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I am a student, quite constrained by my budget, but the shopping in my country (CZ) is dreadful anyway. Fifty years of communism supressed individual style in favor of conformity. We are trying to change this and I would like to think I am leading by example. I don't think guys are buing it, but sometimes a girl smiles at me, when I wear my trench or a nice pocket square, and I feel right again. I follow few blogs (Permanent style, Rugged Old Salt, Impossible cool), shop at thrift stores, e-shops and try to build a decent wardrobe, one piece at a time.

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Hello all,

Name's Bijan, just dived into the sartorial world with my first bespoke suits. Looking forward to learning and eventually contributing to the forum.

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Hello everyone, my name is Chi, im a fashion designer and stylist. My background is fashion retailing and I have 8years of work experience working with luxury brands as well as high street labels.Currently I run my own womenswear fashion business, however im looking to expand to corporate menswear, hence the reason i joined this forum. I hope to expand my network here and learn more from fashion gurus here:D
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Hi everyone,


my name is Francesco and I'm Italian.


Up to now I have been looking around in the forum mainly to get some information about shoe care, found it very useful and finally decided to register to be able to take part in the conversations!


I am looking forward to checking out also the other sections of the forum.



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Hello Everyone my name is Jay and I have bee avidly reading Styleforum for the past year to discover the consensus on everything from the best wool trousers and best bespoke tailors to a great dry cleaners. As my name implies I wear 36 short, slim fitted suits, i might add. I wear a size 32 wool trousers in very conservative colors. 


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Hi all,


I'm David. I am studying for a PhD in Computer Science, and rapidly approaching my quarter life crisis.

I've spent the past couple of years trying to understand a bit more about classic style.


Working in a university means I can wear what I want, and typically that's chinos/cords, shirt and a jumper or jacket.

I live in the UK, so I hope I can add a classic British slant to the typical American-oriented menswear that is popular online.


All the best,



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hi all;


35 years old.  stay-at-home dad of twin toddlers.  for as long as i can remember, it's always felt good to dress (what i thought) was nicely.  however, i never did know much about fashion and style.  still don't - which is why i joined the forum, to observe, learn, and cultivate my own style.  one thing i've picked up from lurking so far is the importance of fit/tailoring.


i'm interested in gradually building a minimal wardrobe consisting of high-quality, classic yet versatile items that i can wear for a long time.  to elaborate a bit, part of the motivation is that with children, i'm not going to have a lot of money to spend, and not a lot of time to go through a number of clothing options to pick what to wear.  despite finances being tight, i've come to the conclusion that it's okay to spend a lot provided what i'm buying (an article of clothing, for example) is of high quality such that it's going to last me forever.  on the flip side, i've also learned that i don't necessarily have to spend a lot to get quality stuff (thrift stores, etc.)  


i'll close by sending best wishes to everyone.



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Hey newbie here, just ordered AE Park Avenue and Saphir Renovateur, hope to learn how to take care of these oxfords and also my sperrys.
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Hi everyone, I'm Scriv


I'm a junior in high school. I live in the US where it's cold and wet most of the time, and has snow for about half of the year. I mostly wear jeans and t-shirts, but I've slowly been replacing them with untucked button-up shirts, henleys, and chinos/nicer jeans. I have an absurdly unlimited budget which should improve at some point (hopefully). I'm trying to build up a mostly minimalist wardrobe that includes enough classic menswear to get through my current internship and any future ones, but enough streetwear to avoid looking like a prat at school.


I'm kind of obsessed with shoes, but I'm currently stuck with sambas due to my inability to find any wide sneakers that I like. I really like converse but their fit is awful on 


Have a nice day,


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I've been reading since around the first of the year.

My main interest here is MTM shirts. Through my whole life—from super scrawny days to the present when I could stand to lose 20 pounds—I have never been able to find OTR shirts that even began to fit. Any shirt that more-or-less fit my torso had a neck that was much too small. Recently I have come to suspect that my Adam's apple is low relative to…whatever else it might be relative to.

I'm trying to move toward having some shirts that I can comfortably wear a tie with without there being room for two of my torsos in them.


After I get the shirt thing figured out I'm going to work on high-waisted trousers. Even as a young boy my body seemed to tell me that what pants should be doing is sitting at my true natural waist—and fashion be damned.


I've spent some time with David Page Coffin's shirtmaking book, and am well along the path to having a draped pattern made with the help of my niece. I think that perhaps where my shirt explorations will eventually lead will be to my perfecting my own pattern and then sending it off for CMT replication.


This shirt fitting exploration has pointed out to me that my allegedly "slight" scoliosis may well be worsening—I am being startled by my asymmetry!


Day to day I tend to wear khakis and OCBDs. That's been my default outfit since I was about 14.

If I could get some shirts that even hinted at fitting I might start dressing up a bit more. So… here I am!


Thanks for making such a helpful community online.



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Hi, my name is Sheldon and i came upon this site while seeking advice as to the best colour tie and shoes to wear with my grey suit and pink shirt. Feedback would be appreciated.


p.s. the outfit is for my Son's weeding.

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Gooooooodmorning SF I'm Piero. I'm an Engineer working in the tri-state area. Came to the style forum because I have a new found obsession with Alden boots! My wallet is already begging me for mercy.


Have a good one!


P.S. I like batman yes.

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Hi I'm Kevin

Currently an architect living and working in Sydney, I came here to meet other people with similar aesthetics with an appreciation of style.

In terms of style i'm trying to get my head out of the uber progressive 'goth ninja' fashion trend and looking to learn more about traditional mens clothing.

I'm also an aficionado of high quality leather goods.
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Hi there,


I've been reading styleforum for about five years on and off. I'm a casual dresser but in the more dressed up sense. I like many of the newer british clothing brands and love the quality and feel of the better italian brands as long as the look is not too suave.


I'm interested in footwear as well as clothing on styleforum. I've got quite the collection of shoes from brogues, monks, chelsea boots, toe cap boots, oxfords, derbies (all more casual than formal) to the same wide range in sneakers.

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I'm from Melbourne, Aus and am in the medical field. Love a nice french-cuffed shirt, glass of whisky and writing with a fountain pen.

Most of the time you would catch me wearing a shirt of some description (probably Ralph Lauren) with a set of slacks (work) or chinos/dark jeans (casual) and a pair of RM Williams boots.

Joined up here on recommendation from a mate who is already a member and is the best-dressed bloke I know.
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