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I'm John. Style Newbie. Bought mostly off the rack suits my whole life. I have a few suits that are nice. I have many questions and look forward to getting help from the forum.

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just looking atm

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Hi. I am Italian but live in London. Fond of bespoke tailoring and of clothing brands that stood the test of time. You can say I am a bit nostalgic ... avid vintage clothing hunter at the charity shops in West London.
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Hello everybody!  I'm Salvatore and I live in Milan (but originally I'm from the south of Italy). 


I'm fascinated by the handmade and crafts. 


I'm happy to join this forum!


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I'm Kane, 18 year old graduate of much lurking Reddit's MFA (pls don't judge mi) and SW&D here. I make do with a student's income and a teenager's inflated sense of how good I actually look. I get by. 


I enjoy fountain pens and have a decent collection, I also have a sizeable collection of Japanese tea and enjoy that, as well as slowly but surely building my straight razor collection. Sounds about right for a young hipster, does it not?


I hope to make a career out of multidisciplinary design with a little engineering, and to also one day finally kill my ego and become a humble embodiment of perfect masculinity. Who am I kidding. What I really want is to make lots of money enjoy myself making things with my hands and blow it all on nice clothes (especially shoes).


I tend not to post at all ever, even this is weird. Lots of lurking is the way.

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My name is Zach and I have been checking out SF periodically for several months now and finally decided to join. I am interested in classic well made garments and accessories and especially those made in the U.S. I recently became fed up with cheaply made disposable garments that choke most store shelves these days. I am by no means a fashion snob, I simply appreciate a well crafted product that is made to last. I look forward to delving further into this site.


Pleased to make your acquaintance


Zachary Hugh

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Hi, I'm VK, and I'm a 21 year old in college. I've finally become somewhat fashion conscious after 2 decades of not caring, and that's partly due to Reddit's MFA.


I enjoy photography, though I'm no pro


I dress mostly in streetwear or business casual, but will have to upgrade my wardrobe soon bc I'll (hopefully) be going to medical school soon



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I'm James.  Older guy, style newbie.  Better late than never, eh?  I look forward to learning as much as possible and getting my wardrobe up to speed.

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Hi. I thought I'd introduce myself. I've lurked for a while, and I've finally decided to join. I've already gotten a lot of good information out of this place, and I'm hoping the keep that going, and contribute if I can. My name's JD.

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Hello all,

My name's Marco and I'm a soon-to-be third-year University Student majoring in math and economics. I'm an avid dancer and programmer. I would describe my style as classic infused with eclectic aesthetics depending on how much of I want to dandify the outfit. I'm an english shoe fetishist...not really, but actually. Nice to meet you all.

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I´m from Sweden. Interested in history, cars, not really a "fashionista"  or connoiseur of classic style. However; beginning to develop a taste for classic style, materials and all that surrounds it.

Vintage and new alike - as long as it is of good quality - hate when expensive brands fool consumers with lousy quality and just make profit of their brand/name.

Favourite shoes: My Red Wing Beckmanns.

Never been to the States but I´d love to go one day. Interested in both L.A and the NY but perhaps most the kind of America that you get a glimpse of in Lynch´s The Straight Story. The classic, decent and friendly...Wouldn´t mind traveling by car through Minnesota listening to "country roads" by John Denver...;D

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hey all. new to styleforum as of today. 


newly minted motorcycle owner and lover of versatile clothes. looking for the perfect pair of motorcycle jeans (looks good and protective)


seems like a great community here. looking forward to learning more and sharing!

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Glad to have found this place.

Currently trying to take a bit more control of my life- losing weight, getting fit, and dressing that little bit more sharply.

On first glance, this forum looks like it will be a great help!

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Looks like hero... smile.gif
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Hello all; finally got around to actually making an account (though I've been lurking for some time now). Happy to finally be part of the SF community, and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in what seems to be a pretty awesome group.

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