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I'm grubi, a 39-year-old IT guy in Tallahassee, FL. I have two kids, three cats, and one wife. I got into dressing like a grownup about three years ago and have gone through the major stages: over-enthusiastic peacocking, frustrated size issues, readjusting, losing weight, and finally, getting better.

I work in environment in which t-shirts and shorts are acceptable work attire, but I have found myself preferring to wear button-up shirts (big fan of OCBDs), corduroys/chinos/jeans, and nice casual shoes (bucks, chucks, and brogues). I have found the value of owning multiple watches (it's more jewelry than timepiece), found myself getting more into shoes, and I've always been a hat guy. My wife and I have recently lost a lot of weight (ask me how someday) and we had to buy whole new wardrobes. Our combined experience and tastes (and her Jedi-like penchant for finding a bargain) find us in the planning stages for our own style-and-shopping consultation business, hoping to help people look great.


I hope to learn a lot here, get some great ideas (inspiration!), and hopefully make some friends. When it comes to style, I have my loyalties and preferences, but I love a good discussion. Thanks.

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Have been lurking on here for quite a while and decided to become a member and contribute.


I am a US expat professional living in Bangkok, Thailand for the last 22 years.  Love clothes and but put on a lot of weight living the "easy life" in Thailand.  Down 120 pounds and now can wear off the rack clothes again and out of control purchasing clothing.  Favorite shopping is online and Sawgrass outlet.  .


Take care,

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Hello, every guy , I am happy to come here enjoy fashion, I am a big big fashion fan! Let us share fashion!!

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Pleasured to be there. Fashion enthusiast, also very into art and music. Located in Warsaw, Poland, Europe.

Nice to meet you guys.

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hey all, jjmathews202 here.

i'm a college student who has been pretty interested in dressing sharp ever since I can remember, but i've really turned up the heat a bit since i've been at college. I love a pair of slim jeans, and am just foraying into the world of suiting and dress clothes.



Excited to be here!


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Hi all,


I'm despairingmum, from the UK. I joined the site in June 2013 after trying to find out more about a vintage pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and finding out a vintage Ray Ban expert is a menber on this site.


That being said i'm really interested about what it is you guys do here and am hoping to be a very active member on the site.


thanks alot



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I'm Marlowe - I do all sorts of styles. I frequent thrift stores and sales racks. Whatever is comfortable and looks nice I will wear.

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Hi, Im tina. 25. I just joined recently. Just really looking for answers to build up my confidence in insecurities about myself. So just asking for others thoughts and such. I plan to stay a part of the site for awhile though :) !!

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Just joined. Hi all :)


Australian resident here, i live in Melbourne.

I've undergone somewhat of a transformation since the end of March, with regards to the clothes i wear, i didn't completely change my direction, however the change i have made is for the better. Now i'm always on the lookout for new clothes to build up my current set of staples and what not. Look forward to chatting with you all.

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Hi All


Used the site extensively as a guest reading on advice on purchasing a bespoke suit in London.


Mid 20s born and bred in London. Only recently started enjoying the finer sartorial things in life.


Have just posted pictures in one of my threads showing my baste fitting, would be grateful for any feedback!



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Hey All,


I'm Nick, 30, born and bred in Toronto (if my username didn't make it clear). I work in television journalism, which means I can't afford most of what's posted here. Mainly looking to steal some ideas and tips and get an idea of what to look out for in case I see anything mentioned on sale.



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Hi all,


     I'm 22 and just starting to get a good feel for men's clothes and have definitely learned a lot reading this forum. I currently reside in Ann Arbor, MI. 

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Hello I'm young (according to local law I can consider myself as an adult person)  man from poor and racist country in middle Europe, keen on design, architecture, music (jazz, experimental) and clothing. 

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Hi, I'm 23 years old, from the Netherlands, and have been a long time (as far as one can be at the age of 23) admirer of classic mens fashion.


Recently I've taken the first steps into this world by taking the plunge and buying my first 'real' suit biggrin.gif


I've been browsing these forums mostly to learn about suits, tailoring, shoes and everything else related.

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Been a lurker for well over a year. Forums are great. Figured it's about time to participate.
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