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Hi, I'm mstrstvns, I am looking for things to buy while I am going to school in Vienna, Austria. So far on the list is Ludwig Reiter shoes and whatever I can afford from Knize. I would love to hear what you all would buy if you were hunting for deals around Vienna. I am basically a run of the mill slacker from Austin, Texas. I love being outside in the woods with my dog. I love winter weather and winter clothes. If you want to talk about what is and isn't waterproof, I'm you guy. I have strong opinions about boots, jackets and dogs. Am still looking for the perfect pair of jeans.
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I'm judgeholden.

I used to work in management consulting, focusing on doing corporate strategy for optical retail and manufacturing. As such, I've got something like 40 pairs of sunglasses sitting around, concentrated mostly in Oliver Peoples, Persol and Ray Ban. I now run one of the watch and sunglass divisions for one of the world's largest retailers. Optical and sunglasses I know very well, watches... eh, at this point I'm paid to understand how to profit off of them, not how they're manufactured and how they're priced, but I'd like to change that.

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Hey People,


I'm Danny.  Maybe sometime in the last 2 years I became what some might term as "fashionably aware".  I started taking more of an interest in the quality, fit, and matching of what I was wearing.  As a Project Manager / Businses Analyst during the day I regularly work in a business casual environment.  I also freelance as a professional musician, trombonist and play with various salsa, latin jazz, jazz, and corporate bands.  I'm a husband, father of 4, avid swimmer, occasional runner, occasional mountain biker...  I participate in obstacle course races here and there, and enjoy the solitude of backpacking in the great outdoors...


As you might guess, working in these different environments grants me a lot of cool opportunities to dress to the occasion. 


I like discovering unique color and pattern combinations with dress shirts, slacks, vests, sweaters, ties, shoes & socks that stand out in what's typically a bland corporate environment.  I think I've reached a point in life now where I no longer desire the peacocking of Robert Wayne shoes, jeans, and a Robert Graham shirt.   Rather, I now find myself mimicking styles from Oceans Eleven and Bond movies...


One day while searching the web about shoe quality I stumbled upon this site and here I am. I often find myself typing questions into Google only to arrive right back to this site here...  I'm here to learn more about quality clothing & shoes and bounce ideas off fellow fashion enthusiasts.


- Danny

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Hi Everyone,


My name is Thomas & I am sixteen years old. I've never had a "normal" style so to speak and I prefer it that way. I've always been into both Men's Fashion & Women's Fashion for as far back as I can remember...I don't know why but I guess it is alright! I have never really adapted to the whole rough & tough sports scene that a guy my age is usually into because ninety percent of the time I'm always planning what exactly I am going to wear the next day...Call it obsessive? Maybe. nod[1].gif In my opinion, having a little bit of "you" in your style is what sets your image.


Some people may not agree but that is what makes the world go round, right? I really look forward to using StyleForum and meeting other people that share the same interests as I do! For now, I am in hiding mode or as some people call it "Creeper Mode". bounce2.gif



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I'm Melis. I've been reading StyleForum every so often and finally decided to officially join.

I love beautifully tailored clothing and accessories that can be worn in all weather conditions (so I am especially interested in threads about waterproof and water resistant products). 

Looking forward to chatting with you all.

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     I am John and I am here looking for advice on getting into the leather business by those who are much more experienced than I am. I am sure that many of you are aware that in my home country of Puerto Rico a law has been passed less than a year ago giving citizens the green light to sell Iguana Skin Leather internationally. Unfortunately, the government has left us to our own devices in order to learn about this market. With over 4 million Iguanas roaming free through out the island it really is not hard to start an Iguana farm here, in-fact the government wants willing business men to hunt down the Iguanas, sell the meat and leather to other countries and most important they will take their cut in taxes. Although I am a novice in this I am more than happy to take matters into my own hands and start up my business. Can any of you please point me in the right direction so hopefully one day some here may actually sport a product made from my Iguana skins? I thank you all in advance.



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Hi guys,


I've been a lurker of SF for a little while and decided to make an account after finding a lot of useful info on the forums.

I live pretty much in downtown Chicago. I'm also a full time student in the city.

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Hi everyone, I'm Enrique. I live in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. HR guy both at work and at home (a nice squad of 5 children) and with a developing taste for nice dress shoes (mostly English in style although some of best of them made also in Spain). Looking forward learning from all of you coming from different countries and having different styles and also sharing my points of view.
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Hey, I'm Zac, a PhD student in Rochester, NY, and now that I'm actually in decent shape, I'm working on transitioning from the black t-shirt and beat-up jeans to "grown-up clothes".

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Hi all, I'm Jonathan. My wife told me recently that I look better when I dress well, so I started frequenting SF, Put This On, and several other sites to figure out how to make it a regular occurrence. I've already learned an incredible amount, and look forward to gleaning more info as time goes on. 

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Hi I'm Scott.  I live in the Southwest where there is a general dearth of decent clothing.  I am a physician and am able to dress casual at work.   Regards.

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hi, I'm donny. i live in indonesia. it very nice i can join in styleforum, i love to dress well and i like casual and streetwear style..regards
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I'm here to buy stuff:D
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Hello. I'm a criminal defense/trial lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. I've been lurking around for a while and ave learned a great deal. I'm trying to bring more style into my wardrobe and look forward to interacting here.
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Hey guys, I'm Eric from NYC.  I'm a junior in college and I've lurked SF for a while.  I've decided I want my voice heard.

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