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G'day - smith here. Just registered to seek some advice about HK tailors.

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Hello, my name is Alexander. I am 20 years old, work as an EMT, and i'm from Norway


I started wearing suits last year, and therefore you might say i am new to the whole suit community.


My favorite suit is my boudoir, Nedvin wool suit (Tiger of Sweden)


I enjoy whiskey and i love to try new sorts of both beer and whiskey.

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Hello all!


I'm John.  I'm a low-level government flunky who's trying to advance.  Not much budget for clothes, and even less knowledge.  So I'm here to learn.


I'm most interested in classic menswear, both business and "casual professional" attire.  The casual professional attire, at least in my (uneducated) eyes, will also work for most social events.


Thanks in advance for your consideration and advice!

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I'm Clif from sunny Singapore. I'm in to watches and a sucker for EDC stuffs. Hope I'll enjoy my stay here.



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I had a g/f from Singapore once.  Nice place.  I ate like a pig and did a little shopping (read: went over budget) on Orchard Road

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My name is Raph, hailing from Melbourne, Australia.


While I certainly do not consider myself stylish, I have started to appreciate the quality of well made clothes. As a man who has enjoyed his food too much, the comfort offered by a decent quality shirt, or properly fitting trousers is something that has made my life more pleasant.

Recently I have started applying this ideal to footwear, and have purchased 2 pairs of Barker loafers (Hadley and Campbell) and a pair of Grenson Archie V brogues. I am now looking to add a pair of chelsea boots and maybe some others.


I joined this forum as it has had so much information in it that may help me in my search, it felt like the right thing to do. I will undoubtedly be reading on, and possibly seeking advice in the future.

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In general:


Name throwing epitomizes ignorance.

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I'm Argentum, silver for the simple folk.


Living in columbia, south carolina but plan on moving when I finish this degree up.  I want to be a transportation and geotechnical engineer in a big city one day.  To be honest I have no idea how to fashion.  I want to be classy and confident, but most importantly humble.  From lurking I'm legitimately blown away by the prices you guys are willing to pay for clothes, but I'm definitely willing to learn and how from you guys.

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I accept my ignorance. Joined to learn. :)

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Originally Posted by raphec View Post

I accept my ignorance. Joined to learn. :)

And children should be seen, not heard

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Hi all,

My name is Teg. I've been reading a lot of SF for the past year. Have gotten a lot of great advice & have used a lot of it towards my life in fashion. Decided to join the conversation.


I'm launching an online retail startup in the Spring called .Bk. It's a contemporary casual button-down shirt brand based in Brooklyn. We release monthly, limited edition collections -- all held within a theme. Our first collection is called "The Start-Up CEO" and features eight unique casual shirts at a run of about 250 each. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions along the way!

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Hello! My name's Natasha. :devil:


A little about me...



I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.



I work in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist/model. Day job is at a commercial bank. Finishing up a degree in fashion design.



Planning to head to Toronto, Ontario for a bit then ideally relocate to LA/London; let's connect!


ETC : 

I like to skate around (yes on a skateboard, although I'm not that great) to relax. I also like blowing money on milk tea/coffee, watching documentaries, and living as a creature of the nightlife.

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Hello from Chicago.


By accident I found this website yesterday and I'm looking forward to being a contributing member, but I'll spend more time reading what others have to say. I'm here to learn. I became interested in clothes a few years ago and am more interested that ever. However, although I work in an organization with 2,500 employees, there are probably fewer than 30 guys who would know a good tie if they saw one. I'm interested in the conversation because no one I work with could care less. I'm a college professor. Some of my colleagues look like they are homeless. I wear a suit and tie to class every day as a show of respect for my students and to help them understand that how you look matters in the working world. I wear suits and ties or jeans and t-shirts, I have nothing in between. I've never worn a golf shirt. I enjoy shooting a camera and usually include photos with every post. So, here's where I hang my hat these days.


Best, ralph


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Long board or short board?

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Originally Posted by N2OO2 View Post

Long board or short board?

I prefer a short board. I also have a regular board with soft wheels.

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