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Hi everyone,


I am Zach and I live in Boise, Id. I Graduated from college in 2011 and continued to wear my graphic tee's and jeans, well I finally grew tired of that and wanted to start an actual wardrobe. Over the last few months I have added A couple of the Slim Fit Non Iron BR shirts, two merino crew neck sweaters, two pairs of BR chinos, a nice leather belt, brown and black dress shoes and a charcoal wool coat that goes to mid thigh. I have used a lot of the information from style forum in regards to my new wardrobe and finally signed up. 

Thanks for the future help and the help I have already received,


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Greetings to everyone here,


      I'm currently a MBA student in South Korea, (not Korean by the way), and looking for advice in fashion. I'm 28 and I'm looking to get into marketing in the future. A sense of style could help so if anyone as any good information for a 187cm, 100kg guy please let me know. Also thanks to all the previous members who have posted threads. You have made me see the evil in my ways. Here I thought Zegna was the envy of many only to find out its not.  I've read Esquire Big Black Book and read blogs like the gentlemans gazette also. If anyone know where I can find high fashion on a low budget in South Korea please message me! Thank you all!

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Reshi1 here.  I joined simply for one reason: to find a specific jacket.  I'm hoping I'll be successful!

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Hello, hello!


I've received a lot of help from styleforum over the years as I've sought to improve myself but I've now reached a level of knowledge and seriousness about my own dress where participating actively makes more sense. I find much of my excitement and enthusiasm in regards to men's style has to do with textiles, materials & patterns, shoes, bags and bespoke clothing (since my body is shaped such that I can't even tailor most-off-the-rack clothing to fit me).


Currently, I'm a programmer living in Austin, TX and while I'm interested in a great many things, my main interests are bouldering and ballroom dancing.

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Hello everyone,


I joined mostly to take advantage of the great marketplace but after lurking on the other threads for a while have found a lot of good info on here too. I live in Columbus Ohio I'm into a lot of American made brands and have been beating a pair of baldwins into submission for about two years. 

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My name is Dono am stylish and a big clarks fan
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I recently started to lose weight and my clothes feel like too big for me. So, I'm here to get fashion ideas for my new wardrobe.

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Hello all! I've been utilizing the information on this site to re-acquaint myself with and acquire fine suits after my wife donated, to the Salvation Army, three timeless 1960s suits that my father gave to me. Yes, all bespoke suits made by his Italian tailor in the Bronx. I had not worn them in a few years because they needed to be tailored, and I had not located a decent one in upstate NY. She stuffed them in a garbage bag and threw them in their dumpster. Arg! By the time I found out and went to buy them back, they were gone. Fortunately, she left the two Canali lana cashmere overcoats alone! Currently, I have a couple of fused suits, but they are almost embarrassing to wear.


I'm on the hunt for suits, and the talent on this site is invaluable. The best stores around here for suits is (gasp) the Brooks Brothers outlet. Nothing but 346s. So, I've been scouring eBay and local thrift stores. I picked up a nice Samuelsohn and a bespoke Hong Kong number on eBay. I was willing to take the risk for the money I paid, due to the seller's reputations. OK...they were less money than filling the gas tank on my Silverado.....


So, I hope to learn much more and to contribute where I can. Maybe I can add some humor too. Most of all, I hope I can remember my login password.

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Hi all,


Just interested to know more about menswear, specifically business wear. I generally dress business casual to work but as I am a senior manager within a growing company here in NZ, I am going to start dressing more formal. So, just after some tips and information really.



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Hi, everyone, I am David, nice to meet you here

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Hello, I'm Andrew, a 32-year-old assistant professor in Boulder, Colorado. I've been lurking for a while, and have really appreciated reading though a lot of the old threads.
Pleasure to meet you all.
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Just finally decided to join the forum after lurking for quite some time. I am 23yrs old I am a men's sale associate at Nordstrom down here in sunny Naples, FL. I finished 2013 as the #2 sales person in my store ( wooo go me). But more importantly I have recently lost 45lbs and went from a 46L to a 44L jacket/suit. Which is the real reason I joined is to hopefully find some good deals as I have a fiance who spends most of my money lol. Thank you!

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Hi I'm Craig. 35 years old. About to graduate with my PhD in history. I'm putting together a new wardrobe (consciously) for the first time years in preparation for the job market and academic work. I love shoes, jackets that fit, wool anything, and bicycles. After living in a couple of pairs of Clark Originals desert trek's in suede and beeswax for the last seven years, I upgraded to some To Boot New York Brennan boots and AE Mojave in snuff suede. Love them. These purchases have been like a gateway drug. Learning more about shoes and plotting what pair of Alden's or AE's to buy next. Also have some LL Bean Katadhin's on the way. 

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Hi, folks, I live in California, in finance, looking to learn more about classical wardrobe. Was very much into menswear a decade ago, but haven't renewed my wardrobe since. Looking forward to hearing from folks here.
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Hi everyone, I am Zani from France.


I am addicted to clothes, especially suits and shirts.


We got many forums to talk about clothes in France, but it's a pleasure to talk in english and to share experience with people who dont live in France, above all concerning brands like TF (there are not a lot of topics about TF on those forums for example)


I hope to talk to you soon, and all my apologizes for my grammar mistakes but english is not my native language ^^

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