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Hi everyone, I'm Marsy101. 30 years old, married and have a daughter who will turn 2 on Thursday. I work for myself and very rarely 'need' to wear a suit or jacket... but do anyway.


Last Spring I decided to get my act into gear. I had just turned 30 and my daughter was already 1.5 years old and I'd realised I had zero style... however up until that point, I didn't care. So having awoken from the blissful state of ignorance I started reading and researching everything I could about classic, timeless style. I quickly realised I am not a fan of fashion at all, but I now pay much more attention to dressing elegantly as well as developing my own sense of style. 


The changes started when I decided to get rid of my University/boarding school quiff and opt for a much more elegant side parting. That alone made me feel more confident and less of a man-child! From that point I knew the image I wanted to create for myself. Classic, timeless but with some sartorial quirks (socks/jacket linings/ties etc).


I've been lurking for months but now heading into Autumn/Winter I feel I need much more advice.







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Hello everyone on SF!


I literally just discovered this forum today (lucky me!).


Anyways, my name is Rasmus. I'm a 20 y/o male  from Denmark (Scandinavia - Northern Europe). 

I just started Law School. 

I LOVE listening to music. 

I have a passion for suits.. And shirts.. And ties.. And watches. Relatively 'fancy' clothing I suppose. 


Being a student I don't often wear suits. My attire is more business casual (jeans/chino with a shirt and a pullover sweater).

My fav. brand is swedish J. Lindeberg. I primarily use it for my casual jeans/chinos. My shirts are from Danish Bruun & Stengade. 


So why am I here?... Mostly for fun I guess. I like looking around, learning, getting inspired, seeing people who gets help etc. 


I'm generally pretty psyched to be onboard. 


Peace Out. :) 

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Hi everyone. I'm a somewhat style-impaired guy at times, so here to learn. I'm a tall 40ish geek, more into shorts than jeans, more into t-shirts and polos than long-sleeves. My favorite brands are Orlebar Brown, WeSC, Cheap Monday, Robert Barakett, Golf brand, Penguin, Adidas and Y3.

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Good evening all 


I have joined the forum representing our new UK based label Ardour Brand. 


I have been a member previously but had some time out setting up our new label and designing amongst other things, looking forward to getting back involved and introducing what we have planned from Ardour. 



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Hello Everyone!


My name Is Bagyo and I really love style and fashion! I joined this website to gain more knowledge in my future field in fashion! I make youtube videos and I have my own fashion blog which is as of now, my part time job, while I am still attending school! I am also really young (not going to say my age) but please don't treat me any differently! 



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Hi im kate and im here to talk about general casual sportswear :)

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Hey guys, I'm Brian. I'm an 18 year old college student from New York. I'm a fan of tailored clothing, casual wear, and a modern, clean cut look. I've recently (in the past year), started paying more attention to my clothing and appearance, so I'm in this stage where I'm learning about fashion and the different types of looks, manufacturers, etc.
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Hi, I'm Crim a 17 year old SoCal student, I've been lurking here for about a year and figured it was finally time to make an account to go with my wardrobe overhaul, I plan to mostly keep to the Classic Menswear section and am a fan of business formal/casual clothes, tailored clothing and watches.  I hope to increase my experience in these areas within the next few years and hope to become a long time member.

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I found this forum a few weeks ago when I started doing some research on men's suits. In one night of reading, this forum opened a new world to me! I read the primer articles the first night, and I have been reading the Classic Menswear threads every night. I remain fascinated by this new world. In particular, I have been drawn to the Allen Edmonds and shoe care threads.


The fact that I am interested in style is unusual...or at least interesting to me. I had some preconceived notions about style and people's interest in style that have been challenged by my reading of posts on SF. I suppose I have taken a 180 on the subject.



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I'm Mike.  With kids who are in high school, I'm starting to think about my clothing choices after ignoring them for many years.  I grew up in Groton, CT, I was a paratrooper at Fort Bragg, NC, and I went to College in Vermont.  I now live in the Richmond, Virginia metro area.  

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Hello Everyone,


I've been hiding in the corner and reading your posts for a couple of weeks now and decided to take the plunge and join so that I can pick the collective SF brain about the myriad of things I don't know about the world of high(er)-end clothing (incl. how to fix it, care for it, and what to avoid.) I'm a newbie with a good eye and doing it on the cheap.

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New here...


I've been interested in quality men's fashion for almost two decades now, but the words quality and fashion have varying meaning to all. Whereas I once thought Brooks Brothers was a decent maker, and it might have been 20 years ago, I have most recently purchased a Brunello Cucinelli shirt and Bettanin & Venturi shoes. Other recent purchases include Barneys Italian cashmere sweaters, A. Testoni (grey) and Franceschetti (dark brown) suede chukkas, and a MacAlan cashmere sweater, and that's probably not even close to the height of fashion out there. While shopping this past weekend I looked at (more like touched) a $25K Tom Ford suit that was on sale for $5.5K. Now that's madness!


My go-to brands are Lucky heritage for jeans; Hickey Freeman suiting; Borrelli for shirts; Stefano Ricci for ties; Hermes, Creed and Barneys (Route du The) for cologne; Oakley x-metal for sunglasses; OVVO for regular vision; James Pearse for T-shirts; and I have to confess to a soft spot for Robert Graham, though I am beginning to move away from his standard fare items for a more clean look.




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Hello Styleforum, I am RandallBee. I once weighed more than I do now. So more than 90% of my clothes are too big for me; I would like to like to change that, and found your site looking for advice about a catalog my amazing wife got in the mail: Charles Tyrwhitt. I had never heard of the company and was curious. Your site was very helpful.

Since I want to revamp my wardrobe, as much for my wife, as for me, I think I can learn a lot from you, and when I can I'll offer any wisdom I gain.

May you all have a great day.

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Hey there! I'm very much a menswear newbie. Shopping always gave me the chills. It still does, to some extent, but I figure it's time to grow up.


I've done a fair amount of reading threads, and I'd really like some advice -- so I put together a pretty long forum post request here:


If you have time, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Hello all,


My name is Richard and I am pretty new to just about anything style related.  I've been reading threads on SF for a while now and the information on this forum has helped me to put together my first bespoke suit.  I recently got out of the military, so learning proper civilian business style has been a bit of a challenge for me.  I think I'm coming along okay though!


Thanks to everyone who contributes valuable information on this forum, it's been very helpful for me and several other transitioning veterans I've tried to help.  I look forward to learning more about business fashion and just men's style in general.

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