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Hello everyone.


My name is Leon. I am a 27 years old from Switzerland. I am a visual artist and a designer. Since I realized I am a couple of years away from hitting the 30 years old mark, I thought some assesment in terms of style and fashion could come in handy to improve my general image. Been on and off this website, mostly as a spectator.


Nice to meet you all.

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Hey there everyone, I'm a long time reader and first time poster.  I have been introduced, in my time here, to some of the most amazing insights in fashion. Seriously, the people here have helped me better understand quality and refinement in clothing and more importantly how to buy clothing that may cost more up front but has value for a lifetime.  I can only honestly and from my heart thank you all.   I have finally learned enough that I felt it was time to join and start asking questions.  I hope to be able to add knowledge of my own with time. :)

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Hi guys,


Long time reader first time poster. Have my big day coming up - getting excited :)

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Hi everyone!

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I love a nice pair of shoes and a ballin watch - looking to expand on everything in-between.


Look forward to hearing what you all think about fashion realistically. 

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Hi Everyone! Came across these forums while looking at shoes and figuring out what to buy. Saw a lot of great shoes that make me want to spend a lot of money :) and :(

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Hi everyone,


I've been a regular viewer on these forum for many years. Today i decided to register because i am particularly interested in menswear in general. More specificaclty nice suit and shoes. I'm a loafer afficionados and i hope to learn and share many things about it with you.


Have a nice week end.

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My name is Mikita, I'm 20, live in Belarus.


Same as guy before me, I am a regular viewer and decide to register today.

I like japanese wear manufactures and minimalist looks. 


Have a nice day.

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Greetings everyone!


I'm Dzul. Came here because of my interest in finely crafted jeans which eventually make me curious about other garment construction as well.


Anyway for now just dropping by to say hello :)

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Hi everyone!


Previously product director at Alfred Sargent now co-owner of Wildsmith Shoes. Shoemaker for over 20 years, huge admirer of shoes in general.



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Hello. Been lurking here for a couple years and finally registered.

Mid-thirties, live in NH with wife and two young children. Own a national financial services company.

For ten years have worn the same wool trousers and jackets, refreshing the closet with new LL Bean button-collars every year, and picking up any tie I see on a clearance rack.

In the last year, have been getting suits and shirts from Regan Clothiers, which is pretty much the only option for someone in NH who refuses to drive into Boston.

Have been collecting shell Aldens from The Shoe Mart. Also ordered fifty or so swatches from Hober and look forward to trying out his ties.

The info and opinions on this site have been quite valuable in my recent progress toward dressing appropriately. I hope to one day have something useful to add to the conversation here.
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Hello everyone.

I've been lurking for a few months, and as a recent graduate the articles and opinions in Classic Menswear have been very helpful in starting my work wardrobe. I'd like to thank everyone for the useful dialogue I've found here, and hope to be able to contribute soon.

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for this amazing resource on how to dress. I've been a long time lurker on this forum but never really cared much about how I dressed, mostly because growing up no one ever really tought me. I think I've finally turned a corner though, as I've been putting together a new wardrobe this year and got my first "That's a well-dressed man" compliment walking down the other street. So, thanks for giving me the boost I needed to get into it, and now maybe I can start contributing to the community.

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I am MOhamed from UAE and verymuch intrested in the eye glasses product!
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Hello everybody,


my name is Erik, I live in Montreal but was born and raised in Germany.

Originally coming from the finance industry I switched to Video Games and am now a Project Manager in that industry.


My suits as well as my shirts are MTM (Indochino, Black Lapel, Luxire) but I frequently wear Jeans and a suit jacket or (depending on the temperature) waist coat.


Looking forward to chat with you about style,



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