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Name is Ubuntu, meaning 'human kindness'

I'm 18, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire in England and I have a pre-occupation with British subculture. Mod, Skinhead and Punk in particular. My favourite band is The Clash by a fair way but I also love any form of Rocksteady, Ska or Reggae

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How does it feel to have an entire OS named after you?!


And how many times do you get that question?

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Originally Posted by mrjester View Post

How does it feel to have an entire OS named after you?!


And how many times do you get that question?

This is the first time I've used the name on a message board as it is the first message board I've been on where the type of person you are may matter. So, I wanted to make it something that represented how I try to be in my life.


So, first time I've had that question haha

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New to the forum (though I've been hanging around Reddit's MaleFashionAdvice subreddit a fair bit, mostly just lurking and reading), but in short I'm a 21 year old guy in Las Vegas, working as a photographer (newspaper photojournalism and weddings primarily, and some editorial magazine stuff) and also finishing up a Psy degree at UNLV. About a year/year and a half ago I decided to expand beyond poorly fitting jeans and cargo shorts and band t shirts to progressively more classy and stylish clothing. The past few months I've gotten even more into it all and started learning more about style and quality brands etc, so here to keep on reading, learning and sharing (and also buying and selling a little too).

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New member here, came here from Reddit's MFA and SA's male fashion thread. I've been on a journey of weight loss for about 3 years now, started at 405 and down to 255, so I can wear some decent clothes now, especially now that I'm down to XL shirts and 40 slacks/pants in general. Just trying to look better and feel more confident about myself. Thanks

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Hi everybody. Another new guy here. I'm a 28 year old freelance graphic designer and illustrator in the Detroit area. Since I work from home, I don't often need to worry about how I dress. But I am interested in classic menswear and slowly building a wardrobe of quality pieces, for when I do need/want to dress thoughtfully. I originally found Styleforum because of the thrift/discount bragging thread and have been keeping an eye on all of that stuff.

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Hi all!  New to the forum...

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No-One has introduced themselves since 2011? We'll I'm Anyjay and I'm new to style!

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Hey SF. I've been lurking around here for a while now. I've really active over on Reddit's /r/malefashionadvice for a year or two now. As of late however, I've been feeling really bored with their style have come over here for some fresh perspective. I don't know if it's the summer look or what, but I will kill someone if I have to see 18 commenters talk about how great and creative a blue OCBD and chino shorts with boat shoes looks.


I've been at this fashion game for about 3 years now, and oh wow did I start out bad. I started with terrible button-ups over oversized graphic tees like most, then decided that SUITS ALL DAY EVERYDAY was how to dress better (I was a freshman in college -,- ). Also, no, they did not fit. I got seriously into fashion about a year ago when my girlfriend broke up with me and I decided to improve my appearance.


Nowadays, I don't really know what I would label my style as. It's kinda a prep/biz casual/slight streetwear... thing.


As for my work I run a web marketing company in northern VT, though I'm looking to move us to Boston within a year or two. Very limited market up here.

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Hi. After lurking for a while, I decided to create an account here.


I recently turned 40 and decided that I want to dress like a grown up. No more suit jackets masquerading as blazers. No more ill fitting shirts or pants. So I'm reading and learning. My hobby in the immediate future will be in picking up some more shirts online. I've already bought several from cottonwork (was quite happy with the experience overall), am also looking to try something from

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Hello, I'm new, though I've searched the forums for information from time to time. I'm a vision and computer scientist by training and trade. I also work from home, and live in the Hudson Valley, meaning that any sartorial limits I obey beyond obscenity laws are solely by choice. I noticed a few months ago that despite having graduated a few years ago, I was still dressing like a computer science graduate student who works from home. I decided to fix this problem, and as with many commonplace problems, I felt the best place to turn for advice was a network of obsessed amateurs (Pros tend to have agendas. Amateurs enjoy the study, and put low value on their time, so are more likely to want to be helpful, and as long as my questions are basic enough, likely to be able to meet my needs). I view shopping as a kind of optimization exercise, so I've spent a little time n Dappered Threads, a more thrifty fashion forum.

Anyhow, I'm most interested in classic style. I have good intuition about space, color and light, but an atrophied aesthetic sense I'm trying to rebuild / rescue.
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I'm Dan.  Married psychotherapist, father of 3 cheeky monkeys.  Joined to buy stuff.

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-39 years old

-married without kids

-wear Denims 24/7

-and come from Germany.


Started my apprenticeship at a shirt company and since then been a little bit addicted to men's woven shirts in particular and cloths in general and love leather, so another passion besides shirts are shoes & leather jackets.


Hope to enjoy each visit here.





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Hey, I'm josh, I'm 21 live in the UK and am a custom shirt hobbyist haha smile.gif


I love this forum for inspiration and thought I'd finally join, all my customs are on my instagram - joshbrodiee

I'd love to follow anyone who is into the same thing, share ideas etc.



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I'm Joe. I have been working in the clothing industry for over 20 years. I spent the beginning of my career working as buyer for a major department store in new England, and now own my own business. I have unique knowledge of mens fashion and where to find the best quality for the lowest prices. 

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