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Greetings gentlemen,

My name is Mike.  I am an independent  business consultant.  I don't typically have to be too concerned with my attire in regards to my business appearance.  I do however like to dress up on occasion when "outside the office", after lurking on these forms for several months I've come to realize that most of my suits, sport coats, blazers, etc... are of ill fit (even after tailoring) or are of poor quality (fully fused or only half canvassed).

I'm mainly here to learn from the membership, ask the occasional question or two... and perhaps offer my own advice or input on the rare occasion I have something of value to add to the discussion.

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Hi all,


Well... I'm a semi-skinny jean's and plaid patterend shirt type of guy, with a nice pair of chucks or PF's. I've been trying to vary up my style recently, with some Oxfords and desert boots (which I need to purchase) and such, and might even throw a tie in soon enough. My biggest hurdle, is dressing for the job I want. The industry I'm in tends to be extremely lax about clothing, but I want to look like something more!

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Hi, I'm doing this cause an email told me to.

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Originally Posted by calpicoxd View Post

Hi, I'm doing this cause an email told me to.


+1  . Lmao.



Long time reader here on the forums- Suppose it's about time I registered and started contributing. Cheers.



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Hi everyone!


Just another long-time lurker who blames his sartorial indulgences on this site.  Since I've learned so much from everyone, I'll see if I can pass on my own experiences, or at least, contribute to the collective financial irresponsibility.  smile.gif

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Greetings all,


Systems Analyst in northern NJ here, just found this site yesterday while searching for information on my first real suit since entering the working world.  I moved up here for a job, and have been separated from my wife during the process for about 5 months, with monthly visits back down south to Houston while she finishes up her working contract before moving up in the summer.  She's finally able to make it up here for a visit next month for Memorial Day, so I'm on the hunt for something good to impress her and to look the part for a night in the city.


Glad to be a part, I'll keep lurking for a long time to come, I'm sure.

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sup guys, always been style conscious but just recently found out about handmade shoes and raw denim and all the googling i do on the subjects leads me back here!  lots of great knowledge on the board, im looking fwd to learning more.

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Hey There,


Chicago here. Been lurking, but haven't posted before!

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Hey everybody - thanks for all the help while I've been lurking!
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Hi there, everyone. I've been lurking around here and a few other fashion/clothing sites on and off over the past couple of years and figured I'd go ahead and jump in here as I've really started to take the plunge into expanding my style. Thanks for all the useful info and tips and write-ups over the years.

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Hey Everyone.


I stumbled on these forums while looking for info on shoes and suits. I've spent most of my life as a uni bum and most of my wardrobe consists of slacks and t-shirts. But I'm a big boy now with a degree and job and everything so i guess I have to start looking the part.

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Hi folks!


I've read quite interesting posts and articles here. Hope there are a lot more to come :)



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Jack sans has just joined; I like anonymous workwear like the products old town and nigel cabourn are producing: they go well with my business as a designer/vintage letterpress printer. Am looking forward to being introduced to more clothing of that ilk by you dapper gentlemen.
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Hi all,

Yet another lurker who decided to join. I'm in my early 50's and trying to look like less of a slob. I'm self-employed and work out of my house, so I have very little reason to dress in more than t-shirts and jeans.  I'm a big fan of thrift stores, there are some incredible deals to be had - scored a great pair of Doc Martens that I still wear. I'm also a big music fan (managed a small indie record store for five years), audio gear aficionado, coffee freak and book lover. Married to a very a very patient woman for nearly 20 years and have three great kids.



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Greetings gents,


I'm fonzie.  I'm from the U.S. and I just recently joined styleforum.  I've been browsing many posts as of late because I'm trying to get into more tailored clothing.  I just bought a charcoal grey suit that is being altered at the moment.  I'm also going to be ordering some dress shirts from moderntailor and other online mtm stores that are at the right price point (just found out about itailor and it looks good too).


I've always been into fashion.  I like to stand out from the crowd when I go out and not look like every other guy wearing their artificially faded jeans and over-sized black baggy dress shirts that always seem to be untucked when they'd look best tucked in.  Though I do appreciate their purpose in the world, and that is to make all us finer dressed gents look even spiffier by comparison. ;)


Wish I'd found these forums years ago, I'd have an even better wardrobe...but I'd likely be broke so its probably for the best that I just joined in on the fun.

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