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Originally Posted by 12BarBlues View Post

Hi all,

Does anyone actually read these Hi threads?

That said, I'm also brand new on here and have finally figured out what I want my style to be. Right now I'm a small guy in the corporate world but am seeking advancement every way I can. I'm 28, married and have a 2 year old boy.

I honestly am just trying to get used to the Sf and men's fashion in general because I'm mostly clueless. I know when I see something if I like it or not but overall I am beginning at step 1.

Glad to be here!
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hey folks - i'm darren. long time lurker, first time poster. from the bay area. that is all.

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Sup all?


Good to be part of it all!

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I'm Nick, denim enthusiast

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Greeting all,


New guy here. Got here by way of hard researching for a good new boot. Came between the highly regarded L.L. Bean Katahdin Engineer boot by Chippewa and the Plain Toe 6" Apache chocolate boot. The Plain Toe Chipp's won out due to the extremely low price i got through amazon.


Short story made long, I HAD to join because theres too many smart people on here to ignore when it comes to upping my style.


Id sum myself up as a simple person with limited style knowledge. I know what looks good to me probably wont look good to others... alright now im rambling.


I look forward to lurking around and finding new things.




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Hello guys! Just signed up but I been lurking for over a year now; great site. Looking forward to learning about menswear and to develop a better sense of style. I'm into timeless and versatile quality items. See you guys around!


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Hello everyone


I signed up recently after finding so much useful information here. I live in the middle of Europe, I'm in my thirties and work in a very conservative business environment. Casual Fridays? huh? never heard about that. Trying to expand my sense of elegant casual clothing, and rather italian in my orientations.



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Hello people I am a new member and looking to upgrade my style.

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Hello to the empty void that is this thread,


I am a Ph.D student with a newfound sense of style. Been a lurker for a while, but saw some nice classified ads, so had to sign up :)

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Hello. all.  I've been a long-time reader of StyleForum, and just decided to join.  Looking forward to learning more about clothing, both dress and casual. 

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Hi all. Longtime lurker who decided to sign up. I'm a mid-20s consultant working through the grind!

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Hey everyone! Just checking out the website!!

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Hey everyone!


Name's breadan. I'm currently in NJ, I love food and conversation(usually). I came across SF as I was looking and learning more into men's fashion (not the mainstream but basics) and fit for myself. I realized that I had some terrible pieces of clothing I was putting on myself (possibly not terrible but just didn't fit me right. I am always dress in business professional and sometimes business casual, so I want to make sure that I look well. 


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We're two guys (Nick and Tariq) who just launched a new website to help guys shop for the home - TRNK New York.


The premise of the site is pretty simple - we scour the web for the best products in quality and design and then feature it alongside original content.

Some of the features include collections, where customers can shop by personality or design aesthetic.  We also have a growing list of essentials - must-haves for any character-filled home.  We will also be publishing a series of home tours (currently, just our own, but more to come shortly).

We'd love to hear what you guys think!  We want to constantly evolve the site to provide the best user experience, so please do not spare our feelings  Also, feel free to share with us any product or content ideas, including good candidates for home tours. 


And if you have a second, please take a second to sign up!  Here's our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages too. 

Thank you for checking us out, and happy browsing!


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Greetings everyone,


I'm a college student who has been lurking SF for a while. I've amassed a great amount of advice through the search feature here and look forward to contributing.

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