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Greetings All,


I can't recall how I stumbled upon this place, but I've enjoyed the wealth of information contained herein for the past few months.  Figured I would make things official. 

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Hi all,


I am a simple man, I enjoy nice things like shoes, clothing and obviously also bikes. I have a fondness for classical (English and Italian) clothing and anything carbon associated with bikes.


I try to do classical style with a bit of detail that might not be classical, the occasional goyser stitch, the random orange sock, the little detail that gives the classical a twist but not in an Paul Smith kind of way.


I have a fondness for tweed, English country shoes, flannel and for the summer Italian slipons and cotton pants. If only I had the budget to go all in...


I work in a non formal environment so I do a lot of nice shoes and non formal clothing, I’m not sure if I’m lucky or not to get away with whole cut shoes and jeans without colleagues reacting but I guess it has its upsides to work mainly with people who has little understanding of what they see in terms of having a style of your own.


On the bike I’m not classical but all in on Italian clothing :)


Ta da

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My name is Steve.  I'm one of the founding fathers of den.m bar, a Los Angeles based custom denim workshop.  Nice to meet everybody!





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Hey all, I'm a new member, long time reader of the forum. I'd like to think I know a lot—that is to say, my knowledge and my wish-list are both more extensive than the depths of my pockets. I have some disposable income for clothes (it's laughably small, probably 1/8th the amount per month that one of the big timers here spend on a single pair of shoes). But I try to make the most out of it, and I think I do a pretty good job, as you'll see, I hope. 

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Whats up people? I just signed up today and was wondering if there was somewhere in this forum to get advice on what to wear for specific shoes i have? can i make my own thread in a specific forum? if so which forum?


Thanks in advance

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Hey everyone, long time reader of the site, just signed up recently.  Like fashion, trying to always learn more, tons of knowledge from the site.  Boutique owner, I have a shop here in L.A.  Looking forward to following the forums more!

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Good day -

     I live in the beautiful Tenleytown neighborhood of Washington, DC.  We have almost as many neighborhoods as residents - I could easily say Cathedral Heights, Glover Park, AU or Spring Valley.  They all form concentric rings.  I think we select our neighborhood designation in much the same way I create and define my style.  Rooted in geography and the past but also expressive of personality, perception and evolution.  I look forward to reading and learning.  With regards.

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Hello All,


I stumbled upon SF very recently in my quest to find the perfect wedding attire.  Needless to say, I'm hooked.  


I am excited to learn and discuss with this community. 



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Hi everyone. Name is Eric and I have lurked this forum for well over a year getting information on boots, shoes. I've always had an appreciation for fine leather goods but my style has been lacking - mainly because of my work not requiring dress and that it takes up so much of my time.

Although I'm not anticipating a full wardrobe change I do hope to step-up my casual off-work appearance. I have on the other hand collected watches for the past couple decades and know a great deal about them. Hopefully I can share my knowledge of watches in exchange for knowledge on style?
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Hello. My name is Peter. I live in NYC and make clothes.

I like nachos.
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My name is Anthony and I like clothes. 


I have a shoe addiction: 6 pairs of Allen Edmonds in the last three weeks.


My favorites, snuff suede Neumoks:


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I am srdeacon47 and new to this site. I am 43 and live in Indiana. Am getting a bit more classical in dress as I age. Know some things but learning more still. Hope to pick up or pass on something useful. Thanks
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Hello from Sydney, Australia. I've been a member of the 'Ask Andy Forums' since August 2009 and have long followed RIDER's 'Shoe Antiquing' posts in SF. Really incredible stuff. I hope to post some of my own shoe antiquing projects as time goes on. Glad to be here!

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Just saw the introduce yourself topic, so let's give it a shot.


I'm a member of a french fashion forum since two years.

I live in Paris. City of fashion (erm...) and pigeons.


Been trading some stuff on styleforum and reading also. Lots of interesting stuff here, and a relaxed mood.

As i'd like to participate more, i introduce myself.


I like stuff like Attachment, WJK, etc... Japanese porn of some sort.

I try to keep my outfits simple with some twists.



It will be a pleasure to speak with you guys.

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Hello i'm brand new here, my name is john and i'm from the Netherlands. I'm a sales representative for the Outdoor brand Sasta (from Finland) for the Benelux and i love raw denim (eat dust and Hiut denim) and Viberg boots my self! I hope to find here nice original stuff and be free for questions about Sasta clothing.
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