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Hello, I'm Matthew from the UK.  I always thought a suit was a suit was a suit until I invested in a good one for my wedding.  Good tailoring seems to be fractionally less addictive than cocaine.

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Hi, I'm a young Thriftshopper and living in Europe, loving the golden Era (1930's-1940's).


My sartorial knowledge expands from basic levels to expert ones, almost offen consumer oriented.


Since I doubt, that anyone is interested in reading this thread, I think, that I've said enough.


Have a nice day.

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Hello everyone, I'm a mid-20s web designer, physicist, all-around problem solver with a PRL addiction and shallow pockets. Hope to have a great time around here.

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Name is Brian but go by BDaniel. My friend J Norman started a blog and will be opening up a clothing store in Buffalo, NY called J Norman. He is a huge fashionista and has traveled across the country to check out the latest styles which he plans on incorporating with J Norman. Please check the site out and look for sales to begin soon.


Look forward to seeing what other people suggest in regards to clothing styles.

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My name is Justin and I'm a new member although I've been lurking for quite sometime. I have gotten more into style over the years after years of frustrations with off the rack suits. As a young executive my wardrobe is ever expanding with a focus on quality rather than quantity.

Happy to be here...
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Hi there


Yowzer here, based in Brisbane Australia. Been lurking a while and decided to join to be a participant in the interesting discussions here. 


Learnt quite a bit just by lurking the last 2 years. Lurking gotme interested in shoes and the bug hasn't left since. Terrible, expensive 'hobby'... Cheerio!

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Hello:  Borbor here


Based in Toronto, Canada.  Been lurking for a while, and fortunate enough to work in the fashion side of the business so I can dress on both sides of the coin.  I do prefer to dress sharply on a day to day basis.  


Got a huge interest in shoe, 7 pairs of golf shoes alone rotflmao.gif  GF and I constantly fight for shoe rack space :)



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I'm a student based in Sydney, Australia. Honestly, knew very little about style until a month or two ago, when I started lurking here. Nice to be here smile.gif

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I'm an attorney living in New York, originally from Chicago (city, not suburbs).  I love good suits, when I can afford them (or snag a good buy).  I also like street wear - raw selvedge denim, cool sneakers, crazy patterned shirts (no Robert Graham please), too much jewelry and accessories (for a dude - but no earrings), and baseball caps (once in a while. 


Favorite recent purchases are a genuine panama hat from JJ Hatters on Fifth in Midtown Manhattan, a Christian Dior jacket that I snagged off the street for $10 - (I had to get some modifications done), some raw denim, no label jeans I picked up in Wicker Park in Chicago, and a ridiculous Pal Zileri pinstriped beige suit and floral tie from Leonard Paris, both at Dino Baldini (on Madison Ave in NYC), a store I love, but probably should not be shopping at very often.  Also, a new Raymond Weil watch, which was a big step up for me in the watch game.  I have a large collection of traditional keffiyas (Arab men's scarves) from travelling and living in the Middle East that I treasure more than anything.


I hope I don't come across as arrogant.  I didn't have a ton of money growing up, and I probably spend a bit recklessly now that I have some. But I try my best not to get too attached to material things.  Looking forward to contributing.





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my name is Andrew and I just joined to use this site to find clothes that aren't listed on eBay. I used to be a sneakerhead, or whatever you want to call it...but now I'm broke and looking to sell my shoes and clothing :).

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Female poster into Men's fashion. 

Into mod/suedehead/skinhead items. Men's fashion complements women's fashion, and a lot of tips can be taken from some of the posts I've seen on her. Into higher quality, SHARP purchases. (Yes, that's S.H.A.R.P)

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New member here. 


I've lurked for a while, but basically I started an account as I sadly might be selling my very new ToJ baseball jacket...


I didn't join before as I didn't think I had a whole lot to add to the threads. Still not sure, but oh well. 

I'm moving to the US v soon, to keep studenting for a few more years.

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Hello, new guy from CA.


I've recently got a big boy job, so now I have the means to work on a nicer wardrobe.  I'm here to learn!

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Hello, I'm Benjimin. I'm new here; to the forum and to the world of fashion. I'm 28 and I'm a single father to a beautiful 7 year old girl. I'm 5' 11", 150 lbs and I have no clue how to put clothes on that frame. Hopefully this place can teach me a thing or two.
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G'day. Mike here, mid 30's, haven't worn business wear for over a decade as I have run my own businesses. Now in a suit daily and hanging around the forum enjoying tips and support. Just posted my first question in the Ask a Question thread if you care to look.
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