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I'm Zack from Brooklyn.


May try to sell or buy some stuff here...if I'm ever allowed to. I like athletic, streamlined stuff. Very impressed with Nike's tiers these days. I also like Reigning Champ, CP, Oak, Sunspel, etc. etc., There's more, but I'm blanking.


Interested in starting a line some day that incorporates some of these influences in the basics space.





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I am a veteran finishing my degree in industrial design.

Interested in purchasing used technical clothing (SISP, Arc'Veilance, Acronym, etc.).

Attempting to slowly gain knowledge on the vast amounts and types of technologies/fabrics put into these artifacts.

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Hi everyone, my name is Steven if it wasn't obvious for you. I've been lurking for quite a while, I just never felt the need to make an account until now. I only recently got into clothing, specifically streetwear as I have no need for suits and fancier stuff, being in school still.

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Greetings all, my name is Alexander and I'm from the UK.


I'm soon to graduate with a bachelor's degree in filmmaking and cinematography. My two passions in life are film and menswear.


I've finally decided to join the forum after lurking for some time and look forward to hearing from everyone.

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I'm a Swede who just finished my sixth year at the University = six years of being poor. Now I am finally getting to work some --> mo money --> mo shoes --> less money.


Besides being interested in languages and craft beer , I love nice shoes and clothing, especially Italian sartorial stuff.


I you want to know anything about Sweden or how to interpret an ECG, send me a message.



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how to interpret an ECG?
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Hi there I'm Jonathan and I've joined so I can stay updated with the new trends that are created and brought back alive everyday.
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my name is Valeriy  Mahmutov,  I am from Russia.  I  am  a handicraft   shoemaker.  I  sew leather footwear for individual custom-mades.  There are some pieces of my  work:

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I'm Matt. In a couple months, I'll be 17 -- so I'm still in high school.  I'm an American (if high school wasn't an indicator) and I've lurked here for a little bit.  Sadly, I don't have enough money to afford everything I'd like, clothes-wise.  I go to a private school, so the wear of "dress clothes" is mandatory.  The forum has definitely helped me with certain dressing styles, even in more casual clothes.  But anyway, for school, I dress in Brooks Brothers.  Yeah, there's better stuff for about the same money (I've seen all the people say how tailored clothes are at around $130-ish which isn't much more than what my parents pay for my clothes).  Y'all seem very friendly, compared to some other forums I've ventured onto.  Are there a lot of minors that come on here? 

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Greetings!  I'm living in Colorado now but also lived in different states in the US and in England while I served in the Air Force.  I've certainly learned much already which has saved me from making costly "bad" purchases but has also steered me to potentially very expensive purchases.  The older threads are very helpful and I hope to make contributions in the future.

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My name is Chris -- I live in Louisiana, an electronic addict and interested in learning about proper styles/fits/etc... trying to build up my wardrobe. 


I am an IT Manager for a global seismic company that travels frequently.. more frequent traveling will increase in 2014 and beyond.


I am a smaller build guy -- only 5'6" and ~135#.. I wear a 28-30 waist (depending on the brand), and usually 30 length.  


I normally dress more business casual than anything more formal.. but do want to build both sides of my wardrobe. 



Will be doing a lot of reading/lurking/watching from a far -- but will have questions from time to time.

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Hey guys,


I'm Tom and I live in Canada's Capital, Ottawa.


Height: 5''7


I'm still new to the wardrobe rebuilding process ,one that will take effort and experimentation


I'm still in Uni and will graduate soon


What I really need are shoes, sweaters, t-shirts, and pants besides jeans. I seem to be lost somewhat


Anyways, I'll be lurking and offering input when possible. I'll also be responsive to the threads I start

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Hey there, I'm Ashley. Can't wait for everyone's great tips 💁
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i'm 23-year-old Florian from Germany, trying my first steps in classic menswear. Feel free to ask any questions.





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I'm Style Addicted.


My passion are accessories such as men's belts, leather gloves, hats etc.


I'm SO addicted that I can't pass any men's store. Visiting Italy turns into nightmare - so many shops and boutiques.


And... just crazy about men's belts...


Hope to have fun and talk with you all here!

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