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Hello Gentlemen, 


 Name is Daryl and I am located in Miami, FL. I got into men's fashion around 2 years ago and have been loving it ever since. Found this forum through a google search which was pretty interesting to bump into a forum dedicated to what i truly enjoy. I revamped my wardrobe from sneakers, large shirts & button ups to clothes that fit my body size, tailored suits, and more casual and dress shoes. . I will be spending time on here as now I have found others who share the same interest. Any questions shoot me a message. 

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I found this website after searching for information about shoemakers in Northampton and found it really interesting so have signed up in order to ask a few questions before purchasing some quality shoes.

I figured it would be great to get some informed advice rather than find out the expensive way.


I am a 43 year old married guy with one 4 year old son. I am not a follower of fashion although I do appreciate quality gear.

I tend to wear smart casual mainly and partial to nice denims along with dress shoes.

I run my own photography business and shoot a lot of fashion and hair fashion.


I am more partial towards brown shoes rather than black.


The bug for quality shoes hit me after purchasing some high quality Footjoy Classic golf shoes then adding a pair of Dartmouth full Brogue Shipton & Henege 2nd hand pair from an ebayer. I lknow they are not the best quality out there but they felt really comfortable and have given me the bug to look for MTO higher quality pairs.


I look forward to chatting with more of you later down the line.




Jason, Chelmsford Essex

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Hi, my name is Jeffrey. I'm becoming more and more involved with my own style after entering the industry I'm in. There's a lot of emphasis on personal dress and I can feel myself falling more and more in love with fashion as time goes on. I hope that I can contribute to this site productively and learn a lot from everyone! 

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Hello, I'm raff.


Nice to meet you. I'm here since I discovered the "style system" just recently on french forums (I'm french :) ) and I seek every forum of style for the moment  :)

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My name is Carlysle and I am from Florida. I'm a full time student and research assistant. I love anything from designer to high street fashion. I run my own youtube channel on fashion and style.

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My name is Donald and I'm living in the land of the frozen tundra AKA Wisconsin. I came across this site when doing a google search about suits. I'm what you would call a southern boy, so my taste most the time is boots and wranglers. 

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Hi, my name is marco, I like fashion and friends.

music and books are my life...

Nice to meet you ...

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Hi, my name is Emily. I always come to Style Forum when I'm searching for present ideas for my fella.
I live in London and I like Skandi designers.
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I'm mostly into streetwear b/c im such a bum i never have to wear anything even vaguely formal, but i sometimes still dig #menswear.

that said, i aspire to be able to come up with #nxtlvl fits one day.

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Hi boys and girls.


Wear a suit 5 days a week, live in NY, very much into watches, getting ready for the winter. I'm a Capricorn and I enjoy long walks on the beach as well.

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Notaturtle here. I'm in my last year of college studying chemical engineering. I'm a sucker sweaters even though I don't get too many chances to wear them since I live in SoCal :/

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My name is Dalton, I'm mostly into streetwear because I don't get the chance to dress formally very often, even though I wish I did. 


- I'm from Minnesota.

- Aspiring entrepreneur 

- I'm a Sophomore in college studying business (btw I would love to find a job having to do with mens fashion, figure I could use this site for networking as well). 

- I have an addiction to thrift shopping. I also buy from thrift stores to sell for profit. 


I look forward to spending many hours on this website. 

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Hi all!  Having lurked on the Allen-Edmonds appreciation thread for a few months now, I've decided to finally start posting. That thread is why I'm here.  Have a good one!

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My name is Leo and I'm a long time lurker.

Ive been lurking for maybe 2 years now, and finally feel knowledgeable enough to contribute to this forum without sounding like a tool lol.

I've also been a member on NikeTalk for several years, but thats really the only forum I contribute to often 

I likes the streetwear & denim 

I have an fondness of Military issue outerwear and old school rugged boots. 

Albuquerque Native now living in the DC area 

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G'day - smith here. Just registered to seek some advice about HK tailors.

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