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Hi. My name is Allen. I'm an eighteen-year-old college student, and this is my first year in college. I attend a local community college, so I don't get to experience the typical freshman year. Nevertheless, it's not something I place so much emphasis on, as I'm much more of a reserved person who remains rather indifferent about such hyped-up things.


I started caring about the clothing I put on my back in, I'd say, junior year of high school, although my sense of style wasn't that great back then, looking back at it. I used to dress myself up in Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, thinking I looked quite fashionable with my choices. Don't get me wrong. I still believe both Hollister and A&F have great clothing here and there, but I just didn't know how to put together a good-looking outfit then.


Whether we like it or not, our appearance is how others will judge us. It's just an aspect of society that we have to deal with, and there's really no way of getting around it. Although I oppose judging someone solely based on what he or she is wearing, I still think it's important to dress up the way we want others to view us and the way we want to see ourselves. I guess I've been dealing with materialism over the years, as going after clothing that's aesthetically pleasing has become almost instinctive. I still have my priorities straight, I guess.


More recently, I've started to get into raw selvage denim, or just selvage denim in general. I got my first pair of selvage denim this year, and it's the PRPS Fury denim in "six-month wash." It's currently my favorite pair of jeans at the moment, for I absolutely adore the look and the quality. I'm awaiting the arrival of a pair of Naked & Famous Weird Guys Dirty Fade. It's a pair of raw selvage denim that will fade over time as I wear it. I find the history behind denim manufacturing very interesting, and I'm glad I decided to learn about it.

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Hi folks


Im F, 30 years old and I love suits and shirts. I developed a passion with my first Corneliani linea sartoria suit. Now im a few years later and I love Itaian brands.


right now Im on the level of Caruso and Isaia for suits, Maffeis, Finamore, Isaia and Santoni for shoes.


Id love to make the next step, Attollini, Mazzarelli, and Corthay.


Go inspiration from my dad, he is into Isaia and Fray. He evens has a Sciamat suit.


Im also a member of with the same name.

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I'm a 30 year old developer. I used to dress up for work, and now I'm learning how to do casual well.


I like stuff that lives forever and ages well, with form that evolves organically from thoughtful function, with an emphasis on good materials. I like raw denim, brown horsehide jackets, Filson, and well-fitted military surplus. In suits, I prefer timeless, trim, and understated. I don't stand out, even if I'm the best dressed guy in the room. 


In my spare time, I hike barefoot, so I prefer shoes without a heel drop that let me feel the ground, but almost all of them are fuuugly. When appearance is no particular object, I wear softsole mocassins with no padding. I'd rather wear something better.


I'm thin and have really long arms. In shirts, I'm either an OTR medium with 3 inches of wrist showing, or an OTR large/X large with enough space in the torso to carry a passenger. I avoid OTR.

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Hey Everyone!


I've been trying to make a concerted effort with being a little more fashion forward after 3 decades as a t-shirt and jeans guy. Looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can!

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Hey SF,


Name's Josh, I'm a 25 year old engineer outside of DC.  Been getting more and more involved in fashion over the past year or so, I frequent reddit's MFA section and I thought I'd make an account here to broaden my horizons a bit.

Most of my clothes are in the biz-cas/traditional style. I usually wear sport/dress shirts to work, occasionally with a jacket and/or tie.  I really admire nice shoes and have started my collection with some Allen Edmonds, Rancourts, OSBs, and most recently some Aldens.  When not at work I trend towards solid colored basics and casual button ups. A lot of my stuff is just Uniqlo or J. Crew but I've been getting increasingly more discriminating in my tastes as I learn more what pieces I would prefer to splurge on.

Looking forward to some different flavors of advice and the extensive Marketplace.


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Hello everyone.


My name is Maksims, I'm 24 years old and work in travel business in Riga, Latvia ( (am I the first member from Latvia here? might as well be)


After getting my bachelor's degree in European Business, I worked in private banking dept. at one of the largest local private banks.

