

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My name is LatestBloomer and a thread I am posting soon will tell you why that is the case.


Here because I lurked by finding this site through google and saw that it is a great site to talk to grown men about your life with. Thread that brought me here was the one about what you would tell your 20 yr old self.

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Like many others in the past, I too have been lurking for half a year or so reading all the articles and drinking up all the information from many posters. Took the plunge hopefully to learn more about leather and just good quality clothing in general. 


Name is Drew from the bay area, CA. A young researcher trying to become a mad scientist as all my friends say. Teaches people to shoot guns in his spare time while attempting to race motorcycles on the track.


Currently loving my Timberland Boot Company Blake Winter 6" boot as well as my newly acquired Wolverine 1000 mile. I just like the look of boots, jeans and heavy flannels. But at the same time I'm still a kid and enjoy everything in moderation. 


Hope to enjoy my stay on here.

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I've finally joined this wonderful forum.


I am the Hobo Prep.



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hey, this is me bodybyvi its really awesome to finally make up to this. really glad to be here. thanks for making me a member of this forum.

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Hello, just joined the forums after browsing it for a quite a while. Im really interested in selling some clothes and buying from here since prices look pretty reasonable and there is a wide variety. Hope this goes well
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Hello everyone- just new here! A closet haberdasher wanting to come out!!! I now have the time and resources to pursue a business I like. Specialties are cufflinks (British) ties,hat's, shoes (custom) era 1920's to late 1940's! The standard's were set in men's clothing long ago for a gentleman of taste,I like to bring it up to the present with out being conspicuous. Thanks for having me!
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Good evening everyone-


New member, first post. 30 years old, in commercial real estate, suit & tie everyday (minus weekends). I'm a 38 (slim) in suits- if anyone is ever needing to unload some nicer stuff..


to Brookyln above: if you truly have a Patek minute repeater (what model number?) for sale at $42k I'm a legitimate buyer. Please PM me.


Looking forward to contributing and chatting with you all.

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Hi everyone, I joined SF because of my insane need to replace my favorite shirt of all time which I recently lost in a horrible accident. Looking forward to being a part of the community!

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Hi,i am a new member in this forum.Please welcome me.I have new site .You can visit this site.

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Hye All. I'm Asrul. 

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Hi my name is Bren and I'm an addict, to shopping for expensive clothes that I know I can't buy :fu: hope to see you guy's around the forums 

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hi, i am peter from germany,

in the moment i like margiela and pierre hardy..

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