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Hello. I'm a criminal defense/trial lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. I've been lurking around for a while and ave learned a great deal. I'm trying to bring more style into my wardrobe and look forward to interacting here.
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Hey guys, I'm Eric from NYC.  I'm a junior in college and I've lurked SF for a while.  I've decided I want my voice heard.

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Hello there! I'm Matteo from Rome, Italy. Im 23 studying Multimedia Arts in Rome's Fine Arts Academy. Here to look for some stylin and buyin tips as Im currently refreshing my wardrobe and for some talks with people sharing same interests. 

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Hey everyone,


My name is Dan and I consider myself a streetwear enthusiast. I have been an avid reader of the forum and a multitude of others with similar content. I am a first time poster but truly hope to engage more frequently with discussions on the site. 


Look forward to talking with you all! 



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Hi Everyone,


I'm James, known in various forums as Sneakerologism.  Choosing a forum name is annoying.  At the time, I wanted Sneakerologist which was taken and I couldnt be bothered picking another name so I went with the next best letter. Now I use Sneakerologism everywhere, it doesnt make any sense but at least people remember it...kinda.


This forum is awesome, and Im glad I've finally joined.  Having so many view points, opinions and knowledge all in the one place is totally enriching and makes life so much easier.  


Im 32 and I work in corporate sales.  I sell Telecommunications Solutions including, phone system hardware, high grade data connections, voice and mobile telephony.


I grew up playing basketball and listening to hip hop.  Hence, I have a massive sneaker collection, a decent selvage denim collection and a fondness for all things street/hood.


I also have a keen interest in suiting, watches and leather goods due to the corporate environment I work in and because Im growing up lol.  I've learned that looking good/style is all about the small details.  Its about putting together a collection of items to show the world your own unique style and sensibilities.  It requires a lot of thought and effort and its quite gratifying when people notice.


My style icons are Tom Ford, Lapo Elkin, Jay Z, Kanye West, John Legend, Hedi Slimane, Nick Wooster, Pharrell and Common just to name a few.


I look forward to speaking to you all and sharing my thoughts and opinions about style.




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Holla SF!

I'm Andreas a 20 year old dane(that's Denmark, in case you were wondering). I study medicine, but I've only just finished my first semester.
Over the recent years I have found interest in traditional, formal and proper living, sadly though I haven't found the funds to match. For this reason, I am lurking E-bay, thrift shops and various sales to steadily build a respectable wardrobe.

So far I've been able to get my hands on a pair of used EGs and Churchs, which I now polish daily while watching vintage black/white photos off Voxsatoria and imagining my life as the Duke of Windsor or the likes(overexaggeration may have occurred)... Reminiscent of masturbation and creepy - forgive me.

I'm however a fairly experienced scotch taster, and would love to discuss that with you too.


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Hi folks,

I'm Tobias from germany(Leipzig) and 21 years old. If you wanna see my outfits, look in the waiwrn Thread, I have already posted my first Outfit.

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Hi SF,


My name is Dave and I am a full time student near the end of my (extensive) studies and on the hunt for clothing to update my wardrobe. I travel a fair amount and am keen to better understand the international market of men's clothing, as well as develop a style that I carry into my professional life. I value knowledge and hope that the wealth of experience possessed by the numerous members on this forum can assist my education. In addition, I am resistant to making investments of any scale without first developing an appreciation for the product and market.


My clothes are typically off-the-rack sales purchases or what I consider a bargain at the local markets. My experience with tailors only includes shirts adjustments and having trousers hemmed. However, I wish to remedy this shortcoming.


Originally Posted by AwfullyNiceGuy View Post

I'm however a fairly experienced scotch taster, and would love to discuss that with you too.


Hi Andreas, Have you been to Scotland? Scotch is something else that I am developing an appreciation for, but I would by no means consider myself experienced.

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Hey guys,


Im a 28 yr old male interested in street, surf, and skate fashion.


I have been a buyer for 6 years/24 seasons=)


I like clothes and fashion and am very passionate about them!



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Hi guys,


32 yr old Marine here with a strong interest in style and learning how to dress better. T shirt and jeans used to be my staple, but I've found myself wanting to learn more about how to be a better dresser and trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Glad to be a part of the forum.

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My name is Bill and I came on to this site while trying to find out more info on how some jeans (Gustin) fit. I'm also a fan of dressing well, so I'm sure I'll get some good info from this forum. Thanks.
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Hi everyone,


My name is Marc and I've come here because of my great interest in fashion. It's great to be in a forum with like-minded who, like me, know that fashion isn't just for girls. Clothes make the man and I believe that dressing well is crucial to how you feel and how others see you.


I just started my first real job and can't really afford the really nice stuff yet. But that doesn't mean I can't start preparing for it already!


Looking forward to sharing thoughts and opinions with you guys in here.


- Marc

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Hi Everyone,


I'm starting my first real dress-better job, and while I know dress pants with a shirt and tie can be done very well, I'm also hoping for some variety so that I don't disappear into the shirt and tie masses.


Looking forward to getting schooled in the fits.

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Originally Posted by Halifax View Post

Hi Andreas, Have you been to Scotland? Scotch is something else that I am developing an appreciation for, but I would by no means consider myself experienced.

Indeed I did go to Scotland, january this year actually.

I can only recommend going there, people are very friendly and visiting the distilleries does yield some insight to how your whiskies are made, and what's more important to me: the VERY subtle differences between the distilleries' production methods that lead to distinctively different whiskies. Also there are some formidable bars ;-),


Just to clarify, I may have been too bold when dubbing myself experienced, but I have had around 40-50 different bottlings, also some of the rarer and more obscure bottles than your average joe.

Have you been to Scotland Dave?

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I am mstar020 and I sell men's clothing on eBay. I joined so I could promote my items another way besides just hoping that they sell. 


I am currently selling some Hollister Skinny Chinos in size 28x30, 30x30 and I have them in Green, Turquoise, and Blue. 



I just can't wait for my business to go crazy!




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