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Hi I'm Joe. I've alway come across the forum when I goggles topics regarding various aspects of menswear and finally decided to join. It might sound cliche but I really the whole Steve McQueen look and I'm trying to incorporate some of his most iconic pieces into my wardrobe. I also like the syle David beckahm incorporated while he was in the states.
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Hi all,

Soon to be a freshman in college in the Midwest. I've been lurking for about a year and I figured I might as well make an account if I ever wanted to use B&S/Marketplace. (Hopefully some of these TOJs that everyone seems to be ordering go up in a few months). As a younger member, I'm on more of a budget than other posters so I'm all about deep sales, etc. Looking forward to learning! I might even post once in a while if y'all can put up with it.

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I'm Michael Rodriguez and I have referred to your fine site to get answers to questions involving on-line tailors.  In hindsight I would not have ordered an on-line measure suit because of my pet peeve regarding collar gap. 


I'm a mid-westerner, born and raised with a wife a couple of kids.  I wear suits at work and more interested in looking stylish that I'd admit in any other context. 

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I'm from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Been lurking for a while, thought it was about time I made an account.

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Looked at the forum for a while, decided to make an account. Live in CT. Wear anything from brooks brothers to Jordan sneakers. I just like nice things and to look nice. Still in high school, and heavily influenced by both the yacht clubs I attend and the more street wear things worn by peers.
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MY name is goslinggoon and I am here to learn..

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Memphis native, work in politics in Washington, D.C.


Interested in fashion - primarly classic stuff my grandfather would have worn. Addicted to J.Crew suits, Allen Edmonds Grayson loafers, pocket squares and patterned socks. Also love Taylor Stitch jeans out of San Francisco. Have a beard, like fly-fishing, and if I find something that fits just right, I'm as loyal a customer as they come.


Nice to meet y'all.

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my name is stephen, and i live in the sartorial wasteland of Fresno, CA. additionally, its hotter than the surface of the sun here all summer. ive been a lurker for a couple of years now, but a recent thread caused me to come out of the woodwork.


i started to change the way i dress a couple years ago when i realized that i was 27 and still wearing graphic t-shirts, with really nothing appropriate for nice occasions. to complicate matters, i live in a rural area of california, where no one ever dresses nicely unless they are going to an interview. so even wearing a blue odd jacket/blazer here makes you out of place at many occasions. im trying to find the balance between being well dressed but not sticking out like a sore thumb or being the guy in the room who is "looking for attention" by dressing up. 


i am here to learn mostly, and contribute occasionally when i think my contributions are helpful.


glad to finally be a member. 

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I'm Zach, I've been on here a few weeks (lurking a few months), and I'm a senior at a small college in Lancaster, PA.  I'm seriously into watches (my daily wear is a Glashutte Original PanoMaticReserve) and fountain pens.  But I've been changing what I wear substantially away from graphic tees and awful cargo pants thanks to some motivation from MFA over on reddit, posts here, and some financial reinforcement earned doing work this summer.


I'm not afraid to get shit on in WAYWT for bad fits, it's all about development and improvement.

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Hi I'M Wilson from Philippines


Age: 34

Gender: Male

Status: Married with kids


I joined this forum while googling for sole designs.  I'm currently running our family owned business, which produces rubber soles. We used to manufacture rubber shoes and rubber flip flops. Thanks!

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Brad, 21M in the Champaign, IL area. Just graduated and starting to love dressing in formal wear. Always looking to improve my formal collection and just style in general.

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Thought I should also give a quick introduction. I'm a 21-year old student from Finland, with an passion for football and clothing. My style varies, as I'm not wearing a suit everyday (I can't wait for it though!) but when it comes to clothes, I value quality and small details. I've been lurking SF for quite sometime now, and it's about time I joined in.


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Hi everyone,


I enjoy this forum very much.


I found this site while searching for suits and tailoring.


Looking forward to interact with other members discussing over stylish matters.



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I think I've never done this one...Well, the first 30 years of my life I have travelled the world and the next 30 I’m going to spend in bed. I was born into a distinguished (former) noble family and speak half a dozen languages (e.g. Japanese, German, Latin), studied many sciences and trades and have been trained by some obscure and powerful martial artists of the East. I have indulged myself in elitist entertainments, got thrown out of bars on three continents and am well acquainted with the artistic avantgarde scene as well as the diplomatic corps, spent my time in abundant luxuries at parties and vernissages from NYC to Tokyo..but then, everything ends-I had to sell the last estate of my family and now sitting abandoned and alone in my small flat between some old books and other petty material things of the past I give myself to decadent ascetic practices, and forbidden pleasures; write poetry, drink whiskey, create occult theories or walk the streets of the elegant European city I came to live in.

Pleased to meet ya!
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I've been reading Styleforum stuff for a while. I joined on June 30th and didn't realize that I never formally introduced myself. I'mm not much or a writer, but I enjoy reading and looking at the classifieds. Might try to sell some stuff that I have lying around, but need to figure that part out still.
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