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Hi I'm new here although i've heard about this forum and some of the recommendations from friends and colleagues. 


I'm a office worker from Singapore who is obsessed with the formals like shirts; pants; suits; ties; shoes; jackets and accessories for these outfits. I'm always looking out for tips for tailoring and shoe-making around the region and look forward to learning from you guys.



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I've been reading for years - finally decided to post.  Interested mostly in CM. I live in Chicago.  

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Hello all. I'm a PhD student in the UK and a longtime reader of SF who finally decided to buck up and register.
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Hi there,

I am cesar from portugal.
Big fan o nicely crafted shoes and clothes. I actually joined because i was looking for some double monks and ended up here smile.gif

This me today

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Howdy, my name is Jon, I am a guy who enjoys the relaxation side of life, I joined because I like to talk to other people about style and get feed back.
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my names will and signed up to talk about things maybe fashion related

from uk, favourite brand would be either stone island or paul smith
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Hi I'm Elio, have been reading this forum for years and finally decided to join. Living in the sartorial wasteland that's called Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Hi I'm Elio, have been reading this forum for years and finally decided to join. Living in the sartorial wasteland that's called Jakarta, Indonesia.

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I'm a senior in High School in Greenville, SC, heading to Northwestern University next year.


In general, I just wear dark jeans, or shorts that are kind of cargo-ish, and then whatever t-shirt is in my closet. My shoes are usually Toms, or Boat Shoes (hoping to get Sperry's), although I also like my SoleRebels. Basically I have no style at all, other than comfortable. I guess I'm mostly interested in advice and information on cheap, comfortable, everyday fashion for college guys. I don't like Khaki's and Polos like what seems to be the dominate college fashion (I'm not much of a prep), though so that probably doesn't help.

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Hello StyleForum,


I'm Nate, a 26 year old graduate about to enter the corporate world where I am expected to wear a suit and tie everyday. I'm a jeans/tshirt/hoody kind of guy normally and could definitely use some pointers on how to look sharp in a business environment.


I look forward to asking a million questions, and some day answering a few as well.

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I'm a 41 yo upper extremity surgeon in the Chicago area.


I am married with three kids.


I've been wearing Brioni / Isaia / Oxxford suits for the past 9 years, but I never bothered learning anything about fine clothes.  I've just relied on the guys at Syd Jerome's in Chicago to dress me.


Hopefully, I can learn something from you guys.


BTW, I think I wear 50R/40R.

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Hello hello,

I'm a 21 year old student, 6'7" 195, thin but annoyingly shaped for finding conventional clothing that fits and flatters (thick calfs, nobbly knees, thick thighs, thin waist, skinny chest, broad shoulders, long neck). I have the oddest combination of strengths and weaknesses for clothing, when it fits it looks great but it's oh so hard to find clothing that fits. I have very square shoulders that look great in the right suit but most suits have pads to give other guys that look so I end up looking like my head is stuck on a rectangle, just thought everyone (being no one who actually reads these) should know. I'm currently trying to upgrade my clothing slightly to better fitting and better styled clothing, doing the typical student thing of moving from hoodies and jeans to chinos/khakis/slacks and shirts/sport coats/nicer things. 


If anyone has read this and can offer suggestions of places to shop/how to dress all this height I would greatly appreciate it! 



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I'm Craig, I'm the president of a boutique marketing agency just outside Philadelphia. One of my clients is Frank Ventresca of Ventresca LTD and working with him has given me a new appreciation for the artistry of menswear.

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hi everybody

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Hey all I'm a lowly 19 year old uni student from Australia

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