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Thanks, and i will introduce myself as requested
I have always been interested in good clothes, but until I discovered ebay luxury clothing sellers, didnt do much about it
I have been purchasing various high end clothes, eg Brioni, Turnbull and Asser etc for the last few months, but whether they are authentic of not, I am not sure
I have enjoyed the articles to date that I have read as a non member
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I am a high school senior going off to college in the fall. I dress poorly and would like to rectify this. shog[1].gif


I intend to major in commerce (with a concentration in management) and perhaps computer science, and am currently laying the foundation for a start-up idea I had. I'm trying to dress better because of something I heard while listening to Edward Hess' lectures on growing a business: he said that you have to grow as your company grows, and I realized that a crucial part of my necessary future growth is dressing better. I asked around on the interwebs and this place came highly recommended.


So that's why I'm here. Nice to meet you. biggrin.gif

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My names Kevin and I just stumbled upon this site. 

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Hi there, I just joined. I'm from Paris, France and have been reading and enjoying this forum for a while. I'm interested in tailoring techniques and even though I'm in a very casual work environment, I have a small 'collection' of bespoke and semi-bespoke suits. Apart from the ones I have directly commissioned, I also enjoy finding older suits that have interesting tailored details. Mostly english and french. Many thanks for this forum, it's a very nice read.

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Hi just joined this forum been reading for awhile and enjoying all the topics on this forum I'm from new York and I love great quality clothing and learning new t things all the time thank you
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Joining in ... you can call me kirker. I'm a law student who was sartorially ruined at a young age by the fact that my father had a closet full of Brionis and various Savile Row bespoke suits. Nowadays I spent undue amounts of time scouring stores (mostly online ones) for the best bargains on fine menswear across the board.


Suitwise, I have four Brionis, an Isaia and a "cheap" Zegna. You can probably guess my favorites. I had a Kiton for a while, but was offered too good a deal on it to pass up. Although law is a generally somber field, I try to push the envelope at least a bit with interesting shirt & tie combos under the suits (which are all variations of dark blue and charcoat, including chalk stripes and a glen plaid).


I wear cap-toe Ferragamos (NOT Studios) and almost nothing else, at least for dress shoes. For casual wear, I do a high-low mix: I'll pair a Helmut Lang shirt and black Varvatos lace-up boots with a pair of Uniqlo jeans I got on sale for twenty bucks. I'm particularly partial to Prada Sport in terms of casual shoes.


I look forward to soliciting feedback on my sartorial choices in the coming months and years. I have to start wearing a suit to work daily for the first time ever in two weeks, once my post-1L internship begins. (Note that I'm 32, a relative latecomer to law school, and spent close to a decade in the dot-com world wearing decidedly more casual wear.)

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Hello to all those that have introduced themselves above as well as to those yet to make their appearance.


Interests: Grenson boots, Wings & Horns clothes, and the confident reassurance that comes with wearing it well.


Very excited about the Viberg sample sale. I live in Victoria, BC! Wonder if I can go in and pick up whatever I may be lucky enough to purchase?

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Mops is German for pug. Yes, I'm German. No, I'm not a pug.

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Hello all, the name's Nick from Somerset, UK, just joined today, not too sure why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Hello all,


Early 20s college student in NYC here.  Been lurking for some time.  Hoping to build the wardrobe.  Look forward to learning from you all.


Warm regards

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Hey all.


I've been browsing Styleforum on and off for a bit, so decided to make an account and post some things as well.

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Hello everyone, I have been lurking here for a while now. And it has been my go to for any questions that I have had. Figures it was about time I made an account. Mainly to purchase things that seem to be much more readily available here than on eBay.
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Hi everyone, I'm Ben and I finally decided to join SF after lurking for close to a year. At 23 my personal style is definitely still developing; that said I really like J.Crew due to their reasonable prices and their college discount! Most of the clothes that are discussed are way out of my price range, but j. Crew and Club Monaco have plenty of sales! Haha.
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Hi Everyone,


I have been lurking (actually poring over) styleforum for close to a year now.  i wear suits or jacket and tie to work every day.  my style is still developing, though i favor classic combinations.

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Hi I'm Danny - just joined today - I have lived in Spain for the past 10 years with my family, who are now grown-up.


I have always enjoyed buying quality classic clothing (especially before I started a family!) - look forward to sharing experiences and sprucing up my wardrobe. 

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