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OK.i love here,i post a lot, like A LOT, and im a creeper. and can often be found in DT, and i work in retail.thanks


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Hey SF, 


Been lurking here for a few months and finally decided to make an account to post! Always been interested in fashion, my mother has worked in the industry for 30+ years so you can say I probably inherited some of that passion. Anyway, catch you in the threads!

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Hi, I am new here, i hope learn and share about fashion


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Dear Reader,


I have a diploma in drinking beer and I like knitwear.


Best regards,


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Just signed up. I'm almost 30 and only recently really started to care about "fashion" -- well, more about fit, to be precise. In high school and college, I did a lot of thrift shopping and would be things that "sort of" worked primarily for the deal. I've come around immensely to seeing the value in feeling confident in how you look and being willing to pay for something that fits well the first time, and enjoying that decision.


In googling around for tips and tricks, I stumble on this forum a lot and hope to learn more, ask for input, etc. I'm married with kids and don't have a huge budget. Much of what gets discussed here is far outside my price range -- I wear Levi's 501s most of the time, but have started building up some khaki/chinos with 2 pairs of J Crew chinos and to two recently acquired Dockers Alpha khakis. 


Thanks for having me.


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Hey guys, I'm Dave.  I'm from mfa and /fa/ but I need to buy stuff so I come here for the classifieds

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Good Evening,


I am FineGrain from the USA,


long time peruse,


who prefers to dress,


suit & tie.

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Hi Folks,

I'm Hirsh,

I'm a clothesaholic always in search of the Holy Grail wardrobe!

I have a uniform of:

Leather jacket/sheepskin coat
Navy v neck jumper
Double cuff shirts

I could shop 365/365, but I'm also minimalist, and prefer quality over quantity, so I keep a tight wardrobe, wear my clothes until they drop and then replace.

I spend far more than I can afford on clothes, but, hey, you only live once!smile.gif
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hey fellas im glad to be here with u trendy mofos.... im a casual guy love chinos not much of a jean wear love button ups and sneakers

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hi ,


em adem from CA............... i'm a student of MA................



buy womens pumps online

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Hello All.


I'm Yosuke, 31 from Tokyo JAPAN.

I am glad to be able to participate in this forum and community of everybody.


My Work Artist in game developer.

And my workplace is wearing plain clothes,

Daily life is days of the trial and error for me.hehe


I want to deepen judgment with everybody about an origin, material ,

the manufacturing method of individual outfitting.


Thank you!!

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I am Colin, I am Italian and live in Milan. I am a British style enthusiast, but I also enjoy Ivy League and that side of classic American menswear. I like properly-fitted suits and discreet colours (white, blue, brown and grey - I just dare some pink/red on shirts sometimes).


I do not have my suits (or other garments) bespoke as for the moment I am happy purchasing RTW clothes, then having them altered by my tailor - who is a British cloths and cuts entusiast as well.


Ironically I can not stand contemporary Italian sartorial trends - ultra-tight suits, bracelets all over, that sort of things you see at Pitti each year... 


Styleforum helped me with a lot of hard choices sometimes, so finally I decided to join.


I am also an old-school tattos enthusiast.


(P.S. many apologies in advance for my Supermario English!)

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Hey guys. I'm fairly new to this site. New York born and raised. Besides fashion I love basketball.
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Hello Friends,


I am 26, single and I appreciate the finer things in life. I mostly wear denims and boots though.. this forum has opened a new work to me.... I will definitely be improving my wardrobe and looking forward to learn many great things about mens style and dressing.

I used to spend far too much on tech and gadgets but after SF, most of my money will be going towards my dresses :D



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Hi folks,


I am from singapore and am a big yohji yamamoto fan!



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