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My name is Michael, originally from Europe, constantly on the move, for the last 5 years working in SE Asia - no end in sight. I'm deliberately not more specific also as I don't think it matters and though I miss the homelands from time to time, I've rather become a world citizen (humbly, no false sense of grandeur), with the pros and cons (having f2f time with old friends and family is the hardest).

I finally managed to join the SF with the kind help of a friend on here, an affiliate seller I had the pleasure to do business with. Thanks a lot again, Conrad!

My respective request for help emails towards the admin ladies remained unheard but that's water under the bridge now.

I have done a lot of lurking and reading on here for the last couple of months, especially in the WAYWRN thread, mostly with admiration and also some amusement. The amount I didn't know about "decent" clothing, tailoring and how to dress "properly" is staggering. Funny thing, despite this I'm probably still one of the best dressed people in my office space, the only one to wear a jacket for one, not that that's any laurels to rest upon. There is a lack of access to reasonably priced quality items in the country I live/work in. So my only choice is online shopping which I have started to do with great success. I couldn't believe what can be found on $bay or here (cost me a small fortune already).

Why have I joined? So I can interact with members, ask for advise, have better access to affiliates. 

Happy Holidays,


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Hi folks.


Scandinavian signing in. I am here to see if I can get some hints on good clothing brands/factories/sellers in my region. I prefer clothes being made here, but can also buy imports of nearby countries if the ethics can be sustained. I believe when it comes to wearing clothes, people should be able to stand for the brands they are using. I am particulary interested in swedish and danish clothing, since I do not know those areas very well. Quality is of course essential, but I guess that goes for all of us. Norway has very little to offer clothing wise, and is very expensive, so I'm seeking the internet for advice.


Feel free to message me or join in discussions I participate in (if any).

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Long time lurker. Great site. I'm sure to have a ton of questions!

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Hi everyone,

Glad to join the forum. It's always nice to exchange advice and opinion among quality oriented people
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Ofosomto, new Pharmacist and photographer. The nature of my job requires a suit-and-tie outfit so I'm here to get the best ideas possible concerning male style.
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Optopi here (read as opto-pie, not opt-opee).


Just turned 27 not too long ago and realized that I need to dress better. I've been sick of wearing jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts and have been upgrading my wardrobe. I look forward to getting some tips from here!

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Hey everyone,

My name is Alex. Currently college senior studying Finance and Economics and interning at Humana in their Treasury department.

I went into college having no real style opinions but have quickly changed my tune. I am obsessed with thrifting and was really amazed by the Thrift Thread I found on the website. My only trick with that is that I'm 6' 3" and have the shoulders of gorilla so it can be difficult to find items that fit, haha.

I look forward to learning more and more on here!
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Hi all,


I am a 40 year old Southern California native. I am both a business professional in the skin care industry as well as a singer/songwriter/guitarist. So far, I am not married and don't have kids (subject to change at any time).


I've been regularly snooping on Style Forum for the last few months and figured it was about time that I join. So far, it has been a great resource for me. I hope that, soon, I'll be able to contribute to this community as much as I take. For now, I'll probably just be asking questions, absorbing your insights and learning from all of your experience.


Glad to be here!



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Zee here.
will be 27 in January From Toronto, Canada. I don't major in anything. Just a regular bloke looking to start a business so that I could finally work for myself.

gee, I kinda wish I had more to say but I'm an empty book unless you like to hear drama :)

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Whats up guys? My name is nick, I'm 25. I don't really have a fashion sense and I am trying to find my way through this whole thing haha. I'm really into streetwear, and I like runners mainly air max 90's, and any good shoe collabs, I love cologne. I have a rep code for ********* and plndr. Trying to get people to use it is a bitch, but I figured I would sign up for their rep team to try and get some free clothes... so if anyone wants to help a bro out message me and I'll give it to you. I look forward to seeing what this forum has to offer.

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Hello!  I am Allen. Good to meet you all!  I am new here.  After a few bad experiences buy clothing, I thought it was high time to start doing some research and get better acquainted with fashion and style.  I just started my career and I hold two jobs: one in the legal field and the other as a contractor for a major search engine.  My work requires me to dress nice.  My tastes are conservative and I like to get a good deal on things.  I love technology and photography.  I suppose that will do for now. 

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Hey everyone, my name is Sander and I am 23 years old and about to obtain my master degree from the University in Finance. I absolutely adore sports such as running, football (soccer), biking and actually any competitive sport. Furthermore, I listen to music as much as I can (mostly 80s). Looking at clothing, I really like business casual, and I dress myself rather 'formal' in my normal day life as well (CDB, nice jeans, OCBD (light blue), grey pullover is an example). Currently I am expanding my wardrobe and would love some advice! Thanks for reading.

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Hi I'm Rick and I'm interested in technical gear that blend into modern style. Looking forward to the wealth of information here. 

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hello everyone im tim, and like many of you i like to dress nice, mainly in a classic style. i am also into boating, i mean really into boating.


looking forward to talking to some of you on the forums


have a good day

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Hello, I am Adam I come across posts on this site on various occasions so wanted to join and offer up and get advice.  Style wise, I woudln't say I am a trendy or classic dresser, I like to cut my own path, don't really like wearing what you see the herd typically wearing.

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