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Hello, my name is Andrew. I found this forum after a weekend of trying on suits. I'm trying to find a quality suit to get married in. 


It is great to hear the opinions on quality to help narrow down my search. I wear a suit maybe 5-10 times a year so it sounds like any of the decent brands will last me a while. 

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hello all,

I am Welch and am in the process of starting a new business, planning a wedding and moving 600 miles. AKA insane. I am a clothes horse. I wear suits most days of the week and have Canali, HSM, Samuelsohn, Corbin, Copley, and Jack Victor in my closet. I own north of 200 ties (XMI, JZ Richards, Robert Talbot, etc.) I should own stock in Cole Haan, but enjoy To Boot New York and Bruno Magli as well. I shop locally when possible and Nordstroms otherwise. (Buckelew's in Montgomery, AL). Scott Barber, Peter Milar, Worn, AG, Orvis, Filson, Woolrich, make up much of my casual attire.


I am not well versed in the message board effort other than SEC football message boards, so bear with me.

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What's up.  I'm here, and recommended by Self Edge as a cool site and good place for buying and selling.

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Hello everyone,
My name is Maverick and I am just 26 years old.I am from New York city and running my own real estate company.I am here for getting interact with other people who are into buying and selling of clothing and other stuff.I hope you guys will enjoy my company here..!! :)

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hi guys ,i'm Ridzuan. what a nice forum here and i really enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed breaking in my raw selvedge LVC 1947, NUDIE average joe, REPLAY selvedge and some Jap denim EVISU and DENIME. looking for more infos on PRPS and RRL, thanks!!!

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hi guys ,i'm Ridzuan. what a nice forum here and i really enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed breaking in my raw selvedge LVC 1947, NUDIE average joe, REPLAY selvedge and some Jap denim EVISU and DENIME. looking for more infos on PRPS and RRL, thanks!!!

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I'm Ali from London. I stumbled upon the site and have been dragged right in!

There is a wealth of knowledge on here and i hope to pick up some pointers as I try to progress my wardrobe from quantity to quality!



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Hey. I'm mason new to the forum and trying something new. One of my clients told me about this place so here I am. I am interested in advice and buying. So I hope this will be a great experience 

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I am converting from the jeans and t-shirt thing (which went on way too long) to some level up from there.  None of my colleagues really wear suits and not many even wear jackets (in fact some wear gym clothes).  As you can imagine, I am in need of different role models for dressing.  I hope to find that here!

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Hi all and greetings from LA,


I just joined after lurking around for a bit. I’m transitioning my wardrobe from more casual attire to one that includes more sports coats, dress shirts and trousers. The wealth of knowledge here is amazing and I hope to learn a lot.





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Oh hey everybody, my name's Christopher, I'm 19 going on 20 in about a month here, and I'm a student and thus on a budget. But I love shopping for clothing and see a lot of great buys around here. 


Fun fact: I have albinism.

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Hey All, This forum was recommended to me by a close friend. I've been into fashion for quite some time and I finally decided to join this forum. I currently work in both the fashion industry (Just got back from Project @ Magic Las Vegas) and as a photojournalist working mainly in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. I am looking forward to making some great connections and selling/trading some of less worn apparel.

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My name is David, and I am new to looking like I know what I am doing. For years I have been the only guy amongst my buddies that owns a pocket square, and wears a jacket out for drinks. I am a leather worker and watch junkie. I just want to mingle with those who understand why I might consider spending big$$$ on Shell Cordovan boots. I have never really posted about style, but I feel like I might have a little of it.






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I'm going to try and make this snappy, so bear with me!


My name is Rebecca.


I'm currently residing on the east coast with my nerdy boyfriend.


We're both gamers, and love the web! We met playing the game Counter-Strike, and soon enough I moved across the country, and we fell in love.


Now we're both in our own business venture together and it's called TrendLend.


Pretty nerdy, I know. :P is a new web start-up that is dedicated to showing off your own personal style, and inspiring others with it.


It's not your typical, high-maintenance website don't need to be a model or have high quality pictures to join!


However, it is in beta right now. But this sounds like something you might be interested in, check us can sign up with an email or connect with Facebook.


If anyone would like early access to exclusive beta, don't be afraid to send me a message!


Toodles :)



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RJ here...joined because to me, looking sharp is an important but difficult chore.
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