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I live & work in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which is a great city to discuss fashion-sense in. You really do understand that adage watching men walk the streets here, which is "fasion is fickle, style remains". Too much sameness exhibited; influences from Europe are very prominent giving rise to the tighter shorter jackets and trim pants. Have to giggle myself at some of the suits which do look ridiculous. Best the customer never had a conversation with a style conscious clothing consultant like myself.

Enough know...have to worry about a Sunday BBQ and what to take as food....

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I'm Franky, a nom de guerre for this forum as I hear it's rough sometimes, especially on cherries. . Living and sweating in NOLA. Tailored mostly at work, casual w a coat on off days. Looking forward to the forum.
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Tech geek from Tulsa, OK.  CIO for a large industrial supply company.  Allen Edmonds stash is slowly building up before I start working on my C&J collection.

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I'm Keagan, 22, from Cape Town. I'm new to this forum and it's about time I joined. I'm a junior in IT so I don't wear suits or anything too formal very often. I'm usually in a V-Neck T, slim fit/skinny trousers and somewhat stylish shoes/boots (no sneakers or running shoes).

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I’m Jamie, Originally from London but now living in Edinburgh in the week and the Highlands when ever I can get up there. Wear classic tailoring for work. Wardrobe consists of 3 bespoke suite, and thinking hard about the 4th. Various shirts from Charles Thywite (cheap) to bespoke Sea Island Cotton. Shoe collection is building got 4 pairs of C&J and 1 pair of Edward Greens. Out of work, its mostly shirts, got a bit of a thing for Hentsch Man/ John Smedly/ Sunspell at the moment, jeans or chinos. Not really into to flashy designer labels. Would probably define my style as classically refined. Fun wise, I do triathlons, so spend a lot of time in cycling (Rapha) and running kit (Gore/ Finisterre) Living in Scotland I obviously have a bit of a thing for Whisky, love French wine and good food.
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Hi all! This is Katie from Manhattan! I'm a lover of all things shoes, chocolate and French related.

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Originally Posted by heels4me View Post

Hi all! This is Katie from Manhattan! I'm a lover of all things shoes, chocolate and French related.


Hi, you cant go wrong with anything French.
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Hi everyone!  I'm Jay from Toronto, Canada, work in banking.  I have been reading this forum for months and finally signed up.  

I'm so glad I discovered this forum, learning so many things!


My current fashion obsessions are:


- fun socks

- quality dress shoes

- nice slim fit shirts



So hard to find a nice slim fitting shirt!! but the search is part of the fun ;)

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My name is inspired by Superman as you can see and I plan on seeing the movie soon.


Nice to meet you guys.

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Hi I'm Bebel,


I 'm french and I'm reading this forum for a long time now, but i've just registered. 


This forum seems to be the most complete. I'm a big fan of Crockett and Jones my near project is to buy a pair of westbourne, and maybe a chris ward clock .


I't is hard to say for a french guy but, England has good stuff too !


I'm really fed up with buying expensive things with a poor quality like I've done untill then. That is why I'm on this forum now, thank you guys for sharing your experiences it helps a lot.


Best regards

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Long time lurker finally joined. I look forward to learning from everyone here while I rebuild my closet! I love thrifting so I'll mostly be in those threads! 



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Hello, new to this style stuff. I found this site a couple of weeks ago beacause I got tired of always wearing the same things. I look foward to figuring out what works for me.
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Hi . . . from Thailand




Been lurking around for quite a while


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  I am TheNamelessOne, but I do happen to have a name.


  I have been lurking here for about three months. I have decided that there is more to life than wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sometimes a polo; so I am looking for more styles of clothing. I have found a lot of knowledge on this website and the links found on this website. Ready to learn much more.

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Hi everybody,


I'm from france, I've discovered this forum for a while , but I want to be an active member from now.

The content of this group is very interesting and complete! great job everybody.


Kind regards

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