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Hi everyone. Repping Baltimore here. Clothing is a terribly good way for me to waste money I should probably be saving, so I thought maybe I'd come here and dream about wasting even more.
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I've been lurking on this site for a week after being referred by a friend. 


I'm just starting my career as a lawyer at a large firm in Canada.  The law firm that I start at this year is full of well dressed lawyers so I have a lot of ground to gain.  I just started building my wardrobe and I have a lot to learn.  

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Hello Everyone~ 


I am Tony, A designer from LA. I am glad to find this forum that I can share my passion about men's fashion with everyone :)

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Hi guys!


I'm 21 years old and from Denmark, so please excuse me if my English isn't perfect.

I've recently decided that it was about time that I started to dress better, so I started to read about mens fashion and style. I used to hate shopping clothes, but now I really enjoy it as I know what I want and more inportantly how it should fit. My wallet really hates my new interest though... I'm sure a lot of you can recognize that problem.laugh.gif

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Hello I'm papillo. I've been a lurker for years and finally decided to contribute. Look forward to getting great insight from you fellas!
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Hello everyone,


I am Frankie,  new to the Forum, I found it looking for somewhere to discuss health&body topics, but I don't mind a chat about any random thing that may cross my way :)


I live in London and am 25 years old.


See you all around here!



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Hello all,


I'm a long time member of another forum and have joined here to expand my horizons a bit.  I'm mid-thirties, happily married, and trying to make it as an academic.  I'm a sucker for three piece suits, panama hats, and nearly everything made by Chipp.


Pleased to meet you all.

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Hi, I'm JoeViturbo. I divide my time between where I have to be: College Station, Texas; and where I'd love to be: Higgins Lake, Michigan. Right now I'm heading to the latter so I'm happy. I'm 31 and just had surgery for a condition I was born with so I'm trying to get healthy. I thought that it would be a great time to focus on looking good too.

I've read websites with fashion tips for years and continue to do things they advise against. I've got a rather fashion-challenged body composition and proportions that make it difficult to buy off the rack without looking slovenly. But I try my best.
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Hi all,


I'm a 49 years old male living down under in Auckland, New Zealand.  I also spend part of each year in South East Asia, which has been my second home for the past 30 years.


I confess that in recent decades (aka "the internet era") I strayed far from my younger self's preferred bespoke sartorial path.  However, I've recently rediscovered my youthful passion again for all things bespoke.  I'm not talking high-end Savile Row in Mayfair (I wish) either.  Just good value mid-range custom tailors in Asia that were easily accessible and affordable for me then.    


In addition to my sartorial decline, the internet era had a negative impact on my health too.  As (ahem) "middle age spread" increasingly colonised and took over my body, destroying my health and sartorial silhouette in the process.  Alas, it was good bye English military cut suit/sports jackets... hello 1980s Hugo Boss sac cut.  Great in 1989 -- but not a good look circa 1999-2009!


Anyway, during those dark days for me both weight and health wise, it gradually became harder for me to take pride in my outward appearance as my overweight/obese condition slowly progressed.  SF members struggling with weight and health issues will know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.  


Anyway, it's great to be out from under that dark cloud (i.e. I lost the excess weight and have kept it off for several years now) and once again I am taking a sartorial interest and pride in my clothing attire.


Thanks for the inspiration Style Forum!  I look forward to learning from the forum and sharing my own modest sartorial travellers tales with you all.




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Hi, I'm oscool27 living in Chino Hills, California. I'm in college and recently started getting interested in menswear and dressing better so I'm still fairly new. 

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A clothes and shoe lover with a bias to professional clothing. A few observations:


- Brown is for elderly, not for young guys as the pictures here every time confirm.

- Double breasted is for heavy hitters and lightweights should tread careful as it quickly becomescaricature or trying to hard.

- Pocketsquares should be used tastefuly or not at all. It's optional, not a requirement as many people seem to think.

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Ryan here, a horribly unfashionable and mildly unkempt "gentleman" from Nova Scotia, Canada. Trying to glean some tips from the general population here, although being a bigger guy with 13-14 wide feet much of the content here escapes me patch[1].gif


Anyway, glad to be here!

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hey, I'm Nick, 19 years old from atl but I go to school in baltimore.


denim addict, I've owned and heavily worn pairs from a variety of brands including dior, lvc and w+h.

uhh my style's pretty basic, I like to keep it clean and minimalistic. I wear what I like and beat my clothes, esp denim and shoes, to death.

favorite brands are probably w+h/rc, visvim and wtaps. I like the mix of classic, fairly simple styles (w+h/rc) with the more unique styles that japanese brands have to offer. but I try and appreciate just plain good style, and I'm always open to new things.

I try and be as down-to-earth as possible, and I'm always up for a good conversation whether I know ya or not.

been active on hypebeast for a while, but ya'll seem pretty cool so I'm tryin to expand my horizons a bit. hope I was right.


looking forward to becoming a part of the styleforum fam, hope you guys'll have me.

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Hello All,


My name is Jon and as my nickname goes, I gots no game.  I stumbled onto this forum while looking for shoe brands that offer comfort and quality but at a reasonable price and was just in time for the 2013 AE tent sale (thanks guys!). For now, I'm just trying to find more info on quality shoe products and shoe care.

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Long time admirer of those with good fashions, but am finally in a position where I can flex my fashion muscle. I work in the marketing/sales industry so I have a real incentive to look good. I'm a fan of classic styles personally, but I typically rock business casual style, with a nice dress shirt and some jeans/dress shoes. 


Although, this summer I've expanded more into boat shoes, khaki or light jeans and polo's. A my girlfriend flatteringly described me, I look like a poor version of the richkidsofinstagram (which she meant as a compliment!).


Young guy, slim build and looking to expand my knowledge of the classic style of dressing. 


Looking forward to learning more.




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