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Hey there.  I'm Derek, I'm currently in the process of transitioning my wardrobe from low-quality terrible looking clothing into higher quality goods that last longer, fit better, and most importantly make me feel better wearing them. I just recently purchased my first pair of raw denim (N&F Weird Guys) and I am looking forward to learning more about clothing and style in general.  Definitely looking forward to expanding my horizons.

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hi there, i'm the architect. i'm actually still in school (in Ohio) but it's easier not to mention that. i'm getting more into "style" every day. my other interests (vices) include headphones and fountain pens.

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cheers y'all!

Finn666 from germany checking in!
mostly active on the ironheart forum (Finn666) and sufu (ThinFinn), so some of you might know me already!
pretty much into anything that has to do with japanese Denim (IH, TFH, Samurai, Eternal, ...) and boots (Viberg, White's, ...).
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Hey hey!

I'm Nick from Texas.  I've been lurking for a little while now, but haven't posted til now.  I'm definitely a fan of more traditional stuff, and my closet shows it.

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Alright Gents, the names Ellis and I am currently living in Sheffield studying at Sheffield Hallam University. Stumbled across the forum through Google and thought I'd have a look what it's all about- looks ace so far!


Obviously my main interests are clothing and footwear alongside Sheffield United, music and most sports. Enjoy and wear brands such as Albam, Our Legacy, Monitaly, Nigel Cabourn, Gitman Vintage, Ralph Lauren, Oliver Spencer, you get the idea. 


Thanks and look forward to getting involved. 

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Longtime lurker, new member. Early 30's, married and living in San Diego. I'm an attorney. Classic dressy suits and bespoke shoes during the day; sleek, urban and with a touch of an edge on my downtime. I'll admit to being a bit of a label-whore and loving the luxury leather goods. Got my first Vuitton at 13 and there's been no turning back. Favorite labels are Lanvin, Boss Black, Slimane-era CDH, Saint Laurent, and Kris Van Assche (KVA and CDH).
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Longtime lurker. Finally decided to join as I am researching suits.

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Hey all!

I've just registered. Found the forum yesterday and was browsing around.

I used to live in NY but now in the UK.

Getting married in Sept so looking for style ideas and I stumbled upon this forum. I have my Hugo suit already (yeah I know some people will frown but I've always wanted a Hugo) but I'm still needing a shirt and shoes so I'll probably be posting threads or replying to existing ones with questions.

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Not sure if anyone is gonna read this but, whatever, probably better than nothing :)


I'm from Belgium and a researcher in theoretical computer science (requirements engineering to be more precise). I'm mainly here to share about my passion for fashion (that started two years ago, so definitely still an (informed) newbie). My favorite fashion designers are Lanvin, DVN and KVA but I've to admit that I find my basics at COS and Filippa K.


Apart from fashion interest, I'm also quite a fervent lover of (sport) nutrition, musculation and running :)

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Hi all,


This is Larry, brand new to the forum. I've been reading posts here and there for a while and thought I'd join this fantastic, interesting, discerning, and passionate community.


The past few weeks I've been researching menswear and suiting for my wedding, and it's incredible! The detail, the heritage, the craft, and multitude of sartorial discursive points in suiting as a timeless discipline are really rich and wonderful to behold.


You can check out the first thread I've created here for a Ludlow suit I just bought for my wedding this fall:


Thanks and nice to meet you all!




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Hello, I live in LA and work in the apparel industry. Looking forward to posting. Thanks.

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Another Noob here. Well travelled lawyer, currently residing down under. 


That is all she wrote. 

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Originally Posted by Bruce Banner View Post


Please don't make me angry.

alright, another comic head up in chyea. welcome
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I live in Melbourne Australia, working in IT Management for awhile and decided its time to suit up, so im here looking for tips and advice as i have no absolutely no fashion sense.

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Hey all, new to the forums. I live in Austin, TX and have been a long time reader. Figured I'd jump into the fun.
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