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Hi all. My name's Kerry. I ended up joining the forum mainly to get opinions on a choice of suit/shirt/tie combo for an upcoming interview to be honest but this site sure has a lot to offer for the manly man. I'm sure i'll be mostly a lurkershog[1].gif but will definitely post any relevant product reviews from time to time (budget side of things for a while anyhow). I'm generally a jeans/T kinda guy but really don't mind getting fancy for a night out. Can't say I've really been someone into fashion but for me personally what I like about the really nice shirts/ties/pants/suits etc is there isn't a huge product label on them, making me some sort of walking advertisement.  Right now I'm trying to land that position that will put me smack in the path to fulfilling my career and personal goals in life so wish me luck and I'll see ya around.





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Hello everyone!!!


I am Levanay. Live in the south Bay Area of San Francisco and my profession is as an engineer. Always curious about what double leather soles meant vs single leather and why pay more for jeans when there are pairs for $35. Which brought me to this forum. I have learned the hard way that you get what you pay for. And ever since have been looking for the next best thing. Love my Crockett and Jones shoes and whenever I am in NY where I used to live always visit their store....


On another note I have small feet(and no its not true about the proportion to other parts of the body!! bounce2.gif ). From some vendors, I can comfortably wear size 7s but usually 7.5s are what I find and buy, my C&Js are 6.5 Es so if you know anyone selling a pair... send them my way!!!

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Hey all - I'm Clark. Have searched through SF a bunch of times in the past, and always found it pretty impressive, so I decided to join now as I'm researching the best suits for tight budgets.



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New member here, I just wanted to introduce myself. I joined because I'm looking for a pair of double monk straps and contemplating to sell my wing tips to purchase a different pair of wing tips (still undecided). I jus hope I don't venture off and find other shoes in my size and spend it on that instead of monk straps. Wish me luck. 

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Hello Everyone. Newbie member here. Signed up because needed some extra eyes on updated summer wardrobe. Plus need to talk to people since I apparently have a clothing shopping addiction. XD

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Hi, I a newbie too. Just drop in here to say "hello" to evetyone. It's a good placesmile.gif

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Hi all,

Used to have MTM and since 2008 buying RTW. I have spent a lot of time and effort in making comprehensive list of RTW brands that are worth shopping at.Have made a complete formal, smart and casual outfits- by not spending more than £125.00 a week budget within a calendar year.


Golden rule is buy sale, offers and clearance at reputable retailers with cashback site, free delivery (make sure you tried garment first in shop in order to avoid returns and correct size being sold out or retailer have size but color you wanted is sold out and grey is in all honesty is what you needed).


In my case following steps and locations are: Smart mobile, fully charged and in Central London or Cheapside towards Lime street shops.Walk in shop and ignore salesperson as they usually have less knowledge than you (assuming you are reading about mens clothes, fibers and understand wool,viscose rather than wool,polyester combination as basic must)- unless needed for measuring you do not need pushy salesperson distracting you from step two-  try garment, fit and size, buttons overall drape and finish.....  once happy with choice next step.Start trolling net  for cash back, discount codes, free delivery to home or shop etc- you might just get free delivery or even extra 10% off or cash back very important as and do consider that even on sale you might go in four digit numbers for good quality  Rain/Winter Coat.


Example- Garment on sale or final reduction price at £500.00 minus extra 10% off, gained via net(promo code or cash back), plus free delivery total cost £450.00..............If  there is no online discounts ask manager for 10% off..... push it and be charming ask for highest ranking person in shop and keep him busy aim to do this over lunch time or closing time ,helps to be in right shop in right time during lunch hour or before closing.



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Hello. I seem to get interested in improving my wardrobe about every dozen or so years. I'm currently in one of those periods, at least for now. I'll try to contribute when I can to a few threads over at the Classic Menswear side, though what I know is pretty spotty. I might start a thread about the clothes worn by the guy in my avatar.
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Hello I am BioShenanigans,


I signed up on this site to ask you fashion experts if you can pinpoint the brand/model of this black jacket:



Pictured above is what Andrew Garfield wore in the movie "The Social Network". If anyone can pinpoint the make of this jacket I would reeally appreciate it. I really like the look of it.


As for me I mostly wear blue jeans and ralph lauren polo shirts or hilfiger button downs.

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always a fan of this forum and now i'm a member!
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Hi I am Aike, I am from The Netherlands (Amsterdam), I sell original and usually new fashion items online since 2003, i sell sunglasses most of the time.

I am here on the forum to watch the latest trends and try to sell for an extra buck


if you need any new collection of sunglasses please let me know i am always there to help


payments by paypal only

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Kolter here. I live on the MS/ TN border, so there isn't much going on here. I wear a lot of Brooks Brothers suits/ jackets/ shirts, RRL denim, Some Levis, Uniqlo, BR, Lands End, Dockers and a lot of Allen Edmonds. My favorite is a pair of walnut vibram soled Bentons I found at goodwill for $6 haha.

I got into fashion a two years ago when I reconnected with an ex, and I thought I looked good for a night out on the town with her. She asked me,"is that what you're wearing out?" That's when I knew I had to do something, so I started lurking on other forums and figured out my look.

Looking for nice sneakers, slacks, denim, and others.

Thanks and looking forward to my time here!
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Greetings, StyleForum.


I am kestrelg; I live in Arizona, and although it is generally too devastatingly hot outside to wear suits, I tend to wear dress shirts with slim waistcoats. I love pocket watches, and am rather against branding (mostly because I cannot afford to do so) in favour of high-quality, low-cost alternatives. I like bright colors, french cuffs, and I think that tie tacks need to make a comeback.


As soon as my fifteen-day new-user quarantine from the marketplace has ended, I shall probably be selling three of my Wilke Rodriguez suits in order to purchase better-fitting alternatives from a fantastic local retailer. 

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Hi mates!

I'm Alejandro from Mexico and don't wear designer clothes yet! I'm studying Design and Visual Communication, so I'll hopefully start my own company in a while, selling shirts and some fashion items about fashion industry. I love fashion, I just can't afford designer clothes because I don't have a job yet. I usually wear commercial brands such as Zara, Springfield, Aldo, H&M, Adidas, DC, etc. I'm "CLASSY AS FUCK", I love blue suits, shirts and jeans. Also trainers, "Obey" hats and Ray Ban shades.


I'm here because it seems fun and really interesting to learn more about men's style and fashion. I like hearing new opinion as well as mine.


Let's start, greetings!



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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I know that forums are a great place to learn and interact with you, so that you people can share your experience with me. I have read many posts of this forum which are really useful so I decided to join this community.
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