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I'm from Melbourne, Aus and am in the medical field. Love a nice french-cuffed shirt, glass of whisky and writing with a fountain pen.

Most of the time you would catch me wearing a shirt of some description (probably Ralph Lauren) with a set of slacks (work) or chinos/dark jeans (casual) and a pair of RM Williams boots.

Joined up here on recommendation from a mate who is already a member and is the best-dressed bloke I know.
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Hello all, 


I am a 40 years old diplomat. Both for my profession and my habits, black tie and classic and formal wear are my work clothes. The countries I usually work don't have many of the brands that are popular here, but I can access to handmade products easily, hence I use tailor made suits, shirts and shoes. My other passion are classical watches from the 50s-60s and fountain pens. I try that everything that I buy fulfills 2 criteria: Must be wearable and useable regularly, and must outlast me. 


I am happy to join. 


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Greetings from sunny Singapore.


I'm a 42 year old professional and a father of two. The default mode of dressing for guys here is T-shirts and jeans/berms for casual, shirt and tie for work. It's too predictable and dead boring. For the past few years I have acquired an appreciation for more classic gentlemen styles and hope to build up my wardrobe with quality menswear. I'm confident the fine gentlemen in this forum will be helpful. My other interests lie in fragrances, watches, gem stones and martial arts.

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Hello all-


I've been relying on this site as a valuable reference for so long, I figured it was high time I made an account. I'm a 29 year old in Savannah, slowly figuring out this whole "style" thing. Nine times out of ten I'm in a Brooks Brothers OCBD and a pair of 501's.


Great to be here.

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Hello all,


I'm The ValleyDoctor. I am an aspiring doctor looking for a cooler style; I recently posted a question in the classic menswear section about frock coats. I am trying to gain a slightly more sophisticated, yet still casual enough, style for everyday. Any thoughts anyone may have would be welcome!

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Hi Everyone

This is Terry from Hong Kong. I love designer products and always willing to know more on upcoming talent.

My favourite brands include Julius, Damir Doma, and Yohji Yamamoto


I have been followed the forum for a while, those threads are really informative and great

Love this

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Hi all!


Just joined and thought I'd drop a line.

As the name goes, just a marketing fellow looking to swap out ye ol wardrobe. Maybe attempt to slowly crack open up the money clip but I'm sure we all know how well that will work...


Anyways, looking forward to getting great tips and advice on here!



Till another time-

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Hi, I have just recently moved to the Redlands area in SoCal and I teach in a nearby University. Looking to adapt my wardrobe to the SoCal weather while keeping it classy and trying to stay away from Hawaiian shirt fever. Looking forward to interact with everyone here.

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Hi all,


I'm 29 years old from Israel. I have been here at this forum for a while, however only as reader. Today decided to join it officially and already replied once.

Actually main reason is that I'm trying to change my wardrobe for more classic (meanwhile it's casual)




P.S This forum is very informative. Good work!

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Hi Everyone,


New member here (clearly). I am a 24 year old midwesterner living in NYC at the moment but originally from Minnesota. I am in the creative industry as well as the restaurant industry so most of my style is based around an upgraded casual. I have far to many button up shirts and even more shoes. Yeeep.

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Have been lurking for a while, learning about Saddleback briefcases.  Finally grabbed a used one on the 'Bay.


Not really too into style per se, but like to have a place to get hints and tips when I need them.  As a business consultant who spends many days on the road, they come in handy some times.

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Hello gents.
I'm jack and I'm from England!

I am into the whole "Minimalism" thing, and for that reason a try to keep a pared-back wardrobe of good quality stuff. I prefer classic styles to the more trendy and transient.

I don't want to look back on pictures of me in a couple of years and think, "what a tit!"

I'm not very imaginative brand-wise. Which is one reason why I joined this forum, to get some new ideas!

One last thing, I have an irrational dislike of running shoes worn when not running. I'm sorry. I can't help it!
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Hi there. I am a 25-year-old student here in Albuquerque, NM. Over the past year I've made an effort to replace my wardrobe with quality American-made clothes and accessories. 


I'm happy to report that my goal was accomplished, and then some! My favorite brands are Rogue Territory, Left Field NYC, Gitman Vintage and whatever cool vintage wear I come across in the thrift stores around here. 

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Hey folks. I'm YourLovelyMan, long time member of reddit MFA, now giving styleforum a try. I suppose I split my time between So Cal and Washington DC. I'm in law (bar results pending), so I'm mostly looking to build up a finely tuned business wardrobe.

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Hello everyone,


I am a 48 year old male that needs a ton of help with style. :-)   I'm pretty conservative with clothes. I'm usually business casual for work (Eddie Bauer Dress Khakis and Banana Replublic Dress Shirts).   I tend to stay around basic colors tans, blues and some black.  I never look the way I want to look.   My wife says I need to branch out and try new styles.  I'm usually hesitant but I'm getting better.   Looking forward to everyone's suggestions as I will be asking tons of questions.   :-)



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