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Hello all,


I'm a man in my mid-thirties, living in Sweden. I love the look of a well-fitting suit! However, I work in an overly casual environment. I mean, people come to work wearing shorts and plastic clogs! I do what I can to raise the bar somewhat. Basically, I'm considered overdressed if wearing dress pants instead of denims, so these are hard times...


I am a sucker for neckties! I love the feel of a nice grenadine, but mostly wear knits due two the aforementioned casual world I work in. My greatest relieve is that odd jackets are acceptable at the office, at least as long as I'm prepared to take it off during the course of the day.



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Hello everyone!

I am Kristian and Im on top(jk)I have too much self confidence. My english is very good for someone who comes from a non-english speaking country. I am an athlete and economy student. I have read threads on this forum for a long time, but this is my first post.
I love high top sneakers. I have Lanvins, Saint Laurent P, Balenciagas, KVAs, and too many pairs of Jordans and nike in general. Fashion in general is not my expert field but I like to play with styles and colours. Sometimes I hit, and sometimes I miss. But i am not afraid of what people think. Be a free thinker and don't by brands, buy awesome designs. (If that happen to be a pop brand, so be it). I respect all views on designs. People are different. therefore variety in tastes is good. Thats how I feel.
Its all love!
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Hi everyone,


My name's Yann, i'm from France.


I've been reading the forum for quite a while now, not only for the style advice and review part, but also on all the other topics. I think this place is quite unique in the large variety of persons discussing a very wide range of topics and I like this melting pot of culture and horizons a lot. I don't like fashion that much, I prefer style. I think i'm gonna go hang out in the Lifestyle section a lot :)

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Hey guys, I'm a undergrad UC student in California.


I made this account to buy shit from the marketplace.


Raw denim and awesome button-ups catch my eyes the most. 

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Howdy y'all,

I'm from Tennessee. I'm seeking advice on shoes, shirts, and well pretty much everything. Bless y'alls hearts for helping me out.

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Hi I'm new here.


I'm from Florida, college student and as far as style goes, I'm mostly into streetwear. Though I would occassionally throw on some Ralph Lauren (RRL and Denim & Supply, not just the basic polo ralph lauren) every now and then.


Happy to be apart of this :)

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Just joined to see whats going on. Ive heard great things about this forum. Hoping to learn a lot then share as time goes by

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Hi Everyone!


Newcomer to the forum. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you and making a contribution! :)



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Hey everyone colgate.gif

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Hi everyone

My name is Guido, from Argentina, and currently living in the US for a few months.
I am a jacket/coat-enthusiast so everyhing i read and post and comment on is gonna be on that, probably.


I spend my days looking for the ultimate definitive jacket. holy grail style.


looking forward to participating in the forum.


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I am a menswear enthusiast living in New York City. I work in finance by day, but am a footwear entrepreneur by night. Check out my footwear line here.

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Hi all,


I am new here, and my name should remain anonymous haha but as you can tell by my online name, that I live in a community (real life) where talking about styles for men is deemed as 'Gay' or unmanly.... which i TOTALLY disagree!! Men like to check out women for whatever reason, and for me because they are a treat for my eyes (among other thoughts of course LOL), so i like to look and talk about quality stuff and why can't mens clothing style and lifestyle be one of them? Well it is is great to see a community / forum that is alive and thriving.


I am so new to this forum stuff, I am usually a backstage kind of guy I just read post and forums and never really sign up to any, which means I really never have any discussion on the topic and keep my suggestions to myself. But recently I felt like joining a community and be active about it haha.


Right now I am loving the Friday Challenge segment LOL it looks so fun hopefully one day I can join the challenge!!


Signing Out.


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Love NYC, been there once always wanted to go back there! anyway welcome to SF!

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Hello All,


My name Michelle and I hail from Atlanta,Georgia. My company blogs about fashion trends and one of our hottest topics in Men's wear. I'm interested in learning more about the industry, specifically men's fashion. I look forward to chatting with you guys!

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Hi all,


saw a great item for sale in the classified section and figured I best register in case I fool myself into buying it.


Then I saw all the rules!!






I hope logging on occasionally is OK and not a breach of all your rules.

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