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Hello, thank you for the add. I was looking for some information on the Levis / casual wear jeans and bumped into this group. I see a lot more going on here. smile.gif I'll take a look around some more. post some, etc. smile.gif
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Hello, I'm new, I hang out on MFA a lot. I'm 19, student in WA state. We just had a riot last weekend. =( I wear lots of flannel, it can look grungy, or "indie", or kind of Americana depending on what else you wear; it's versatile. 


Anyways, hi!

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Hey guys,

I just happend to come across this site and I'm intrigued by it. Figured, WHY NOT?

I am turning 25 in a month and I figured I needed to put my sneakers and baggy pants to rest.
I'm just here looking to get more information and how to upgrade my style. I have a lot of ideas as to my likes, wants, needs.. And it's cool to see people with the same interest
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Hi I'm new to men's wear and streetwear.I'm not the most fashionable hoping to upgrade my closet. I wear levi 501's.
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Hello SFers.


I've been lurking over at the Aussie Members thread, been learning heaps from the forum and getting the latest scoop on where to get what all the way down under. Figured I'd finally join in the chats and whatnot. Have a good one!

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Yo, 21 and 6'3 over here, based in London, newly moved here and I don't know anyone really, future creative director and independent publisher. Really into OG helmut lang, rive gauche by hedi slimane and archive raf simons, conceptual art and minimalism/post-minimalism. got some great pieces i can't wait to load off in the classifieds, archive raf simons, leather sherlings, yang li etc. Anyways, Hi!

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I'm 31 years old, an economist by training, 183cm and 79 kg.

I recently lost close to 30kg and will start a new (office) job, which is why except for socks I pretty much have to buy all new clothes. Even my winter coat looks like it belongs to my older brother ;-)

I have a rather wide chest (90cm circumference) and an athletic build. My 41 and 42cm collar shirts fit well on he neck, but around the waist they look like tents.

I will open another thread, where people can maybe give me some advice, how to tackle this.

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I am Agnelli and I'm from The Netherlands, late 30's and I like especially Italian handmade clothes.

I've got an graving for handmade shoes

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hi everyone,
my name is jobo jolo. i'm into dress and casual shoes. not an expert neither a pro, but someone who pays attention to what shoes he wears to the office and to the mall. neither naive nor a fashionista, but smart enough to appreciate full grain leather and goodyear welted shoes. so i will need friends here to rely and reply, i will try my best biggrin.gif
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Hi I am Alfred

I am from New Zealand, I am new to forums probably because I am a "baby boomer" as they call us older persons, but I am particularly interested in mens fashion.

I will be following this forum eagerly

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Hey y'all! In case you didn't notice, my name's Mason! I'm currently attending one of the highest rates public high schools in the country (don't judge me), and the way I dress fits the typical "preppy frat bro" look. I wear XXL (or 18/34-35) and I usually wear a 48 or 50 regular jacket. I got here through a Google search on Ralph Lauren Factory stores, and I hope to start contributing to the forum!
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Hello all.

Found this forum thru one of the watch forums that I frequent.  I see there is a watch thread so I'm sure I'll post over there too.

Been lurking for a little bit as I'm in the market for a new suit and upping my suit IQ :)

Looking forward to contributing....



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Hi there


I,m an artist living in Germany who is really into fine tailoring and good year welted shoes.

looking into the forum for a longer time now and decide to log in.




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Hi everyone,


I have been reading the forum for a while & recently decided to join up... I'm finding a wealth of knowledge here and have picked up many pointers on shoes and clothing already. Looking forward to reading, learning, & participating where I can.





Thanks for having me!

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I'm Giovanni, 30 y.o. - from a little town in the italian alps.

Fond on watches, shoes and girls.



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