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Greetings gents,


I'm fonzie.  I'm from the U.S. and I just recently joined styleforum.  I've been browsing many posts as of late because I'm trying to get into more tailored clothing.  I just bought a charcoal grey suit that is being altered at the moment.  I'm also going to be ordering some dress shirts from moderntailor and other online mtm stores that are at the right price point (just found out about itailor and it looks good too).


I've always been into fashion.  I like to stand out from the crowd when I go out and not look like every other guy wearing their artificially faded jeans and over-sized black baggy dress shirts that always seem to be untucked when they'd look best tucked in.  Though I do appreciate their purpose in the world, and that is to make all us finer dressed gents look even spiffier by comparison. ;)


Wish I'd found these forums years ago, I'd have an even better wardrobe...but I'd likely be broke so its probably for the best that I just joined in on the fun.

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Hello everybody,

I'm a University student, male and have been into fashion from a young age. Right now I do a simple visual-kei street style. I like brands like Julius, Rick Owens, and Gareth Pugh. I also like a variety of Japanese brands. I probably need to start buying new clothes because I'm getting bigger in size.

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Hi all. Name is Sam. Work in IT security in the Albany area, relatively new to dressing in a professional setting. New to dressing 'well' in general. Expanding my wardrobe outside of the Brooks and Vineyard Vines clothing made for my former Alma Mater. I will admit I am a sucker for nice shoes and shirts, still looking for a few nice jackets. 

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Hi all, 


I'm a design student with a natural interest in men's fashion. I'm not a fashionista or anything, but I like to look the part and make the effort to not look like a tramp! Look forward to speaking with y'all.





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Hello fellow men. I'm Daniel and hoping I can get a lot of advice on clothes and become a better man.

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Alboo is the name most people know me and do some business under.  I don't think I've ever met face to face anyone that knows more about traditional hardy boots and shoes than myself.  Using traditional in the sense of Alden, BB - aldens, peal mostly by C&J I think, C&J, Edward Green.  I know there are plenty on this forum that make my knowledge look like nothing.  My clothing might lean a little more to UK 1940's, but lots of Trad.  Never continental fashion clothing or footwear.  Oh, I am from Oklahoma and grew up around ranches and polo; thus there are a lot of custom made cowboy boots and hats mixed in with the above.  Equine related apparel is in the above styles so I rarely look to far away from that.





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Hi, my name is Vay.

I recently hit 30 and feeling great. But it's about time I learned how to dress like a man. That's why I've ended up here.

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Hey all, my name is Jose I'm close to hitting 20. I'm very into vintage clothing such as silks, baroques, prints, floral etc.

Recently I requested help to find the brand of a shirt that caught my eye.

Hope to stay for long!



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My name is Benjamin, I'm a long-time menswear nerd living in California. Follow a long list of menswear sites on the daily: four-pins, acl, highsnob, selectism, wearethemarket, etc etc.

Trying to clear the low-tier crap out of my closet and replace it with more upper echelon brands. Would love to cop some Loro Piana or Isaia, my wish list basket on Mr Porter is v long. Have been meaning to create a profile on here for years and finally getting around to it now.

Been studying and making shoes by hand for a few years and recently partnered with an attorney friend of mine to launch our own shoe brand. Currently in start-up mode, but attempting to find investors that actually care about menswear (in San Francisco it's hard to find anyone not interested in tech only) so if you know of anyone please send them our way. Thanks for having me on SF.



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Hi everyone - I'm DT and I have been following these forums for awhile as a guest.  Been getting into suits and these forums have been very helpful in finding what suits me well.  I look forward to contributing.

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Hi. I've been lurking for a while reading peoples' opinions on stuff for a while, and recently I've been looking for something chic to tote my latest slab of metal in. Happened on a marketplace post here for a Burberry briefcase. Now I'm torn between that and a Prada bag.


Oh, and I'm the kinda guy that mostly wears cheap white t-shirts (with nice jeans, at least) with my jacket in the middle of the city during off-hours. I guess I'm just weird like that. Or in dire need of decent shirts. 

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I'm a brand spanking new member on here, who's looking for members with similar ineterests. My name is Steve.

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I've been lurking around for a couple of weeks and just signed up today.


I ended up here when I started looking for my first real suit (I'm 42, and just generally never have really needed one) and boy what an education so far.


I always end up researching anything I'm going to spend a bit of money on because although I don't mind spending the cash, I want to spend it on good quality merchandise. 


So, I've bought my first pair of real shoes (Allen Edmonds) and picked up my first real suit (Oxxford, from a fellow forum member on ebay). 


I love the information I've found here and will probably drive my wife crazy spending too much money.

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You just wrote my introductory post as well, even the same age. New job requires me to meet with executives at Fortune 100 company and now I have to start dressing like a grownup. I also have been eyeing some AEs and just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Still a little ways behind you as I haven't actually bought anything, still doing the research.

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Hello, my name is wj.

Currently attending community college in Saratoga.

Denim ftw.

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