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Name's Daniel, I'm 24. Just recently started paying attention to what I was wearing,


The marketplace brought me here, but I'm planning to stay and be a part of your vibrant community!

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I've been lurking the threads for quite some time now in order to study up before I actually start putting serious money into my wardrobe. I've read up a lot on Put This On, Squalor to Baller, The Silentist, Die, Workwear!, etc. I have recently found myself becoming quite interested in classic conservative style but with more contemporary (but not sausage casing) fits. Created an account to lurk the marketplace more for some deals as well as learn how to properly tailor clothes to my uncommon build.

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Hi! I'm Paul. I'm new to this site. I am still making my way through the different threads and posts. I love watches. i am a very busy man, but I do find a few minutes at night to lurk and learn from all of you here. I'm glad to be part of this forum.

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I've been lurking the forums for some time now, I'm happy I finally bit the bullet and joined up. Styleforum has been one of my go-to sites for looking up reviews and tips and I am ecstatic to be part of this great community.

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Hi Guys let me introduce my self. Name Edward Morich from London. I'm the owner of MORich Undies :) Nice to be here 

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Hey everyone, I'm 21 from the UK and I'm here for the fresh white tees and raw denim

Oh and I like to lift heavy things up and put them back down
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Hi,   I'm SeventiesSister - I'm married with 3 sons (am I allowed to be on here, being a woman?)  I started to look on Styleforum for one of my boys - a present for graduation and there's some great articles and items for sale. Are there any other females on here?  I live in a totally male household - which is great so, being on a mostly male forum for fashion etc., doesn't bother me, hope you guys dont mind me being on here.  Oh, yeah I love English Bullterriers (known as the gentlemans' breed - when Hinks 'created' his first true EBT in c.1840), we were really into breeding/showing a good few years ago but dont have any at the moment due to our work committments.  Also, I do like to cook - love Greek food, Greece and New York are my top two favourite places.  Surprisingly, yes, I like to do the laundry but hate ironing.  I love looking after my family (actually its a bit like having 4 sons if I include my husband.)  I also prefer American Football to English football - and get just as much sport as any woman can take, funny though when a girly film is on TV everyone drifts out the room!!!  I do have the opportunity to go and meet up with one of my six sisters every now and again to get as much girly gossip as possible, then luckily I can go home and back to normality with my guys (so much easier).  x

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I like style, but got none.  I lurk sometimes.  I like jeans.



Rafael T

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Hello all  My name is Chance, and I'm a 37 year old retail business manager from the great state of Arkansas.  I have a love for classic men's fashion (vintage sport coats and blazers are my weakness) and I try to avoid fads and trends.  When I'm not at work, my go to style is a decent sport coat over a solid colored button up paired with dark denim jeans, my favorite brown oxfords, AND my signature cologne.  I believe your outfit isn't complete without a great scent, for the record.  Sometimes I'll have fun with my look and rock either my electric blue or fire engine red blazers (which my fiance despises and I adore, lol) in place of my more usually subdued look.  I don't make a ton of money, so about 95% of what I see in men's style publications is simply a nice dream for me, but I've found that there are ways to dress like a million bucks without spending the same amount.  Right now about half of my wardrobe is unwearable because I allowed myself to get a little too comfortable with eating poorly, but rest assured I am working on it, and soon I'll be able to once again throw on my favorite Seersucker jacket. ;)  That's right.  Seersucker.  Don't judge.  I look forward to exploring this site and interacting with everyone.  Take it easy!

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hi, all, i'm takei.  ill be posting some hours worn fryes in a few.

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Hi my name is Jake. I am a student at JMU and am drawn to the classic menswear section of the forum.

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It seems a lot of good info and discussions here. I've been in suits and business professional for 30 yrs. Dress well without much trying. Thought I'd take it a bit more seriously and enjoy it.


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hi I m oui just join today I love jeans and sneaker nice to c u guy :)

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Hello, Everyone I'm Mark, Just joined out of curiosity. Hope to see you guys.

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How do you do!

I'm Kiki and my favorite task is shopping for and dressing my husband. He doesn't care and I care a lot!

My mother is a professional tailor so I know a few things but am finding out there is much much more to learn. What joy!

We live in Bellevue WA and hate the rain. But it keeps things green here! Have a lovely day.

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