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Hai this is Florina Kelly From USA. Hope I will spend spectecular time here with other members.

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Hello, Im new here and quite glad Ive found these boards. Ive been a bit in the dark when it comes to dressing properly. Now im getting older and starting to appreciate the fine fabrics. I will more than likely lurk more than post here, but glad I know of some place to come for all things style.

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I am Andrea,from Miami.I believe I can enjoy my stay at the forum after having visited the forum several times.

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I'm Bernardo and officially joined the forum today, despite having been an avid reader for the last two years.

I'm a dentist, but have transitioned to a corporate role with Carl Zeiss in Australia. I enjoy learning about classic menswear and improving my personal style and elegance.

I look forward to meeting like-minded lads on the forum.

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Evanisme here.. And i cant speak english
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Elwoodc, I'm a from So Cal and I kept being sent here by Tumblr and other site so I figured I would join up. I like the London look and try to keep it Sharp. I'm always looking for vintage shoes and boots.
See you in the funny pages!
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Hey, I'm arh428. Started caring about fashion/losing weight almost exactly one year ago. Stopped drinking soda, started lifting/ running, stopped eating sweets, cut back on fats, etc. dropped down from 210 to 165 where I am now. I'm 6'1", so I still need to get in better shape. I would actually like to gain some weight in the form of muscle and lose some of my remaining fat along the way. I went from not being able to do a push-up to repping 110, so while I am a lot stronger, I still don't have a ton of muscle/ strength. same situation with running. But that's what summer is for! As for fashion, I was the standard XL graphic T with cargos or light baggy jeans topped off with puffy skate shoes. I chose to get clothes for my high school graduation gift after doing a ton of research and joining MFA. Bought some 514s, some target button downs, some dockers chinos, etc. the style was decent, but the fit wasn't quite right. As I lost more weight, the clothes fit even worse. I was down to a 34 inch waist from a 38 in some clothes by Christmas, so I had to get some more clothes to replace the unfitting clothes. This was a lot better style wise. Got some dark 508's, henleys, some fitted OCBD, etc. unfortunately (and also fortunately) I've lost an additional 29 pounds since Christmas, so a lot of this clothes doesn't fit either. Since I don't have a ton of money, I've relied heavily on target, jcp, thrifting, etc. but I've been able to experiment a lot and I think my style is pretty decent right now. I'm at the point on MFA where I give a lot more advice than I receive, which is an awesome feeling. But I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. Just joined style forum after seeing it mentioned so much. Not quite familiar with the format yet, but I hope to learn a lot.
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Hello all.


I have been reading through the forum for several months and making an attempt to start to dress more like an adult (just picked up some Allen Edmonds yesterday thanks to this forum).


I'm hoping my time here helps to increase my sartorial knowledge!

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I'm Solo.


I'm a minimalist.


I want to expand myself in all of life's aspects.


Personal style is what I'm working on now.


Hello all.

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i looking for jeans

brand flat head

sz 27

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Hi all,


I'm a 29 year old woman from the west coast who loves stylish, well-cut, quality womenswear. My soon-to-be husband (31, 5'11/160lbs) works in a casual office, and wants to update his wardrobe (which until recently exclusively consisted of band tees and hoodies, cheap, ill-fitting chinos, and work boots). In the past year, at my suggestion he bought a few more polished pieces from JCrew and Club Monaco, which he loves. He's asked me for guidance (he hates to shop and has no patience for researching apparel), but I don't feel like I know enough about menswear (at least in his price point - he isn't willing to spend very much) to give him good advice. I also don't know a lot about proper fit for the male body. I thought I'd join this forum so I can learn from you guys!

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Hello SF,

I'm a 22 year old college student(last year, and working various interships),and recently started caring more about my personal style. After reading some various blogs such as Reddit MFA, PutThisOn, An Affordable Wardrobe, I ended up finding StyleForum, the classic Mensware section has great inspiration and I hope to add some myself and improve what I'm wearing.





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I am a 28 year old PhD student in Particle Physics and hoping to graduate at the end of this year.  I found this site after looking for what type of clothing to wear for interviews and in my potential employment, and in general to not look like a slob.  My only nice clothing is a Bespoke 3 button cashmere suit with an olive vest that I had made for me in Honduras over 9 years ago but sad for me I was only 150 lbs then and am 170 now so the pants don't button.  I have two other suits which are both to big for me and off the rack, and three 10 year old white dress shirts.  Looking to slowly and on a very small budget build my wardrobe.

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Hi, I'm Michael, 33yrs old, from Germany. My interest in classic menswear rose over the last couple of years. Back then I was working in an engineering company, and my wardrobe staple consisted mostly of polo shirts, jeans and the occasional chino and dress shirt thrown in. Since then, changed my job and work as a technical director, but the customers I'm working with would be put off when wearing suits, sportcoats or ties. Dress shirts, raw denim, chinos and suede derbies are the "best" I can safely wear. So, sport coats, double monks and pocket squares are strictly for the weekends. Weird, I know...


I have a weird indulgence of jersey pique and chambray shirts from Italian shirt makers and searching for alternative resources brought me to the Luxire thread here at the forum. I felt like a kid in a candy store...




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Hey, I'm a 20-year-old college student. I'll probably spend most of my time lurking since I unfortunately don't have the time to create content/contribute to and follow threads. Definitely looking forward to seeing what this community has to offer!

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