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I am Mr. T. I'm a grad student at one of the local unis down in Atlanta. I will be done with dissertation in about a year, after which I will pursue a doctorate degree. In the mean time, I'm TAing and teaching. My first defense is coming up quickly, so I figured it was about time to buy a real suit since defenses are some of the most important events in any academic career. My area of study is biomechanics, and my dissertation is on floor to staircase transition in young children, basically, from the transition of level ground walking to the first step on a staircase. This event is unique because humans employ different techniques when taking the initial step. The transition to the first step is also implicated with falls; most falls take place on or before the first step and to a lesser extent, the transition from the second to last step towards level walking again. The latter is not my focus. Some of the tools I have at my disposal are pressure plates along with high speed motion cameras so that I can collect observable data (angles, etc) and unobservable data (ground reaction forces).

Anyway, intro aside, I picked up my suit Friday. Pics in this thread:

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Hi everyone. I'm a 22 y/o Aussie and I work in professional services. I've been lurking for a reasonable amount of time. My main interest is definitely classical menswear, and I wish it wasn't considered odd now to put effort into how one dresses in the corporate world.

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Well Hello Everyone,


Golly Gosh what to write here. Well I live in Canada. I currently drive a big truck. (not alot of style going on there - LOL), I'm am hopefully moving into more of a management role. and I enjoy studying music. Yes I know weird oddball combination.  Things have and haven't changed since my early 20's and banking days. Styles update, but most of the classics remain true. Its just a matter of quality, price, and customer service at this stage.


Be well all..



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Hello All,


My name is Adib and I'm a newcomer to SF.  I'm a 24 year old recent university grad who just started a job at a corporate bank office. I have been wearing suits since high school (due to school dress code and an abundant number of family functions) however I do not believe I have ever owned a good suit.  I think it is time to get a good suit!  I was drawn to the SF forums here while researching m2m suits and will be looking for any suggestions/tips in a new thread within "ask a question".



Thank you in advance,



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Hi Guys,


I Am Bas. I live in Amsterdam, 27 years old and love fashion and anything that has to do with it.


Graduated in Business Engineering last year and currently looking for a job.


Hope we can share loads of inspiration here :)



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Seems like every time I'm doing research for anything dressy I end up here on the forum so I thought why not join in. 

Have particular interest in classic shoes, Barbour jackets and Italian clothing. I'm the kind of guy that doesn't mind handing a Barbour jacket in to a tailor for a bespoke makeover. I think it's worth taking the risk cause when it succeeds, it's simply a great feeling. And when it fails, you learn from it.

When I got something to post, I'll post. Might share a pic every now and then as well.



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I have had a long standing interest in a great colour pallet with which to surround myself each day. Since attending Parsons School of Design in NYC as a tenor sax player and discovering the great threads of Ben Webster, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, my perception of hip has been forever influenced in a very positive way. Love a great cut, nice fabric and a great pocket square. Often, I can be found making my rounds in a Brooks blazer and cowboy boots. Deep in the high mountains of Colorado, next to a small brook in a field of wildflowers is my home away from home. Love spending time at the Chopra Center in California with the requisite headlong dive into the Pacific...!
Keep up the great work and share your Light.
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Hi everyone,


Just recently joined after lurking for a little while.  Just looking to build out a functional and stylish wardrobe for both business and casual functions.  :)  I find that this forum provides a lot of great advice and it definitely helped out my friend who was looking to buy the perfect suit and other accessories for his engagement proposal.

Looking forward to contributing what I can to this group.


Cheers. :)

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just joined, ive been an intermittent reader when looking for info on bespoke shoes. live in north carolina teaching myself cordwaining soon going to europe to find an apprenticeship :) !

anywhodle thats me!

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Long time lurker here. I finally got round to registering when I spotted something on the Classifieds section I couldn't resist. I already post over in /r/malefashionadvice, but looking to broaden my horizons a little.

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I am an Army Officer who is transitioning to the civilian world. My wardrobe has been dictated by the Army for the past 9 years and I am subsequently clueless on how to dress professionally. I realize how I dress, impacts people’s perception of me and our relationship however brief or long. Initially I was planning on going to Men's Warehouse to purchase a job interview suit, after reading many posts here, I decided to do all my shopping at Brooks Brothers. After reading some more, I've become thoroughly confused and decided to join the forum for further study of business wear before wasting my funds. I agree with and enjoy many posters perspective on clothes here. Quality is paramount coupled with a reasonable price.

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Hi Guys. I'm Noah. I live in NYC, though I travel for work a bit. I'm on a journey to improve my work wardrobe. I've been lurking the Classic Menswear What Are You Wearing Right Now boards, and I plan to start posting there soon in order to get some constructive criticism.


For my day job, I'm in User Experience. Most people haven't heard of it, so I'll try to explain. It's basically using psychology to make websites and applications easier to use and more fun. It's a blend of science and art, and I try to express that a bit with my clothing. That means that I need to keep my clothes business casual or semi-formal, but that I should also stand out.


For my side gig, I'm a magician. I'm part of a dinner show here in NYC. I tend to wear suits when I'm performing as well, so that's another distinct journey in terms of style.


I'm married. No kids yet.


I overthink things and I'm self-absorbed, so here's some more about me. I never wear brown. I enjoy a good scotch, tea, or coffee. And good food. I struggle with physical fitness. My friends think I'm a spy for the government. I have a PhD, and I did my dissertation on video games. I'm a maximizer (I tend to think there's a "right" way to do things). I take constructive criticism well.

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I'm an Aussie living in the UK,
Love quality clothes, always in boots & jeans, or shorts and t shirt.
You can take the boy from the outback...
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I'm Brad, 20 years old from Essex!

Just stumbled across the forum after looking for some advice on a dress suit. Lover of all clothing, as well as having a soft spot for Watches.

I work in an office and play semi professional rugby.

Looking to improve my wardrobe as a whole.



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Hey y'all. I'm from Wilmington NC. I've been lurking for a bit and decided it was time to join up and contribute. At present the most compelling and clamorous of all my sartorial passions is a first pair of Alden's. Like many men, the mildly obsessive urge to acquire and curate is in my nature, so a pair of Cigar Shell Alden Indy's seem the perfect entry-level purchase (gateway purchase? lol) for what I hope will eventually become a respectable Alden collection.

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