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Hey folks,


A math nerd that tries to learn from here. I enjoy fashion, arts and music a lot beside my geeky pursuit. I finally joined the forum officially after learning from it for 3 years. I like harmonizing conflicting/paradoxical elements, like spicing up the french elegance by rock and roll stuffs.


Clothing wise, I was inspired by Hedi Slimane a lot, then Tom Ford, Oliver Rousteing and the old Yves Saint Laurent. Also like John Galliano, Gareth Pugh, Thom Browne and Phillip Lim. I like DSquared's Jeans too. For shoes, Vass, Lobb, G&G, Santoni and Carmina appeal to me. Corthay, Max Verre and Sutor look very nice too. I think other Italian/French brands are also quite interesting, but I know too little about them. Lastly I like Charvet, Hermes and Brioni for ties.


That said... I'm mostly window shopping, I ve got very few of the above :( They mostly serve as inspiration :)


Look forward to the vast knowledge here and maybe some second hand nice stuffs!

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Hi I'm V aka SartorialBadass


42 years old chap living in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. I am a road warrior and love spending my free time riding my folding bike while capturing pictures on the road with my iPhone.


My sartorial orientation is rugged, elegant and a bit eccentric. 

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Nice to meet you guys. I'm from New Mexico. 

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Hello everyone, been lurking for some time ... living in Geneva, Switzerland and particularly addicted to shoes. Travel quite a bit for work and regular customer of several shoe shops and manufacturers such as Leffot, Skoaktiebolaget, Meermin, Edetal and of course Brogue in Geneva. Finally decided to become a member although I am afraid of all the shoe-porn being posted here! Thanks for having me


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Hello everyone, My name is Ryan I recently graduated high school and I'm preparing for college life at St. Lawrence University. Towards the middle of my senior year I started a bow tie company with two of my high school friends. I'm a HUGE bow tie fan, and I'm just about always wearing one. Bow ties are just one of the many ways I've found that satisfy my quirky style and love for standing out in a crowd. I look forward to reading others posts on this thread, and I'm always interested in talking with other bow tie wearers. Not to mention if any of you need bow ties don't be afraid to message me about getting one. Anyways, I hope to hear back from some of you. Kind Regards, Ryan
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Hello everyone, I'm Gustavo, I just recently started getting into fashion and want to really immerse myself in fashion. Now that I'm in college.

I wear mostly H&M. I dress casually.

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Hello all,


My name is Nathan. I am a Pharmacy student living in Tampa Florida. I am severely uniformed when it comes to fashion, but I am ready to learn anything I can! 

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Hi everyone, I'm a mid-thirties grad student who lives in Italy.  I'm originally an American but I live here now and I love it.  I'm just getting started on learning how to dress well.  I have usually liked sorta simpler, more modern stuff like "sport" lines from Hugo Boss and Prada.  But I've been out of touch for about the last ten years so those lines and my interests could be very different now.  I'm hoping that being around here will help me figure out what I like again.  Very glad these kinds of communities exist!

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xkr0p here, just looking to educate myself on some general mens fashion..

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Hi Jin here from convoygoods. Love fashion and currently working in an advertising firm.

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Hello all. 

I am a young preacher living in Texas. 


Being in Ministry, I wear a lot of suits.

I have to look decent but not too flashy, and have to do it all on a very modest budget. 


Found these forums and have already learned a lot! 

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Hi everyone. I'm a designer in Downtown LA with a clean and minimalist personal style. I'm working in fashion, designing and developing primarily made in USA garments and accessories. I'm excited to be part of the forum and learn from the community.

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My name is Jason and I'm a senior financial analyst. Senior not being age, more skill level. 33 years old. Since I took my position I have lost over 30 pounds and dressing better. Living the example of being a leader and hoping it works its way down to my staff. Now I just got to figure out fashion! I don't want to wear the plain black suit everyday and this place looks to be my key! As soon as I feel a little more comfortable, I'll post my selection progress pics. My first goal is getting some nice blazers and actually pairing everything correctly. Thanks to all already that reading old posts have helped and pre-thank you for the help and constructive criticism to come!
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I'm Nate. I just enjoy fashion. Always have. I joined for ideas, and maybe getting some tips when I'm in a rut.

Or, providing advice if anyone needs some.



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tomi233 long time fashion admirer, I've recently come into the possession of lots of clothes and am looking to sell most of it to people who would appreciate finer clothing & shoes.  Mostly preppy stuff, Brooks Brothers, Allen Edmonds etc. 

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