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Hi I'm Dux, been a reader of SF for quite a while and just recently thought I should contribute something. Not much of a fashion afficionado, more of a Jeans / Tee kinda guy. Getting to the end of the roaring 20s so it is probably time I started to pay more attention to the suited side of wardrobe and started wearing them to more than just work. Or at least upgrading the casual.. small steps right.


Anyways, love the forum and now that I've finally set up an account I'll hopefully contribute something in the few fields I consider myself less of an idiot. Oh, love gadgets and watches too!




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I'm cabbagesqueezer, been lurking for a smidge and decided to make an account.

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Hello my name is Mickey I've been looking around here for a while and though it was high time for me to join. The mod to suedehead link in this forum got my attention.
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I am kenan from istanbul/turkey. Found you guys googling. Great group you have got here.
Looking forward to share with you.

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Hello, I'm BourbonCowboy86, a tax attorney from Oklahoma now living and working in Boston, Massachusetts.  I've been coming to Style Forum for the better part of two years and decided I'd finally like to add to the conversation.  I dress conservatively and I love suits, especially when I can wear a waistcoat.  I'm a huge fan of bow ties, and wear them often.  I'm a big guy, 6'7" and about 275 if I haven't had breakfast yet.  As a consequence, it's sometimes hard to find clothing that fits and my tailor here in Boston is on speed dial right after my mother and just before 911.  Classic Menswear is my usual haunt, although I'll occasionally work up the courage to venture into the more casual neighborhoods of this site.  Opening my closet, there's an entire rack of Brooks Brothers suits in 50 Extra Long, close to 100 bow ties from Beau Ties of Vermont, and nearly double that in regular neck ties.  With big feet comes big shoes, and my go-to pairs for work are Allen Edmonds Park Avenue's in 14 EEE, with a few loafers and boat shoes thrown in for good measure.  I've already learned a lot from other members of this site, and I hope to contribute to someone else's sartorial education.

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hey guys, i'm babilosenia, a high schooler trudging his way to college and looking to improve his style along the way. i'm really excited to be a part of the community. i hope we can have some good conversations.

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Hey, I'm dwingoon. I'm a college student. My style is pretty much street+prep. I'm a giant soccer fan. I have expensive tastes lol and most disposable income go to clothes

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Hello All,
I am Brian. I found SF while trying to explain Mens Style to my 8 year old son (one of two twins). I live in SoCal and I am a partner/owner of a technical consulting and training firm.
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Hi SFers, I'm Matt and am joining in order to bolster my knowledge about where to buy suits and dress shirts and what to look for in construction quality. I'm in the process of transitioning my wardrobe from grad-school casual to NYC business casual, and I've found the opinions of members on the forum to be tremendously valuable as I begin the journey. Looking forward to a long tenure on SF!

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Hello all, I'm Dave, a style newbie looking to broaden my horizons as I head off to college this fall. I'm mostly interested in what most would consider casual attire, as I'm not attending a Southern school and don't desire to look too out of place. Looking forward to finding advice pertaining to smart shopping (college-budget friendly) and sprucing up everyday outfits.
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Hello stylemen&women,


I'm 33rd, from the 3000.


For those who know postcodes, it's Melbourne, Australia.


Don't be afraid to ask if Kangaroos pounce innocent bystanders and if Koalas smoke pot.


(They do. I can answer many more questions and I appreciate it if y'all would answer mine)

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Hey folks;
I'm an Australian resident, old enough to have seen styles come and go, then come back again.
I appreciate strong design and quality workmanship, especially shoes and suits.
ps. And drop bears and punchy kangaroos do exist!
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Hey Guys, I've been here for like about two months now, i am an aussie :D . I'm a high school student current completing year 11, i feel i know a bit about men's apparel and what looks good.

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I'm Z Boy. I'm am average guy, not flashy or high profile. However, I love to travel the world. I like sneakers similar to that Converse or PF Flyers style. Basically, I'm a chill kind of guy.
Z Boy
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Hey I'm Piero, I'm a college student and a custom clothier for a company called AMBespoke. I also just created a style blog, it's http://dressingdapper.wordpress.com/ check it out when you get the chance! I'm excited to see everything this website has to offer.
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