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Hey guys, I'm new here. I always stumble across this forum when I've googled something.


I dress in a more formal way.. Preppy for every day.


I am a big fan of the Rugby Ralph Lauren brand, the Polo brand (mainly for oxfords, shirts, and sweaters rather than actual polos), and Double R RL jeans.

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Hello my name is Joe, Im from AZ and ever since i was little i have LOVED clothes and style. I really dont have a set style so to say but if i has to describe it, its a mixture of class, streetwear, casual, and with a hint of whatever i think looks cool! I love finding new clothing brands with their own unique style. I love all sorts of different brands from Ambush,adeen, knocksteady,gourmet,etc but honestly if i like it, then i will buy it! When it comes to jeans i am REALLY picky, but my favorite jeans are from mavi.I hope someday to start a clothing brand or own a clothing store! I am really eager to start using these forums! :)

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Hello Styleforum, I'm Michael. Been lurking the past week or so and decided to up and register. Historically I'm not much of a fancy clothes guy, but when I do go above casual I try and do it properly. As per my signing up, I'm in the process of finding something for my sister's wedding (and hopefully many other occasions if I pick the right suit).

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Hello. I'm a photographer, I work for myself. I try to avoid confrontation and generally not look like a complete bum. Sometimes I fail!
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Scott here. My well-dressed son (now 17) showed me the "9 Circles of Fashion Hell"

and since I fall squarely into circles 7 to 9 (Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, Lanvin),

built on a mountain of jeans and topped with Margiela, Sander, Grifoni, he insisted

that I get off my butt and join.


Oh, and I have a weakness for Pateks and good wine.:embar:



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Hello everyone my name is Richard and I'm here to learn how to dress smile.gif not really sure what to say about myself other than smile smile.gif
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Hi, my name is Robin. I am English, but I live in Santiago, Chile, which is a veritable style wasteland. I have been improving my dress sense slowly, but I still have a long way to go.

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My name is Nish, I'm a university student and have recently been involved in high end luxury item resale. I have some friends in the fashion industry including people who have designed or are in the process of designing their own label. 


Looking forward to posting more often!

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My name is Philippe and I am looking for great shoes. I already have Allen Edmonds and Yuketen shoes.

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Hello all,

My name is Erik, and I am looking to gain some knowledge about dressing more stylishly. I look forward to interacting with you all. Thank you.

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Hi! I´m Alexander.



- 23 years old

- Currently working as a nurse

- hope some day to become a doctor

- Have a girlfriend, who studies medicine in Hungary


My interest in menswear started a short while after I got my first job, I think. During weekdays, I usually wear chinos, shirts and sweaters. Basically, my style isn´t that exciting, but I think I earn some stylepoints by keeping my shoes clean, my shirts ironed properly, pantslength correct, and also by being playfull with colours and textures. However, at dinnerparties, meetings and dates with the girlfriend I tend to overdress by intention :D

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Hi all!


I'm Chris from Winnipeg.  I'm 40 (41 tomorrow) and I suck when it comes to fashion.  I'm single so I need to learn to dress myself.  :-)  I'm in a managerial position and I need to step up my wardrobe and I'm hoping to get some good tips and advice on this site.  If there are any women from Winnipeg on this site and you want to help me spend money on dress clothes, let me know.  lol.  Good luck to everyone on what you do in life.

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A warm greetings and hello to all users on the forum,


I've lurked around here every now and then when I need some quick research, and thought it would be nice to finely join in the conversations.  My personal style philosophy is to trust in yourself, and not to place too much emphasis on the opinion of a few.  Often it seems it is the confidence with which you wear something that truly makes something look great.


I'm a lifelong RL fan as well as bargain hunter.  Nothing excites me more than a good score :)


I look forward to taking in the collective knowledge this forum seems to be known for!

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Hi guys, I'm Patrick, a 30 yo from Melbourne, Australia and just here to follow current trends & for objective advice on styles & fits.


I'm a very basic dresser, often rocking a basic hoodie, jeans & comfy sneakers. These items occupy the majority of my wardrobe space. I'd often opt for darker colours over lighter but am looking for advice on what works & doesn't on these forums to hopefully bring some life into my wardrobe.


Thanks for reading & looking forward to sharing my thoughts & listening to yours. All the best!  

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Hello, My name is Jeff; I work in academia and am in my fifties. I've always been a bit of a dandy but after a trip to Italy, I'm more focused on style than before. I tend to mix classical mens style (wing tips, vests, pinpoint oxford shirts) with more modern and wild colors (colored socks and shoelaces, bright contrasting color watches, orange soled saddle oxfords). I'm always on the lookout for something a bit daring or that displays an attitude of European sprezzatura and hoping to learn from some of the folks here.
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