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Hi . . . from Thailand




Been lurking around for quite a while


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  I am TheNamelessOne, but I do happen to have a name.


  I have been lurking here for about three months. I have decided that there is more to life than wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sometimes a polo; so I am looking for more styles of clothing. I have found a lot of knowledge on this website and the links found on this website. Ready to learn much more.

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Hi everybody,


I'm from france, I've discovered this forum for a while , but I want to be an active member from now.

The content of this group is very interesting and complete! great job everybody.


Kind regards

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Salutations All,


Giblet here, currently in Prague, the seat of things Bohemian, and location in which I find myself working at this time. My more usual habitat would be Yorkshire in sunny Blighty though I originally was brought into the world in Southampton. Since the late 1990s, I have spent a great deal of my time exporting the rarest English commodity abroad, The English Gentleman. My fascinations include thing vintage in nature (not unlike myself) and taking the opportunity to show that not every English fellow is a football shirt toting, beer addled thug.Things I enjoy in no particular order or merit include the follow:


Fine footwear

Quality clothing (No brand hoarding , I)

Fine food and wine

Even more fine Gin



Horological matters and creations

The attentions of the fairer sex (if you will excuse the crassness of the word)


I am looking forward to engaging in the usual wit, charm and repartee of the forum and hope I can provide a little something where I am able.


Cheers and Bottoms up




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Hi everyone - Steph here.


I've been admiring SF from afar for at least 2 years now, never actually having the balls to join and participate and engage - Until now, that is.


I have been given a vast education by many on this forum and really wanted to just say thanks.

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Hi everyone Im Michael from Seattle, I'm car enthusiast and also watch and denim lover
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Hello, I'm James - a businessman from the metro-Atlanta area. 


I am a lifelong fan of dressing well and am seldom without a coat and tie.  Am also a collector of wristwatches. 

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Hi there.  I'm a soon-to-be university professor and current post-doc.  I've found a lot of great advice on affordable menswear here and decided to join up.  Always on the lookout for shoe-related tips, though I'll certainly never be able to afford too much on an academic's salary! smile.gif  

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I'm another long time leecher and first time poster. I am a 21 and from Western Australia and have only relatively recently cared about 'style'. I don't have a developed style and like to try different things. I'm open to new ideas and like the variety of styles presented on SF. Right now my favourite look is based around a nice pair of military boots, some dark jeans, a clean white tee shirt and a leather jacket. Who knows what it will be tomorrow.....

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am Phaeton


into denim basically



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I'm Mike, I co-founded a men's clothing line called Wool&Prince, which we released on Kickstarter this year. 


My friend and I have been interested in men's fashion for a while now, but more so in which ways fashion can make our lives easier or harder. Hopefully I can learn some things from everyone here, and maybe you can give us some feedback on our own style and clothing. I'm excited and looked forward to having some good discussions.


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Hi I'm Dave :) Occasional lurker here.  Also a member on quite a few other forums.

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Hey guys, my name is Jan. I am pretty new to this very interesting community which was pointed out to me by one of my customers. I work a lot with Horween Shell Cordovan and as I can see there are many people who love this leather type over here!

My specialty are watch straps and especially watch straps made from Horween Shell Cordovan. Other than that, I am from Slovakia in the EU, I lived a part of my life in Ireland and except Shell Cordovan I love photography :)


Here are a few pictures to show some of my work:




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Hi, I'm Gobbo. Been a very serious lurker here for about 5 years and figured it was high time to actually create an account and participate. I enjoy wearing suits and nice shoes. I wear suits to work daily and recently started stepping up my casual game with better SC's, etc.

looking forward to finally engaging in the fun here!
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Hello 100 wears no wash .....greetings from UK

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