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Hello Everyone,


I'm Grayson.


I'm in my mid 20's in the retirement industry making an attempt to dress far better than my age, as in many ways; age is credibility.


Long time lurker, thought I should give back and contribute once in a while.


I look forward to engaging in various discussions and heated debates.

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Hey All,

   Not a big forum user in general, but over the past few years I've really gained an appreciation for quality attire and buying fewer but nicer things overall. It seems that all my google searches for information on clothes or shoes end up directing me here, so figured I'd sign up.

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Hello everybody, I'm Shawn.

18 years old, new to the site, came seeking advice. Been interested in expanding my knowledge on men's fashion on how to dress well for a while now. Can't wait to start contributing.

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Hi all, I've been lurking on here for a while. I'm former military and now in law school. I really enjoy dressing well and have been reading a lot on here already
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Sorry, double post
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Hi I'm new to Style forum and my name is john and I'm a co-owner of a streetwear brand called Trials & Triumph. We started it last November and we're on our 5th collection now. We've just updated our webstore so check us out...our clothes are reasonably priced seeing that we just started out...Give us some feedback and harsh criticism so we can continue to grow. Thanks guys

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Hi guys, I found SF through reddit and thought I'd quit lurking! I'm getting married later this year and I'm in the process of pinning down the exact details of the suits for my groomsmen and myself. Cheers!

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Hello everyone, I'm a long-time lurker (as in years) and decided to finally join and post a bit. I'm a high school science teacher in MN.  

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Hello everyone. My name is Onur. I came across the forum recently and joined. I work in advertising and have been around the fashion and beauty industry for a while on the creative end of the business. Mostly working on advertising but as of late I've been designing products and working on general operations for a skincare brand based in California.


I'm looking forward to learning more about fashion and getting to know everyone here!

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Hello, Styleforum members. My name is jacky. I was recommended to this forum by a friend

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Hey guys.


I'm from Sydney Australia. I tend to wear classic items and have been interested in men's fashion for a few years now.



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Hello!  I'm Matt.  I've been lurking for a few weeks, mostly looking at suits, shoes, and trench coats.  Look forward to chatting with all of you.

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Hi there guys. My name is Mike Im 47. My laptop is down and all I have to "work " with is my bloody android phone lol. But as soon as my laptop is up n going I will definitely post. I'm happily married have 3 lovely kids. `dogs n my sewing machine lol
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Hi Everyone,


I'm Simon, a 29 year old who works in the media industry. I found the forum while searching for advice to improve my look. I'm hoping this place can help :)

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Hi all, my name is Henry and I'm 16 years old. I love music, snowboarding, clothes, and my cat. I tend to dress pretty simply, but I'm interested in expanding my horizons. Looking forward to my stay here haha

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