When I started working in the bank, I began getting more and more interested in classic men's clothing. My classic wardrobe started from a navy Drake's tie which my father gave to me as a gift. Now I own several suits (all from Suit Supply), many shirts (mostly light blue) and ties (mostly navy or purple), couple of odd jackets and trousers, and several pairs of shoes.


Classic shoes have really become my passion. I can spend hours upon hours polishing my shoes for the upcoming week. I have 3 pairs of Loake's (1880), 1 pair of Barker's, 1 pair of Bass Weejuns, double monks and tassel loafers by Meermin (I should say they have a rather "interesting" approach to sizing), and some casual shoes that include boat shoes, desert boots, Timberland boots, New Balances and many Chuck Taylors.


I've been reading around the SF for several years now, and finally joined the community. Looking forward to being more involved in discussions and conversations on all things style.



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Hi everyone


I’m an Aussie in my late-20s living in London.  I came across this great forum when I started researching a little more about top-notch shoes.  So far, it’s made for some rather educational reading.


I wear suits most of the week for work but always appreciate it when someone make the extra effort to look their best.



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Hello SF,

My name is Rene and I am 55 years old. I love classic clothes and accessories that get better as they age. Love my 35 year old Schott bomber jacket that has all the battle scars and character it has accumulated in 35 years. I have leather items from Ghurka, Coach from 35 years ago when they were still l being hand made and not mass produced, items from Saddleback Leather like their large satchel in chestnut, ipad case, and medium notepad holder in dark brown. My favorite boots are from Red Wing. I still have to own a pair of Alden. Still saving for that. Own a couple of Ferragamo slip-ons. Love watches as well.

Also am into what they refer to as mid-fi but more into headphones. Love music and listen to everything but more of bebop.

Would love to learn more from forum members and share what I can share in the forums. Glad to be part of your community.
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Hey we're Cool Boutique, a UK based retailer of Wellensteyn, La Martina and Mobile Warming. Our Website is ! Feel free to check us out on or on Twitter !




Cool Boutique

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Hi guys!

My name is Alex, 20 y.o.

I am from Russia, live in Siberia :)

Lawyer in future( finishing the University), run a menswear blog 

Love such brands as New balance, Acne, A.p.c and Saturdays Surf Nyc.

Do a little bit of photography ( here )

Love hypebeast mag, Mr. Porter.

Gonna visit US, New Zeland and Japan for sure.

Love Roman Polanski, Alfred  Hitchcock and Federico Fellini movies.

Feel free to ask questions and to give a feedback about my blog ;)

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My name is CTLION. Just joined the site. I wear a suit everyday to work and have always enjoyed wearing suits. I am the Director of Sales for the SE United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America for one of the largest companies in the US. I work in an office in Florida where I am the only person in a suit. When asked why I wear a suit everyday my answer varies...
1) I wear it to remind myself we have work to do
2) I wear it because I never know when I will have a meeting with a client
But my favorite answer...
3) A suit is my armor and we are at war.
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Hi, I'm in NYC and also wear jeans 24/7...I'd like to step things up and get some nice shoes, maybe some slacks, I got a great sports coat sitting in my closet for the past few I'm working up to that ;-) The sports coat is Donna Karan hand tailored, btw...bought it for $2 at Goodwill...looks new and fits great, so kind of silly I've never worn it. Mostly I wear good shirts, jeans and adidas sneakers.

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I'm 26 from NYC. I have been reading SF on and off for a while. Decided to join officially so I can reach out for some help.

I'm slowly trying to upgrade my wardrobe, but I basically can't fit into OTR clothing (XS only sometimes fits). Suits have to be custom and for someone with limited cash this is definitely a challenge. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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The PocketStay is the new and innovative way to secure a pocket square or handkerchief within a breast pocket of a suit,sports jacket or tuxedo. "A Must For The Well Dressed Man"

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I'm Charly.

I've been working in outdoor retail for a number of different brands for many years now, and I've learnt the hard way not to be taken in by what the company reps say! I like to be honest with people, and I like to write well. Looking forward to chatting with you all :)

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