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Hi my name is Chris I have been selling suits for 10 years and have read some of these post and find the information very helpful. I am always looking to learn more.

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Hi guys,I am new to this forum.

Hope to learn a fair bit here, cheers

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Hello everyone,



How are you? My name is Brenda and I am health and fitness lover. I joined this community because of great stuff and information here. Enjoying my stay here.

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Hello everyone!


My name is Classic and I´m a longtime reader of this forum. Now I finally decided to register and to bore you all to death with this brief introduction.


I am from Germany and style is essential to me in every part of my life. My preferred direction of clothing is undogmatic, relaxed and classic Ivy League. But please don´t confuse "undogmatic" with the trendy slim fitting-too short jackets, wannabe-ivy/fake-preppy rubbish, you see on tons of Tumblrs nowadays. Ok, I might be a little dogmatic.


I collect vinyl records (Jazz, Soul, all things 60s), I´m a mid-century modern freak (furniture, achitecture, etc.) and I enjoy good books, good food, whisky, gin and champagne. As for sports, I´m into skiing and sailing. I also run a little Tumblr myself:


That´s all for now. Please don´t hesitate to ask questions.

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I'm the Passion. I've been reading Styleforum for around a year now and joined because you can't view pictures without a account.
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Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker who has finally decided to get an account, I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone - just received a pair of Gustin denim and want to see how others are liking the product line.  See you on the boards.

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Long time lurker looking to pick up some deals.



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Hi all,

Just a short introductory post from yet another new SF-member.

Who am I
My name on the forum as well as in real life is Django (I’ll leave the “V” to whatever imagination you may have and/or need). I am 32 years of age and am from The Netherlands, where I live happily with my wife and 2 kids (ages 2 and 5).
I work in accountancy, so I wear a suit about 5 days a week. With suits as well as with casual wear I’m sort of a conservative dresser, so i will most often be found in the Classic menswear section.
Other interests (apart from looking good wink.gif ) include cigars, Scotch, being outdoors (i.e. walking, camping, etc.).

Why am I here
Although I used to spend some time on appearance/clothing, fatherhood has somewhat caught up with me and left me reaching for the quick and easy outfits (or bare essentials for wearing suits). Now I am trying to regain/rebuild a decent wardrobe and while doing so I encountered the forum searching for info on matching/selecting pocket squares.

Although I like (or maybe even love) to express myself, I still find myself to be a semi-lurker (for now at least). This is mainly because I try to refrain from posting ‘empty’ or useless stuff. Also… I tend to rave (see above), which makes posting on forums a time-consuming activity.
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hi, my name is matteo and i live in tuscany italy

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hi i'm carl.


came by this forum whilst shopping, i think you will be seeing more of me!

from the advice to classified and other style-related help, WOW!

very cool, and i really appreciate the community support that makes it happen!!!

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Im Paisley, PhD student, joined yesterday. 


I like leather jackets and boots, and raw denim, especially Zimbabwe cotton.

Currently in the market for a new leather jacket. 

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Im Tony,

22yo Male


I wear shorts and t-shirts. I was building my wardrobe by buying shirts. I f'ed up and lost weight now they don't fit me, I think I will get them tailored instead of buying new ones! 


I only own sneakers, and no casual shoes that I can use with jeans and a shirt.


I like discussing random things. I like Guinness and drinking my whiskey straight.


I get hot really easily so I avoid layering until it gets below 68*



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i'm broke and live with my parents and spend all of my money on stupid shit i don't need like artisan work boots

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Glad meeting to all, I am a business owner from China,We are specialize in making leather clothing belts,wallets and handbags. thanks

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Hello All,


I am an engineer from Detroit looking enhance my formal wear collection.

Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.



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