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Hi I'm from the east coast...Brooklyn, NY


I work in wall street so I'm usually dressed up in khakis, button down and tie during the week. On the weekends I keep it casual.


I also started my own tie company. All handcrafted in Brooklyn. Check out the instagram and follow:






I love clothes and that's why I joined styleforum

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Hey everyone, I'm Mark. I'm 26 and work as an engineer in Orlando, FL - it's a bit of a sartorial wasteland, but at least we've got an Allen Edmonds store. I'm starting to get in the habit of dumping my expendable income into nicer clothing, and I figured it was time to sign up here after lurking for a while.
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Hello all.


I'm 32 and live in New York City. I'm originally from a dairy farming town in the middle of the country but I now know Brooklyn as my home. I'm a designer (graphic, not fashion) and I've worked with, and for, some fashion brands in addition to having lots of peers involved in the industry. 


I'm just looking to better understand classic men's fashion and give myself the knowledge to buy great pieces and have a strong and reliable wardrobe that ranged from nicely tailored suits to classic weekend casual wear. 


I used to reject "dressing up" as teenager who loved punk rock and being different, and I guess I haven't changed much except that as a designer, we are expected to look a certain way. To dress down, to wear that graphic t-shirt with the blazer and some converse (if you are getting fancy for a meeting). For those reasons, I wanted to dress nicer. I didn't want to wear cargo shorts and old band t-shirts everyday like I was perpetually in art school.  


I'm not interested in wearing a brand, but i'm interested in the quality that can come with it. I'd choose well made and no-name over hastily made and brand-name. That said, the best shopping experience Iv'e had was at the Paul Smith store in SoHo and I've found in the last few years that when you put on something that truly fits, it's special and you recognize it right away.  That's the feeling i'm looking for now when I buy new clothes.


I hope I can learn a lot on this forum and maybe even share some thoughts with everyone.



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I'm a lawyer in solo practice. I do a lot of criminal defense work, some family law, and some personal injury work. I go to court a lot. I wear a suit (or close to it) almost every day. I spend way too much time in my car. When I'm not lawyering, I like to work in my garden, fiddle with technology, surf (the ocean), and make things out of wood. I'm here at SF because I like to make informed wardrobe purchases.

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Hallo! My name's Thomas and I post from Italy. Since now I've only taken from this forum (thanks all for precious infos!), hope in the future to be able to give some small contributions. I love hand made leather shoes..possibly the English way even if we're quite good makers here in Italy...
I'm Happy to join.
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29 years old.
Height: 6'4"
Suit: 50-52 L
Profession: Executive Headhunter.

Joined this forum to hopefully learn a thing or two about improving my style of dress at work and on more formal occasions.

As a big/ tall guy I have a hard time finding quality stuff for reasonable prices. Over the last few years I have stuck to purchasing higher quality shoes, belts, leather goods, ties, socks, etc to improve my overall style.

I work in a business casual environment and stick to Charles Tyrwhit French cuff shirts, Banana Republic Chinos and my Allen Edmonds, of which I have five pairs now in rotation. Wouldn't mind higher quality work clothes but they take daily punishment and get replaced every six months or so.

For formal events I rely on a couple of pretty decent Jack Victor suits, one grey, the other Navy.

I would like to very much step up my game a bit as I get older and more options are feasible and pickup one or two really great sport coats and maybe two new suits to replace my current ones. I've got great accessories to go with anything new I buy, just missing the central pieces.

Thinking of Beckett and Robb in SF for the coats and suits as they are near me, are MTM, and seem to offer reasonable prices. I also see some great deals on Sierra Trading Post from brands I love like Isaia, but sizes are certainly limited in my range.

Anyway, that's me.
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Greetings all!


My name is Jake, and I moved to Las Vegas about a year and a half ago.  My background is in international relations, but since the move I have been an (un)professional poker player full-time.  Eventually I plan to actually get my ass back into academia; for now this life is pretty fascinating though. 


The luxury, and pitfall, of my job is that I can dress however I want (and damn it is easy to fall into style ruts).  I do try to balance between the casual and the tailored though.  One of my goals here is very much to expand my horizon vis a vis clothing, and that goes double for nice shoes (of which I know very little about, yet I still manage to be inordinately picky when shoe shopping!). 




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You all know me as Cold Summer / Kyle@TFH on Superfuture.  I'm here to offer my support on Flat Head, R.J.B., and beyond.

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I'm a twenty-year-old long time lurker from Finland. I am a textbook eccentric with heaps of passing fancies and recurring happy obsessions, including taking great care in how I dress. When I look for something I need, if I can afford the best, I tend to not settle for anything less. As a man of meager means, thid is not a good thing. Some of you may already follow my picture blog on tumblr, The Offsuit Ideal (offsuit.tumblr.com).
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Hi there!


I'm David from the US (living in Hong Kong), just started a new path as an airline pilot. I am a firm believer of the well dressed professional and my chosen field in my view is no different. 


My own brush with tailored clothing came as I found it difficult to find off the rack clothes that fit well - I am vertically challenged.



I look forward to much learning.




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Hi, I'm Terrence Terrestrial
I have started a clothing line with my friend Pat called Pat X Terrence. I also am starting up 2 more lines and had some questions on materials like different styles, fabric and where to purchase and google led me here.
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I just joined. Hello everyone.


I´m an unemployed journalist from Norway. 25 years old, living in Oslo.


Been making jeans as a hobby for about two years now, testing out denim from all over the world. Having recently aquired an industrial machine, I´m thinking about possibly selling my jeans as a business or sidejob.

I have been looking for a good forum to discuss clothing and sewing on a bit higher level than the common hobbyist. And it seems this might be a good place. But I´m absolutely not a fashion person. To me its about the craftsmanship and creativity. 

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Thanks, and i will introduce myself as requested
I have always been interested in good clothes, but until I discovered ebay luxury clothing sellers, didnt do much about it
I have been purchasing various high end clothes, eg Brioni, Turnbull and Asser etc for the last few months, but whether they are authentic of not, I am not sure
I have enjoyed the articles to date that I have read as a non member
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Thanks, and i will introduce myself as requested
I have always been interested in good clothes, but until I discovered ebay luxury clothing sellers, didnt do much about it
I have been purchasing various high end clothes, eg Brioni, Turnbull and Asser etc for the last few months, but whether they are authentic of not, I am not sure
I have enjoyed the articles to date that I have read as a non member
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I am a high school senior going off to college in the fall. I dress poorly and would like to rectify this. shog[1].gif


I intend to major in commerce (with a concentration in management) and perhaps computer science, and am currently laying the foundation for a start-up idea I had. I'm trying to dress better because of something I heard while listening to Edward Hess' lectures on growing a business: he said that you have to grow as your company grows, and I realized that a crucial part of my necessary future growth is dressing better. I asked around on the interwebs and this place came highly recommended.


So that's why I'm here. Nice to meet you. biggrin.gif

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