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34 y/o married man. I am a nurse by training, my wife a down to earth physician, inhabitant of the big apple since I was 6 years old. I always dreamed of wearing fine suits and other classic menswear. I have finally made an income where I can make that happen and so decided to join this great group of menswear aficionados. I smoke cigars, both cuban and non cuban and enjoy single malt as much as the next man. I have approximately 16 pairs of Alden, 2 pairs of Crockett & Jones and 5 pairs of Rancourt & company shoes, a Septieme Largeur and an Aubercy on their way. I get my fine menswear made at Saint Laurie Merchant Tailors and follow some of the worlds most iconic men in the internet stratosphere. I welcome all opinions and always have respect for my fellow gents

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Newbie here. Love fashion, but better yet I love hunting for great deals. I love the newest trends, but being a grown 5'4" and having an athletic/built frame, I find difficulties in the formal wear section. That's where Styleforum comes in colgate.gif I look forward to the advice and perspective this community has to offer!

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Hi everybody, I'm also new here, my name is Bradley, I just like to look good I guess. I'm here mainly to see what the latest trends are, and where to buy the best clothes. My personal style differs from time to time, I just like to keep up with the stylish people Hope to meet some new people here and check out what this forum has to offer me, and what I can give back to this 'society'.

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Hi, I'm Harrie. I have been wearing clothes that were unstylish and didn't fit properly for the last 23 years. In this, my 24th year, there has been a catalyst to change that.


Time to stop dressing like a teenager.

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Hi I'm Shi Zoku.


I like nice things.


I live in Los Angeles.

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Hello, my name is Darren Davis.


Born in West Bromwich, England in 1970.


Moved to San Francisco in 1993.


My love of clothes grew out of the Football/Casual movement in the 80's and I haven't looked back since.


Glad to have found this site and look forward to using it forthwith and into the future.

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From western PA, been living in Brooklyn for last 15 years. Style is "lazy mod" with an affection for Paul Smith and Japanese denim.

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Hey there, SF! I'm a 19-year-old man living in Singapore, currently 30 weeks into their National Service. In the past two years that I've decided to take fashion seriously, I have not developed my personal style yet, but I'm starting off by building a wardrobe from the essentials. When that is done, I'll begin to branch out to braver ventures. My shopper's philosophy, as of now, is to "cry once or buy twice". I signed up primarily to purchase a pair of CPs Original Achilles Low from a member here, but since I've already invested so much time in fashion, I'm hoping to be an active member of the fashion community, starting with Styleforum.


My other love of my life is music. I hope to listen to great music and to make great music. My taste in music is hugely varied, ranging from hip-hop to electronic to noise to metal to ambient to almost everything else and all their offshoots. I'm a percussionist and I mainly play on the drum set, but lack of money and time has prevented me from being able to practice my chops.

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Hello all,


My name is Eric. Taking a vested interested in how I dress has been a very recent development for me. It suppose it was a combination of turning 30 and getting back into shape that inspired this. While I'd like to say I have a sense of personal fashion, I do rely on outside opinions and sources greatly. I started picking up copies of GQ (which I recently discovered catches a lot of flak here on this site) because I do honestly like some of the looks that they feature. I do like the no-show sock and naked ankle look, but then again I have no fundamental base knowledge of fashion to work from. It's a very intimidating world for me and I suppose the best way to start would be with the basics. I'm thinking about purchasing a staple navy blue blazer. I live in Texas so I need something with lightweight fabric. I'm also on a budget. I'm not looking to spend more than $300-$400. What's your opinion on the J.Crew Ludlow blazers? Any help would be appreciated. Also if you could point me in any direction to start building any sartorial knowledge for a beginner I would be extremely grateful. 


Thanks again!



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Born in Europe, moved to the great North West 20 years ago. Fell in love with denim after meeting a random stranger at the airport. I'm currently sewing my own denim jeans and looking to learn as much as  possible. 

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hi all im BoiToi, a middle aged woman from portland who found this site after looking for a suit to get married in.  hope everyone can help!

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Hi y'all,

I'm maryserv from the Houston, Texas area.  Getting back into the fashion game after many years in different industries.  I "dress" my husband of course, but I'm back to dressing and offering advice to men via my new business with a men's direct sales company.  


I think that fashion should be comfortable and the person choosing and wearing it should be able to express their personality instead of someone else's.  Reading many of the posts on here makes me think there are a LOT of like-minded folks.  


I look forward to what I can learn from you all!

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Hello all, my name is David, I'm french-american and I live in Paris. And I guess I like jeans.

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Hi, My name is Anthony and I have started enjoying some of the great finds I've come across in thrift shops, closeouts, etc. I initially came here to try and learn to identify the best stuff. So far, I'm learning that and much more. It's awesome to see some of the clothing combinations on here!

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name is mike and i live in the american southwest. i've used styleforum as a research spot on several occasions and figured there was no harm in actually joining. 

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