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Hello everyone:

I am Oscar, from Madrid. My English is not too perfect but I will try to writte right. I usually read styleforum and now I would like to belong to this forum and I will try to help anyone who needs some help about classic fashion. I define my style a mix between Brithis and Italian, 75%British and 25% Italian, and I think I will learn a lot of things from you.

See you soon speaking about classic fashion.

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Hi all -


I'm Tyler from Seattle (male, 30, single). Just joined the forum, and have been reading information as I go along. I spent much of my youth collecting fashion labels that I later came to find out were mostly made in China, and only sometimes from quality materials. I love over-constructed (I'm almost sure that's not a word) stuff made to outlast me, especially clothing and accessories, that bring high value for the money. I try to balance spending what I feel is a reasonable amount of money for the absolute highest quality (materials, construction, etc) that I can find. I'm a bit obsessive about researching the best. :D


At the moment, I am working to have a tailor make a custom-fitted suit (not so much bespoke, but darn close) for me. I got tired of trying things on and having them be expensive for what is invariably the label and poor construction - I figured I could have a custom-fitted suite made for not much more. We'll see what happens. :nest:



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Oh, and welcome to the other "new" folks. :)

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Hi my name is Fulbert I m from Paris and I m 28 years old.


I m a cofounder of


I ve been following this forum anonymously for quite a while now.


Hope I will have the opportunity to introduce my project and ideas and get some input from you.



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Hi guys been looking on here for a while so I thought I'd say hello. I'm a 24 year old college student in Arizona and while I'm a tech junkie I would like to start building a better wardrobe.

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My name is Andrew Wolfe and I am a student at VCU in Richmond Virginia and I own a small clothing label and work at a denim shop called Shockoe Denim.  I'm looking for advice and information that will be useful to my own company as well as the company I work for!

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Hi everyone,


I've been a styleforum browser for sometime but have just now registered. I live in Charleston SC currently and am 1 semester away from graduating college. I am an ex J.Crew associate trying to expand my wardrobe a bit. 

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Hi everyone,

I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.


I've spent the majority of my life poorly dressed. Went from wearing size XL (while weighing 145lbs) to sizing down to L, then Medium, only to find that I'm actually a size small. Once I found how much more comfortable clothes are, when they fit, it sent me down the rabbit hole. I'm still new to male fashion, but I'm enjoying the journey.



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Hi, I am new here! 

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Hi, i'm Slin, I comme from France.


I'm very interested to fashion, and so that's why I'm here.

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Hi everybody,

I'm Pyliip, I'm Polish and I study engineering in France near Paris.

I'm a long time lurker (~1 year) and I decided to start posting now that I gained enough knowledge.

I love suits, odd Jacket/trousers, ties, pocket squares and shoes.

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Im here to learn and meet terrific people . :D

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Hello everyone!


I have been lurking for a while but decided to register today - noticed a couple good looking ties in the market place. I'll see you later.

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Hi Guys, 

My name is Atnyel, I am a fashion buyer that has a thing for shirts and brogues.

I have been meaning to join the forum for the longest time....


so I am finally here

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hi hi


i'm aaron,

washington dc.


raw denim wearing active man.


been lurking a thread on Outlier clothing for a while.

joining to interact! dig the community.



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