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Hi Sister! I'm a chick too. Just thought I'd wave at you. satisfied.gif

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Hey y'all. Long time reader, finally a member. Styleforum was a godsend when buying my first suits, hoping to take advantage of similarly great advice (and a few good deals) in the coming years.

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Hi. I am Allen. I'm a college student who takes great interest in fashion. Although I don't consider myself to be one of the more fashionable guys out there, I do realize that I'm getting better at it. At least I'm much better at it now than I was a few years ago. I decided to join this community after discovering this place through a Google search about PRPS jeans. It's pleasant to be a member here!

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I've been lurking and reading tons of threads, and have upped my style considerably since I joined. Thanks Styleforum!

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My name is Eric, 25, and I live in Washington DC.  Been lurking styleforum for a while and decided to make an account.  

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What's good I'm Mic 29 yo, gf 5 years, no kids... I'm usually in scubs or gym cloths... live in Sacramento, CA so anything more than jeans and a V-neck is usually overdressed... I've always been into clothes and shoes, but recently been focussing on more of a more timeless style... 

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Whats up, im Nana K, moved to Accra, Ghana from NY 3 years ago. Hope to learn something while on here. 


I'm currently working on a blog called 'Ghana in HD' which will be a platform to document the style some of the most interesting cool kids I come across on my travels. 


I also work with (creates stylish sunglasses from reclaimed wood), and (making all kinds of fly backpacks right here in Accra). Hit me up if you're in my town.

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Hi all,

it's Ale from Modena , Italy.

I'm here to sell a moncler spring/summer jacket size L / 50

Stay tuned!!!



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Hi All,

I am Alvin from Malaysia.
Newbie in fashion especially shoes.
Found this forum especially informative.
Great to have joined this forum.
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Hey there! I am a 19 year old male looking to get some awesome clothes at good prices and it seems I came to the right place. I am from Seattle, WA and have been looking to get a gorgeous jacket with which I may brave the elements.

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Hello Everyone,


I'm wcuemgt, I'm a late 20's male and live in DC, been lurking for a while, finally decided to become a member. I am interested in just learning the whole array of things. I am mainly interested in traditional styles and don't consider myself to keep up with the latest fashion, but instead keep it classic. I am a three piece suit man at heart. 

I look forward to continuing to learn more from this forum. 

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I'm CJ from Australia.  I turned 40 and decided I should start dressing like a grown up.

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Hello everyone,

I'm Todd, a recent member of the male fashion world. I was the guy who whould wear iron graphic tees 2 size too big. Ever since I been reading several fashion forums/blogs I have updated to a pretty basic wardrobe consisting of oxfords, chinos and all the other beginner goodies. Hoping to dive deeper into to the complex world that is fashion.
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Hello, I'm Mr. Sneeze. (Achoo.) After protracted lurking in these environs, I think maybe it's finally time to make introductions. I'm originally from Toronto, but have been located in New England for the past decade or so. Daily wardrobe tends strongly towards denim and casual - my current favorite brands include Left Field, Engineered Garments, Outlier, Yuketen. Hoping that active participation in SF discussions will enable me to fulfill a longstanding aspiration to wear more bow ties. 

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Hey everyone!


My names Rory as I'm sure you could have guessed from my username. I'm a 23 year old broke college student, who puts in his work scouring value village, buffalo exchange, and the internet for cheap clothes that I can look good in. 


I'm currently rededicating my wardrobe to having the perfect fit, I'm also delving into the professional side a little more, as I'll be doing an audit internship in the near future. 


I'll be happy to contribute to the forum as I gain the knowledge, and I'll hopefully keep the noobish questions to a minimum.






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