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Hi all! My name is Josh. I've recently gotten back into men's fashion. I'm at a point where I've got the disposable income to buy myself a few nice pieces and I'm always on the lookout for great clothes at a bargain. I like fairly classic looks. Oxford shirts and oxford shoes with a pair of pants with a bit of color are always great. I work from home, so I rarely have to impress a boss. I wear nice clothes because i like them.


Looking forward to learning a lot while I'm here.




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Hi, i'm Berly. i like to wear & shop selvedge denim, workwear, nike SB, air jordan & vintage clothing. Live & work in riverside county. Married with 4 kids. Happy to find this site.

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Hey Guys,


Mid 20s male in the California Bay Area (mid peninsula).  I prefer denim and button snaps for my everyday wear.  Usually have some Redwings strapped around my ankles.  Looking on diversifying my look while enhancing what I have.  Always appreciate input and recommendations.



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Hello mates!


I'm a 24 years old man from Brazil.

Looking to learn from everybody experiences and knowledge about the classics. 

My style right now isn't so good as I want, but always looking to improve.



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Hi!!! My name is Eva.



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Hi there folks. Im ian and I am 25. I find myself in that awkward stage where I want to dress like an adultbut I look at my wardrobe and see the clothing of a boy. Its hard for me to find fashionable pants because I have big thighs.
As far as what I wear... heres an attached picture of what I have on now. That should give you the gist. Tattooing for a living means I need to dress more street casual than dressy because its a bitch when you get a drop of tattoo ink on some clothing that broke your budget when you bought it. Ralph lauren and levis kinda guy reporting in
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I found this site looking online for Taylor Stitch reviews and articles. I've been amongst the zombies of the world spending my time in horrendous malls wondering why I can't find any quality clothing. I guess that's what happens when you're born into a small farm town ridden with poverty, but thankfully I have broken free.
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Hey guys and gals (if there are any on here) I'm Johnny, a 38 year old design slave to three newspapers... I'm into old VW's, brunettes and drinking beer, preferably good craft beer that you have to pay through the nose for. I'm not massively into designer clothes or that catwalk shit that no-one would be seen dead in, but I like a good pair of selvedge jeans and box fresh Vans. 


Oh, and I'm vegan so I regularly get pissed off that trainer companies insist on covering all their nice trainers in dead animal skin, and when they don't, they use frickin animal based glues... are you listening New Balance!!!!


Weird that this feels like a dating forum right now and I'm trying to sell myself to you... I'm straight by the way before anyone gets any ideas!!!!

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Hey guys I'm probably one of the youngest members here I'm 15, about 5'8" and 170 pounds. I have a lean muscular build so almost everything I own is slim fit. I'm in love with men's fashion and clothes. Call it genetics or the increase of testosterone from weight lifting but I look 3-5 years older than what I am (at least that's what other people tell me). My aim is to show all these kids in my generation what true fashion is and what real streetstyle is. So far some people have joined my well dressed revolution and there are more to come. One more thing I've been blessed with the gift of great taste in style without the cash to fund my blessing -___-.
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I'm "cheesee", 26 years old living in San Francisco. I enjoy keeping up with a slice of the world of fashion and style in my spare time. I like denim, good quality button down shirts, and outerwear. Made a lot of mistake (scratch that, lesson learned) purchases but have began to refine what I like and don't like.


Anyway, joined the forum because I know it's a good source of info and advice. In the other half of my spare time, I run two record labels that keep me busy and broke.

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Hi guys,


I'm the kind of guy who knows what I want but have hard time finding that thing anywhere. I'm also tall and skinny, which makes it tricky to find clothes that I like at times. 


Working on my phd, learning to program a little on the spare time. 


Nice to meet you all!

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Hi SF Community, 


I go by the name Frank Goods. 

I run an independent label from Sydney, Australia, Common Goods. 


Just roaming around to different forums seeking knowledge, trends, style and networks. 



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I'm a short 19 year old asian kid with no money just trying to dress nice. I've always lurked several forums but I've recently joined so I could build up my wardrobe through the marketplace and the like. I really like street fashion and designers like Yohji or RO.

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Hello to all! I found Styleforum while looking for Florsheim Imperial information. Very good information!

I'm a young granny who enjoys finding and selling premium pre-owned shoes on ebay. I guess you could say I have a
men's shoe fetish. Especially AE, Santoni, and Alden.

Not here to sell anything. Just saying hello.

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Hello! I'm Steve, I attend college in Connecticut, I enjoy reading, golfing, espresso, and driving shoes. I look forward to joining the styleforum community!
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