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Hello, I'm Jakob, 22, from Slovenia. Currently studying at the University of Edinburgh - doing a Masters in Sustainable Energy.
I've been reaing this forum a bit and finally decided to join!
I'm very much into what one could call "classic" clothing, I like black tie, and the like. Edinburgh, with its abundance of charity shops and relative wealth is an amazing place to be for a student on a budget who likes that sort of thing! I'll share some of my finds in your excellent Thrift finds thread, when I get round to photographing it all.

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Hi guys, my name is George from Athens, Greece. Alden fan. I've been reading the forum for some time now & decided to join.
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My name is Dana.

I am a male.

I currently live in the Midwest.

I was an East-coaster for many years.

I am older.

I rock neck wear (bow ties, bolos, ties of all types, everything but the cravats).

My outfits are based on the choice of neck wear.

I like brown leather that is not uniform in color.

I often do my own alterations.

I am weird but that can be kind of interesting to read.

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whats up everyone, its nice to meet all. i am a simple guy with simple tastes.

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Sup everyone! Been a lurker for a few months. finally decided to make an account haha!

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Menswear aficionado here. Seems like a great community here.

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Good day,

My name is Nick and I live in the Great White North (Canada). I am in sales and can appreciate the craftsmanship and quality that go into certain products. My interests include cars, watches, writing instruments, premium denim, suits and now shoes.

I am interested in products that deserve a premium price but always challenge myself to find the best deal possible. I can spend days researching and waiting, until what I want goes on sale.

I recently used what I learned on this site to purchase my first pair of Allen Edmonds boots. I think that it is a great forum to learn from and for people to share their passion for certain things.

Thanks all for now. I am looking forward to share my opinions and experiences with you all!

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Hello Gents,


I'm a college senior who is just entering the world of dressing nice on a semi-regular basis. I am working in the world of sports, so most days I am wearing sweats, but I like to look sharp when I go out as well as wearing suits on gameday.


I only have 2 suits at the moment, I like them both but I need to expand so at the least I don't wear them out to soon. I have ordered several shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt that I really like, and have about 10 ties of which I like 4 or 5 of them.


Any advice you gentlemen have on building a wardrobe on a VERY limited budget would be much appreciated.



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I am still developing my style and am hopefully improving my taste every year. 

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Hi everybody


This is Boris and I'm living in HK. I'm an admin staff of a real estate developer and a frequent flyer for business trip. Being a middle-aged, other than suits, my wardrobe tend to be occupied by blazer and jacket style clothing, therefore currently i'm exploring some good tailors and good fabric in HK for suit.

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Hi everyone. I'm Melvyn, and recently I've been into watches and fashion. Check out my Pinterest at melvyntay.
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G'day, been lurking for a few weeks, so much great stuff on here.


Couple of years out of uni and currently living in Japan. Trying to take this opportunity to lift my fashion game a little. 


Mostly wear business casual to work and streetwear outside.

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Hi I'm Jonathan from Hong Kong. I'm here to lose money (or earn which I'm not sure haha) and looking for some cool outfits.

I think I'm in the right place :)

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Hi I'm Justin, 


I love fashion, travelling and meeting new people. 


I'm the blog manager for an underwear website, therefore, I can kind of be your reference in the industry, if you have any questions! ;)


Have a nice day!

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Hi everyone,

I am Baptiste and I am from France, Paris. I usually read french forum and blog but I would like to enlarge my scope.

I am keen on shoes and sport jacket.

Kind regards


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